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If you consider the recent market reports, the Fantasy sports industry worldwide is set to $2,174.8 million within three years.  This is due to the genuine fan following for sports worldwide. The increase in the usage of technology gave birth to the rise of several other fantasy sports platforms and video games. The increase in online viewers and the popularity of fantasy sports has triggered various opportunities for entrepreneurs in the market. One such opportunity is the fantasy football app development since it allows people to create their own fantasy league, which will be based upon live matches.  

What is a fantasy football app?

It is a game in which anyone can participate and choose a team for themselves. you can also start building a team with the real players from different teams in the tournament. The situation of a win or lose depends upon the performance of the players. So investing in this business is a gold mine as it has grown to become a religion worldwide. It is addressed so because of the 4 billion fans for football all over the world. So, the possibilities become unlimited due to the immense loyalty of the fans.

Statistics of fantasy football app industry :

The fantasy football app statistics indicate that the engagement of the users will never go down. US and Canada showcased a combined growth of 45.9 million in the year 2019. Though several laws have been in the US by 17 states in the previous year, they had no impact on the fantasy sports industry. Even though there are several other sports in a fantasy sports app, a survey that was conducted on the users of a fantasy sports app stated that 87 percent of them chose to play the same sport every year. In other terms, most of them chose football over the other sports due to opportunities and the popularity of the game.

English Premier League:

The English Premier League is the largest fantasy football host right now, and they named it as Fantasy premier league (FPL). It was estimated that a total of 6 million players were actively using the app last year. The fact gives us even more surprises as these are the numbers for only one league excluding UEFA champions league, La Liga, Bundesliga, and several other leagues. This shows how vast the market for fantasy football is.         

Fantasy football market:

    Statista released its study on the revenue of European football in 2017. It was an unbelievable number of €25.5 billion. This shows the craze for football among the fans. Four billion is the estimated number of fans for football, and it is growing day by day. Football is one of the best businesses in the world as advertisements, endorsements, brand promotions, and merchandise help entrepreneurs to make millions of dollars every year around the world.

Types of contests in a fantasy football app:

  • Head-to-head
  • Private contest
  • Public contest


Head-to-Head contest:

    In this type of contest, two players will compete with each other. They will invest a particular amount of money, and the winner takes away the prize amount while sharing a part of it with the company.

Private contest:

    Here the maximum number of players participating will be 10. A certain share of the winner’s money will be given to the company.

Public contest:

    This type of contest will be custom made according to their business plan. Usually, hundreds of people will compete in this contest, resulting in more than one winner. So each winner will share a certain amount of their winning money with the rest.

What are the necessary functionalities of fantasy football app:

  • Home screen
  • Browse sports
  • Dashboard
  • Create a contest
  • Join a contest
  • Invite and earn
  • Winning history 
  • Playing history
  • Wallet

Features of admin panel:

  • Dashboard
  • Profile 
  • Manage users
  • Manage contest
  • Manage reward points
  • Banking module
  • Content management system module                       

Additional features:

The following are the additional features that one may choose to add in their app according to their business needs.

Live match score:      

This will be useful for users to analyze match progress, status, highlights, and more to select a player efficiently..

CRM integration:

This will be useful to manage emails, user requests, notifications with its efficient back-end programming integrated into the app.    

Push notifications:

This feature will be useful for sending your announcements to your customers about any new contests. The real-time data will be sent to the customers based upon their preferences.

Multiple payments system:

The app should support multiple payment systems like UPI, Credit card, Debit card, etc.

Loyalty programs:

This is a necessary option to be included in the app since this will make the user to continually use the app. 

Bottom line:

If you are looking for opportunities to be successful in this niche, we can provide you with the right tools for it. Get in touch with our expert team, and we will contact you for the details of your app to provide you with the right solution. We ensure that you will get the ideal solution for your business and that the app is delivered to you within a few days. Get started today.

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