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Slot machines have come a long way from the times of playing at our local pub or casino. The Internet has found its way through the levers of the slot machines to adapt and enhance it for smartphones. In recent years, there are numerous online casino platforms across the web. Slot game development has evolved from the classic, retro look slots to funky theme-based or cartoons and animations-based slots. It is designed to attract every type of customer to try their luck in slot games.

What are online slots?

They are regular slot machines that can be played on the computer or smartphone. It works just like the regular slot games by depositing money and hitting the play button. If the symbols are lined, you will hit the jackpot. The three slots can contain numbers or letters or any random symbols. The only difference between online slots and the regular slot machines is that it does not require to be inside a casino to play the game. Online slots can be played from anywhere, anytime on your smartphone.

The steps to play online games are:

  • You deposit your play fee.
  • Pull the virtual arm or press the button and watch the wheel spin.
  • Align the symbols in what’s called the pay line to win a cash prize.

What is a pay line?

Payline, otherwise known as, betting line or winning line, is the combination of symbols that will be considered as a win on a slot machine. However, if there are three different symbols on the pay line, then it is considered to be different prize amounts. The chances of winning will depend on the more number of pay lines.

What is a bonus feature?

Some slots also provide bonus symbols in it. If they line up in the combination of symbols, then it adds up as a special bonus to your winning prize. It will be represented with special symbols as an indication for the users that they have won a special bonus prize.

The important points to remember about the bonus features are,

1.Different slot machines can have different bonuses or cash.

2.The rules for winning will be slightly different each time.

3.The more you play a game, the more you will get to understand how the bonus features work.

4.It is here where players can win some huge prizes.

Online jackpot slot games:

The online jackpot slots will have a maximum prize amount, which is commonly referred to as the ‘jackpot’. It usually contains high cash prize but sometimes can also contain bonus points.

Some of the major types of jackpot slot games are:

1.Sport-themed Slot Games (e.g., Golden Goals).

2.TV Gameshow Slot Games (e.g., Deal Or No Deal).

3.Mythical-themed Slot Games (e.g., Wu Shi Lion Dance Jackpot).

4.Fruity-themed Slot games (e.g., Sugar Train Jackpot).

Video slots:

Video slots are a type of online slot that creates a virtual experience for the player. Video slot games can only be played on a smartphone. The user will need to wear a virtual headset to experience this game. The user will be able to see the moving images and complex patterns that are designed to fully immerse the user into the gameplay.

The different types of online video slot games are:

  • Movie-themed Video Slots (e.g., Wizard of Oz, Jurassic Park, Dark Knight Rises).
  • TV show themed Video Slots (e.g., X-Factor).
  • Mythical History Video Slots (e.g., Temple of Isis, Cleopatra slots).
  • Space-themed Video Slots (e.g., Starburst).
  • Sports-themed Video Slots (e.g., Football Star).

Bottom line:

The variations and the exceptions in the online slot games are pretty much described in this article. Each type of online slot game has its unique challenges and prizes. So, every player should invest some time in order to learn about the working of each online slot game and to determine the ideal one for them.


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