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It is a piece of well-known news that eSports is now a  billion-dollar industry. A report from Newzoo, a reputable research firm, confirms this news. This industry continues to rise and expand, offering numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs. Because of the potential of the eSports industry, several big gaming companies, sports brands, investors, billionaires are all looking for esports Betting software Development services to take a shot at the opportunity.

For the starters, the esports is also known as electronic sports. It is a type of professional competition in which games like football, basketball, or whatever games that are played on a computer are played. Like any other professional competition, some players are considered to be professionals in this field. They participate in this game and compete against each other. The competition will be directly streamed to their online platforms and social media platforms for a larger audience around the world. This is rising up to become the next big thing in the entertainment market.

How sports leagues are paving its way: 

Leagues are considered to be the center hub of the sports as it is the medium that money flows in and out. NFL is considered to be one of the most financially successful sports leagues in the world. The strategies that leagues use to make money can be put in three ways:

  • Media rights: 54.4%
  • Sponsorship: 10.3%
  • Local revenue (ticket sales, merchandise, etc.): 35.3%

The revenue from the media right will not be increasing for some time as the NFL broadcasting contracts have already been renewed. The contracts put up with CBS, Fox, NBC will be expiring in 2022. ESPN’s contract will expire by 2021. However, the revenue from the sponsorships keeps climbing.

The need for multiyear sponsorships in esports:

There are two basic models in esports. The first one is the central league model. They resemble the major American professional team sports, namely the NFL, the NBA, and MLB. It may be ironic, but sports are the ones that are increasing the valuation of the rights of the streaming media for the esports. Although esports continues to make more revenue with live events on social media.

Benefits of a central league:

Having more control is the most notable benefit of having a central league. One can have more control over the established rules, protection for players, enforcement of those rules. Conducting a decentralized tournament have benefits like reducing the cost of shifting the “regular seasons”, and to conduct qualifying tournaments for third-party tournament organizers such as Major League Gaming or Electronic Sports League. The money flows between the teams and the ways that they make money are mentioned below:

  • Prize winnings
  • Merchandise
  • Transfer fees
  • Sponsorships

What esports are learning from sports:

With the investment of enormous amounts of money from the sports sponsorships, they are demanding the proof of value for their investment. There are numerous consulting firms and sports market research firms that readily provide these services. The five metrics that are important to get sports sponsorships are:

  1. Cost per reach
  2. Unaided awareness per reach
  3. Sales/margin per dollar spent
  4. Long-term brand attributes
  5. Indirect benefits

Blockchain technology:

Now, the rise of cryptocurrency is quite evident. It has made its way to the esports industry too. With its integration, the esports platform will be safer than before, and it will be easier to manage it effectively. We have introduced an exclusive platform that revolutionizes the esports ecosystem and offers exclusive features to both the professional players and fans. This also offers a new way for investors from all over the world to make more profits in this industry.  

Community and social:

Online gaming is itself being recognized as an activity due to its popularity with the people on social media. The biggest mistake that an Esports Betting app Development company could do is not adding a social media plugin in the software. It will be the most important component that will be missed in the software, and it will incur heavy losses on the business. 

The idea of chatrooms might sound simple, but it is a huge way to facilitate a vibrant ecosystem as it will serve as a medium for users to exchange information between them directly. Users can share important pieces of information, such as the betting method of a particular game or the guide to play a game.

Merge the best parts of sports with the esports:

Fulfilling the customer’s needs is the core appeal of the business or tournament. Esports are doing the same thing as the esports and sports are coming with terms to work closely with each other. Sports and esports are coming together on a common platform to get more benefited mutually. The path for the future of esports is clearly laid, there is no better time for entrepreneurs to get their hands on the esports betting software as the insurance into the future.


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