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Shopping is one of the most favorite activities for most of the people. For the majority of the people, it is not only a favorite activity but also acts as a therapy too. But when it comes to groceries, it is essential to people rather than being an enjoyment. People need to visit supermarkets to pick up their products and stand in long lines to pay the bill. It is a tiring process for the people and takes up more time. The people’s need an application to organize  their everyday routines efficiently and to save their time and money     

    People find taking care of day-to-day housework to be unpleasant and stressful. Grocery shopping is a significant part of everyday life, and it cannot be stopped. Statistical data have shown that two-thirds of people prefer smartphones for shopping. So it is not surprising that several entrepreneurs are approaching grocery app development companies to build their own platform.


    Statista, a leading provider of market and consumer data, estimated that the total sale of groceries would generate $29.7 billion in revenue by next year. In the USA, it is estimated that 18 million people use grocery delivery apps at least once a month. This data is taken from the apps that primarily deliver groceries. It is said that more than one in five m-commerce users will use the grocery app by next year.

    These numbers clearly show the huge market of online grocery delivery and the need for services for the people. This indicates that we should increase the m-commerce services to increase the revenue of the market.


    Users have started to prefer minimization in features and as well as functionalities. They do not like getting dumped by lots of notifications and constantly haunted by the ads while using the app. Some apps do not provide the option to purchase groceries online, yet several people use them. It is due to the minimalistic feature of the app, and it helps the users to draft the grocery list and share it with their friends or families. Apps that provide these functionalities such as ShopIt are quite successful in the market.

    Taking the various apps in the market into consideration, we can classify the functionalities of grocery shopping list apps like as:

  • Shopping list
  • Grocery Coupons
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Recipe books
  • Grocery shopping reminders
  • Grocery delivery
  • customers at grocery stores
  • business owners and store chains
  • both businesses and customers


Shopping list:

    People need not have to depend on pen and paper for taking down the grocery list as the grocery apps offer built-in databases that help to add items to your list. The details can be stored in the built-in dictionaries and can be entered in the future easily with a word prompter.

Grocery coupons:

    Grocery coupons are available in different formats such as digital barcode, paper, QR code, etc. They represent several discount programs based on seasonal, weekly, and daily sales. Grocery apps can also help the users to find coupons based on their geographical position and history of shopping.

Barcode scanners:

    Barcode scanners are used to find the information stored in the database about the products. You can aim the phone’s camera at a barcode to see the price of the item on the screen. Furthermore, they can also provide the nutritional value of the product or other dietary recommendations.

Built-in recipe books:

    Some apps combine a recipe book with a standard grocery app function. People can use this app to add recipes, and the ingredients for the recipe will be added to the grocery list automatically. They also provide a built-in browser that will help the users to find recipes and import them to their personal list in the app. The list can be further added to the user’s grocery list.

Grocery delivery:

    There is an increasing demand for apps that provide day-to-day services for the people, and grocery delivery apps are popping around the world in every country. If you decide to develop an app that provides grocery services, recall the reasons that a user needs to use them. 

    Users will prefer to cut down unnecessary items and efficiently plan their budgets  with their families. Users don’t prefer to spend more time at the store, so don’t make them spend more time in the app. Design the app efficiently to make quick purchases with a minimum number of modules in the app. You should provide coupons and discounts regularly in the app.

    The two primary categories in the app are vendor and customer feature module.

Customer characteristics:

    The customer characteristics are something that most outsourcing software companies believe in, and it has been helping to provide the user with the essential characteristics for them to make use of the application effectively. Some of them are:

  • There should be credentials like login, registration and sign up
  • The user then needs to search for items and then browse the information
  • The user should be able to track the order in real-time
  • The payment methods should have a secure gateway
  • Make sure that there is a separate section for customer review

Vendor characteristics:

    Software development companies tend to give a lot of attention to this because the characteristics are essential as the vendors or store owners need to manage a list of items that are sold on the platform. Some of the characteristics that are involved are:

  • There is an availability toggle
  • It grants the user with inventory management
  • It provides easy management of offers and promo
  • It tends to provide delivery dispatch updates
  • It provides with order status

Driver characteristics:

    No matter the platform that the app runs on, the driver characteristics are an inevitable feature. Drivers or delivery executives are the connection link between the vendors and the users. They help the users to get the products from their order. The characteristics that are involved in the driver module are:

  • Presents the user with delivery execution status
  • There is an in-App navigation
  • It grants full information of job history
  • The earning history is also provided

Wrapping up:

    If you are planning to build an on-demand grocery delivery app, then these are the necessary things that you need to know about it. You should understand the market of the online grocery store as it keeps shiting with the increasing competition in the market.


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