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Fantasy sports app is one is the most revolutionary move in the sports industry. As today millions of users across the world are glued to their smartphone screens it is expected to grow inevitably to a massive 352.9 billion by 2021. As of now football top the number of users and revenue worldwide with 4.0 billion followers, cricket stand next to it with 2.5 billion followers. The most popular fantasy sports in the world are:

  • Football/Soccer
  • Cricket
  • Field Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Table Tennis
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • American football/Rugby

The evolution of fantasy sports

    It doesn’t come as a surprise when someone says that the internet played a vital role in the evolution of sports. It also gave birth to fantasy sports app development companies building several fantasy sports app.

Creating active sports fans:

    Internet playing a crucial role in the development of fantasy sports lets the users play with their favorite players and extends as a platform to exhibit their prediction skills. This is because these apps offer real-time analytics, live match updates, sports news, information about players, leagues, salary caps. The attractive cash prizes for the winners in the app has created numerous active sports fans.

Increase immersion in the game:

    Another important aspect of the fantasy sports app is the total immersion that a player will receive in the game. Every fantasy sports app development company will strive to compete in the market to provide a robust app for its customers. They follow multiple strategies to attract players to their respective apps and it also enables the players to interact with other players all over the world. The fantasy sports apps enhance their sense of enjoyment with cash prices and attractive gifts.

Brand incorporation:

    As fantasy sports apps have a high user engagement even when an average user is taken into account sports teams and leagues are finding this as a sign to incorporate through them. The brand incorporation would extend the customer’s loyalty to a particular product.

Adding AI to the game:

    AI is starting to rule every medium in the digital sector. No one can ignore the fact that fantasy sports apps heavily rely on AI for statistics. Playing a fantasy sport requires a lot of homework on analyzing the current statistics of a team and its players. The analyzed data should be compared with the real-time data provided by the app. The analyzed data includes deep-research data such as a player’s mentality and stability in crucial situations. This can influence a game to a major level. The companies can also make use of the AI to provide opportunities for the players and to predict their future usage of the app. Fantasy sports companies also started to incorporate AI in their support chats which are used to guide the user in an efficient way.

In a nutshell

    Choosing your ideal fantasy sports app company can be a crucial move in the development of a fantasy sports app for your company. They can help you in the right way to reach your business goals and help your product to reach the targetted audience and strategies to make a high ROI for your company.

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