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Launch a premium social media subscription app with the best OnlyFans Clone App Development Company!

OnlyFans has grown to be a household name among millennial users in just a few short years. Launched in 2016, this London-based subscription service provider has challenged the notion of social media platforms with a novel approach.

In the last years, OnlyFans has established itself as a viable alternative to mainstream adult entertainment by putting the power in the content creators’ hands. It has broken the monopoly held by big-name media houses by giving content creators the ability to benefit directly from their fans and their engagement.

INORU’s OnlyFans clone is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to get into this fast-growing industry. Featuring all of the original functionality in combination with a list of innovative features, our white label premium fan club app is the only subscription-based service platform that you will need!

Become a part of the new wave of premium social media apps by choosing INORU as your Adult fanclub app development company of choice.

Onlyfans Clone App

OnlyFans Clone Script - What is it? How can it benefit you?

The OnlyFans Clone is a clone app variation of the OnlyFans application. OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform that allows users to sell and buy original content. The concept might be simple, but the true popularity of OnlyFans comes from the type of content they mostly cater to, which is adult-themed and mostly pornographic content.

The celebrities of OnlyFans are the models of the platform whose content is being lapped by hungry viewers around the world. As a subscription-based platform that puts both power and money directly into the hands of the creators, it is being widely sought after by adult entertainers around the world. However, the appeal of OnlyFans is that apart from well-known entertainers and models, anybody can potentially become a star by providing quality content and can start earning instantly.

How does this benefit entrepreneurs like you? With our OnlyFans clone, you’ll be able to tap into this up and coming market space and become a sensation overnight! The subscription-based service platform is the hottest thing in the social media space at the moment. By investing in this opportune time, you can set yourself apart and stake your claim as a leading provider in the market!

The functioning of subscription-based social media app like OnlyFans

Though touted as just another ‘X rated social media platform,’ OnlyFans takes the road less traveled when it comes to the way it is set up. Unlike other social media platforms where the use of the service is free and revenue is mostly earned through advertising and selling user data and preferences, OnlyFans is a paid subscription service.

In OnlyFans, the profiles of the content creators are set up in such a way that you need to subscribe to them before being able to view their content. This ‘subscription fee’ is left to the choice of the content creator and varies depending on the popularity and type of content they produce.


Content creators are given the subscription fees they garner, while OnlyFans takes a percentage as their commission. The more subscribers the creators are able to attract, the more they can earn. OnlyFans has quickly established itself as an alternative to the traditional adult entertainment scene as they provide a more personalized approach that can tailor-made for the users.

This has been a recipe for success and is being heavily favored among adult entertainers around the world - both professionals and amateurs.

With popularity soaring through the roof, strike while the iron is hot with INORU’s success driven OnlyFans like app development.

Onlyfans Clone

Popular Features of The OnlyFans Premium Fanclub Subscription App

These features help the OnlyFans clone stand out from the competition with their innovative approach and deep understanding of what the users want.s

PayPerView Messaging

With PayPerView (PPV) messaging, content creators can increase their earning potential by providing their clients with content that can be unlocked and viewed for a predetermined price.

Subscription Packages

Subscriptions in the OnlyFans clone are on a monthly basis. But like any other service-based model, content creators can lock in fans for a longer period of time with subscription packages that last three to twelve months.


The tipping function is similar to any other service industry. If the fans like what the content creator has to offer, they can show their appreciation by tipping them any amount of money that they choose. Content creators can also incentivize tipping with their ingenuity.

Group Streaming

The OnlyFans clone gives users the ability to not only stream by themselves but with other content creators too! Models can join forces and give a treat to their combined fan bases with group streaming capabilities that allow for two or more users to stream at the same time.

Top Fan Badges

The OnlyFans clone runs on the support and spending of the fans on the platform. They are the most important revenue source for not only the models but also the platform itself. In order to appease them and make them feel inclusive in the community, content creators can bestow the ‘Top Fan’ badge to any of their loyal followers.

Live Stream

Models can choose to go broadcast live at any time with the ‘Go Live’ option available on the OnlyFans Clone. They can also schedule streams for a certain time if they wish to ensure a large audience for their streaming. The streaming option on the OnlyFans clone works similar to that of most other social media platforms.

OnlyFans Clone - Default Features

Our OnlyFans clone comes with all the features necessary to provide a hassle-free experience for both users and content creators.

Onlyfans Clone
  • Buy/Sell Digital Content

    Users can search and buy the content uploaded by the models. They can search by model’s name or the type of content they are searching for. Content such as videos, photos, and more are available for purchase.

  • Buy/Sell Merchandise

    Models have the ability to sell merchandise and products on their OnlyFans Clone page. Users can buy the merchandise by clicking on them. They will be redirected to a site of the model’s choosing.

  • Direct Messaging

    Users on the OnlyFans clone can interact with other users via direct messages. Unlike public comments, direct messages can only be viewed by the sender and receiver.

  • Recommended Content

    The OnlyFans clone uses an adaptive algorithm that continually updates the feed according to the user’s preferences. Data such as subscriptions, searches, and more are taken into account.

  • Browse User Profile

    Users can also search other User's profiles in addition to various live show listings. The profile information such as bio, videos, products, can be viewed.

  • On-Demand Videos

    Users can now view posted videos on request, in addition, to live events. This displays videos posted in the model's profile in a different column.

  • Easy Tagging

    Users can partner with other users to raise their fan base and add them to their posts.

  • Album Curation

    Users can create a folder with a list of images that can be used as a gallery by subscribers.

  • Upload Pictures

    Users can quickly add pictures straight from their gallery with numerous customizable options.

  • Multi-Upload

    Users can upload multiple pictures at the same time as part of an album.

  • Upload Videos

    Users can quickly upload high-quality videos for their fans to enjoy.

  • PPV Videos

    Users can upload paid videos that are uploaded separately from their regular subscription. These videos need to be purchased in order to be viewed.

  • Product Gallery

    Users can upload and sell their products on the OnlyFans clone to help expand their revenue.

  • Bio Page

    Users are prompted to fill out their personal details on the bio page of the OnlyFans clone.

  • Event Manager

    Users can use the event management tool to hold scheduled events. It helps fans learn about these events as well.

  • In-app Chats

    Users can send direct messages to anyone on their contact list.

  • Earnings Dashboard

    Users can utilize the earnings dashboard to keep a close eye on the revenue they have accumulated through the OnlyFans Clone.

  • Manage Creator Accounts

    Admins can view a list of the content creators in the app. They can approve or reject new users on the app.

  • Manage User Accounts

    Admins have the ability to manage the accounts of the users in the app. They can view user information, such as their subscriptions.

  • Manage Commissions

    This tool helps the admin manage the commission rates in the app. Commission rates can be modified according to the agreement between the admin and the content creators.

  • Manage Content

    Admins can manage all the content uploaded by users of the app. Every time content such as images, videos, gifs and more can be managed easily.

  • Payment Methods

    The OnlyFans clone supports a variety of payment methods to make life easier for both fans and models.

  • Helpful Analytics

    To get a better understanding of how their app is functioning, admins can utilize the ‘analytics’ function in the OnlyFans clone.

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Earning Revenue Through OnlyFans CloneYou might be wondering how, as an admin, you can make money from an OnlyFans clone. Here’s how.

Commission from Subscriptions

Models are free to charge their own subscription rates. They can charge any amount of the fans as membership fees starting from a defined amount per month. There is no top limit. This helps models to exploit their success and business talents to make the money they wish to gain. Models need to be very careful in agreeing on membership dues

Tips From Streaming

Admins will receive a percentage of the tips received from the live streaming broadcasts. This is left upon the admin and content creators to choose a percentage that is fair.

PPV Messaging

Users can use personal Premium messages to communicate with models. Texts are managed using a pay-per-view system. Users could submit free messages to the models, but they must pay to see the response from the model.


Models can utilize an additional stream of income via the referral program. Models can invite other models to the app. This brings in fresh new content creators and, with them, more fans. The referral program benefits both the models and admins in the long term by expanding the app to the next level.

Onlyfans Clone App

Subscribe To Success With The OnlyFans Clone

Social media applications have become the cornerstone of the Internet world in the past few years. A slew of such applications has come and gone with a new trend replacing the existing one every few years. The latest arrival in this regard is the advent of subscription-based social media platforms like the OnlyFans clone.

The OnlyFans clone has been able to set itself apart from the competition by offering up a type of content that is looked down upon by its counterparts - mainly, adult-oriented, and often types of pornographic material. By cornering this market, apps like OnlyFans have created a new lane for themselves amongst the competition.

If you’re thinking about investing in social media applications in the year 2020, subscription-based apps like the OnlyFans clone is the only way to go. Stake your claim in this robust industry by partnering with INORU today!

Frequent Questions

Yes, it is. The Onlyfans clone app can be scaled with the growth of your business and modified any way you wish.
Completely. The source code of our Onlyfans clone is completely original and we take nothing from the original source. Hence, it is completely legal and we are not breaking any copyright rules. You can launch your own Onlyfans clone with full legality.
We will sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) when you sign with us. This will ensure that whatever ideas you bring to the table are safe and not utilized by any other party including us. The confidentiality of our client’s data and ideas are of utmost importance to us
Yes! Our support and maintenance services can be utilized at an affordable price and will ensure around the clock support and periodic maintenance for your product.
Yes you can. The goal of many startups is to increase in value and be bought out by a bigger company. Should you attain a level of success with our OnlyFans clone and wish to sell the app, you are allowed to do so.

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