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Keeping up to date with technology is a major requisite for any business looking to enjoy the fruits of success. No matter what industry you are in, being at the forefront of new technologies can be of immense value and help you set yourself apart from the competition around you. There has been no better example of this phenomenon than the meteoric rise of Uber - one of the world’s first and most successful on-demand mobile app-based services. The success of Uber not only transformed the way the taxi industry functioned but gave way for such innovation in many facets of the business world.

Today, most of us can’t imagine a life without smartphones and the ability to render services and products at any time at our fingertips. People around the world utilize on-demand apps like the Uber clone by the millions, every single day.

INORU’s Uber Clone Script outshines others in the market with its state of the art features and functionalities, surpassing those of the original application. Revolutionize your taxi business with our Clone app and upgrade your cab business to greater heights.

Uber Clone - A Perfect Money Making Place for the Post COVID world

Uber Clone

Globally, numerous taxi companies have restarted their services following the lockdown enforced to control the menacing spread of COVID-19.

Researchers have projected that the ride-hailing business would see a huge increase in its customer base as it is anticipated that more customers will be heading into taxi services. Post-lockdown, the international ride-hailing market is projected to grow by 55.6 % from 2020 to 2021, i.e., by 2021 to reach $117.34 billion from $75.39 billion in 2020.

It's reported that people are gradually beginning to take taxi services to bypass public transit as an attempt to eliminate the possibility of catching the deadly virus.

Travel companies have incorporated several safety mechanisms into ride-hailing apps to ensure security and convenience. Since these features will assure the security of both drivers and passengers, these companies will gain the confidence of both parties.

Set your taxi business up for success during this restart with our result-driven Uber app clone. It comes loaded with an extended list of safety features that are guaranteed to make your drivers and passengers feel safe. There is no better way to address the dangers of COVID-19 than taking it head-on, with precaution and safety abound!

On-Demand Taxi App Development for all business models

Our tailored Uber Clone solutions guarantee success in all sectors of the taxi business including small taxi fleets, corporate cabs and even fully established taxi companies - A one-stop solution!

Uber Clone

Taxi Owners and BusinessesModernize the traditional taxi business by launching an on-demand taxi app like Uber that your passengers will love to use. Don’t lag behind the competition. Upgrade and compete with the best!

Taxi Startups & AggregatorsDo you own a fledgling fleet of taxis? Are you looking for a safe way to resume services in this post-pandemic world? Create your own on-demand taxi app solution similar to Uber, Ola, Lyft. Safety is top priority for customers. So our Uber Clone is fully laden with safety measures that warrant utmost protection.

Corporate FleetGive your employees the added advantage of safe transportation with our on-demand, white-label taxi app solution. A customizable offering that can be modified to meet the needs of a corporate venture, it is the perfect way to bring efficiency into your transportation process.

Superior Features of The Uber Clone

The passenger side of our Uber clone app script enables users to use your services in the quickest and simplest way possible.

Easy Registration

Users can get onboard the application in no time with a quick sign up.



Users can log in through their integrated email or social media login.


Book Ride

The user can initiate a ride by choosing the Book Ride option and entering their destination.

GPS locator

The location for a pick-up is automatically sourced by the app using GPS navigation.


Preview Fare

Passengers can preview the estimated fare according to factors such as distance, time of day, traffic and weather conditions.

Call Driver

Easy communication between driver and rider with a single button.


Change/Cancel Booking

Users have the liberty to alter drop/pick up locations and cancel bookings if need be.

Live Geo-tracking

Nearest drivers can be located in real-time.


Live Tracking

Passengers can view the status of arrival in real-time.

Vehicle types

Users can choose between a hatchback, sedan, SUV or any other available vehicle.

Favorite Driver

Customers can label drivers as ‘Favorites’ and avail of their particular services as need arises.

Multi payment options

Users can pay for their rides directly via the app through multiple payment options.

Ratings and Reviews

Riders can share their experience with ratings and reviews. This feedback will be sent to the admin.

Easy Onboarding

Drivers can register into the Uber app script through a quick registration and vetting process.


Incoming Request

Drivers are notified and can view any incoming requests for a ride in their vicinity.


Accept Request

Drivers can choose to accept the incoming request. If they do so, they will be provided with the ride details.

Reject Request

Drivers can also choose to decline a request if they are not up to the task.


The Uber clone admin dashboard gives drivers all the necessary information in one location.

Call Customer

Drivers can contact the passenger without the rider’s number being revealed.

Revenue Tracker

Drivers can keep track of their earnings in our whitelabel Uber clone with this useful tool.


Drivers can set the language to any of their choosing based on location.

Driver Availability

Drivers can choose their working hours by setting their availability through the app.

Set Availability

GPS Navigation

Drivers are provided with directions via real-time GPS navigation.


Street View

Navigation has been made easier than ever before with our GPS backed street view options.

Back To Back Rides

Drivers can instantly commit to their next ride after dropping off the passenger.


Transaction History

Drivers can view details such as trip fares, ride dates, pick-up location, destination, and much more.

Rate Customers

Drivers have the ability to rate the customers based on the ride experience.


Driver Verification

Once the requested documents have been uploaded, the admin can check the driver 's credibility.

Document Verification

Admins can check the documents that the driver uploads and ensure they are as per company standards.

Trip Report

Trip information, including tally, duration, receipt, drivers, users, etc. will be available to the administrator through the Uber clone admin panel.


The admin can designate sub-admins that will help manage some or all of the app's operations when they are away.

Earnings Report

Provides a comprehensive report of the drivers' income and the commission the administrator will receive.

Payment Details

The administrator has the credentials to view all the different kinds of ride payments like whether by cash, card or online payment.

SEO settings

Admin can manage all of the application's SEO settings to ensure that the app is marketed effectively among users.

Assign Driver

Admin can assign a driver for the user's incoming requests based on the user location and availability.

Advanced Statistics & Analytics

Advanced statistics and analytics will help admin to plan the current business plan and to strategize.

Feedback & Ratings

Admin can view the feedback and ratings from both the customer and the driver.

Preventive measures against COVID-19

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, we have included a range of preventive measures in addition to the default features of on-demand Uber Clone. These added features will help you provide your service with the safety of both the passenger and driver in mind.

Two Passenger Limit

According to many government regulations, only two passengers can travel in a taxi at a time for the time being, and more than two passengers will not be allowed to take the ride. We ensure that this practice is being carried out to the fullest extent through the use of our app.

Face mask verification

Drivers must upload selfies wearing face masks for safety purposes if they are to go online or take rides. Selfies should also be shared before they accept fares. The 'Real-Time ID Check' selfie technology is integrated into the app to ensure that this preventive measure is carried out.

Safety checklist

Before accepting or asking for a taxi ride, drivers and customers must comply with a guideline which includes a set of security measures such as donning face masks, disinfecting their hands, and much more.

ID Verification

With the help of 'Real-Time ID Check' technology to match the driver's selfies to their profiles before they enter the app or accept rides, we can ensure that all the protocols are being duly followed. If safety standards are not met, the drivers will be barred from making trips and will only be able to continue their service after clearing the investigation of the admin into the matter.

No questions Asked Ride Cancel

Both passengers and drivers are granted the right to cancel their trips if each side does not feel secure to take the trip due to the incompetence of the opposing party’s preventive security protocols. Activities such as wearing face masks, sanitizing hands prior to riding must be followed at all times.

Safety Evaluation

Customers, as well as drivers, can evaluate each other, as well as provide input on practicing security procedures during the ride. It helps greatly in providing quality service, as well as cooperating with public safety protocols.

Uber Clone

How can our Uber Clone enhance your taxi business?

Our Uber Clone is full of innovative features that will transform your business and help you set yourself apart from the competition.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Cut down on costs and workload, instead increase speed and the overall performance of your business with the automation and precision that our Uber clone brings to the table.

Robust Fleet Management

If you’re looking for a solution that will let you manage larger fleets with ease, you have come to the right place! Our on-demand Taxi app lets you oversee and manage pivotal processes to ensure smooth operations.

Grow your Business

By utilizing our Uber clone, you can acquire a larger customer base, which in turn results in more bookings and usage of your services.

Maximize Profit

Modernizing your taxi business to the latest industry trends can help you garner more customers and bring in much more revenue. Multiple revenue streams are a precursor to success.

Uber Clone

Key Benefits of Our Uber Clone App Solution

At INORU, we aim to address all the vital areas associated with the success of any taxi business. Our result-driven approach guarantees success and fosters growth and profitability.

  • Seamless taxi booking.

  • Multiple payment options

  • Easy and intuitive to use.

  • Real-time ride tracking.

  • Upfront fare estimates.

  • SOS button.

  • Notification alerts.

  • Built-in navigation.

  • Promo codes and referrals.

  • Trip sharing

  • Faster pick-ups and drops

  • Driver flexibility.

  • Digital receipts.

  • Efficient taxi dispatch.

Why Choose INORU as your Uber Clone App Development Company?

Whitelabel Solution

We put the spotlight on your branding and logo to ensure that you enjoy the visibility that you deserve.


Utilize our ready to use Uber app script that ensures a cut down in development time and the related costs.

Industry Experience

We have 14+ years of industry experience in crafting and launching successful applications.

Global Centric Approach

Grow your business internationally with our multilingual and multi-currency capabilities.

Payment Made Easy

Numerous payment options are available within the app to make sending and receiving payments a breeze for both users and drivers respectively.

Intuitive User Interface

Our design is tailored to offer both users and drivers/admins an intuitive experience.

Robust and Scalable

We build highly robust applications that can be scaled to your growing business needs. Never fear about being left behind.

Successful Launches

With our extensive experience, we can ensure a successful launch that maximizes your reach.


The Uber clone is an on-demand taxi booking application that is built to offer seamless ride services to customers around the world. Following the success of Uber, many clone applications have tried to emulate its success to varying degrees. Our Uber Clone solution stands above competitors and is sure to propel your Taxi business to greater heights.

Keeping up with changing times is important to any business. On-demand applications have completely changed the face of the taxi industry around the world. The traditional taxi business is just not viable anymore. People increasingly prefer the ease of use and accessibility that on-demand taxi apps provide. Our Uber clone is your chance to join this arms race without paying a king’s ransom in development fees.

At INORU, we have had the opportunity to work with customers from all over the world and from all different backgrounds. Apart from the taxi industry, we have worked with people from all the various sectors and niches. Our Uber clone is developed by utilizing the insights and experiences we’ve developed and combined them with the latest technology in the developmental space. It has all the features that you need and more to ensure a successful operation.

We understand how stressful it is to travel during these times. So we have upgraded our Uber Clone with all precautionary measures for a safe and protected ride.

The exact Uber clone price can vary from project to project, depending on numerous factors. As every product is unique and built to the individual requirements of the client, there is no blanket pricing that covers all. To get an accurate estimate, get in touch with our team with your requirements, and we’ll be able to help you out.

Yes. Apart from development, we offer a litany of services such as marketing, SEO optimization, periodic maintenance, and on-going support. All of these services can be availed at a cost-effective price, both individually and as part of a package.

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