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Develop A Decentralised Fundraising Platform Like BSCPad

The crypto world is a decentralized tech space that has been taking over the world with super-benefitting efficiency and innovative projects. It is evolving at a pace like never before. Fundraising for crypto projects was tiring and unreliable, with a few more blockades from being an efficient one. That’s why Initial DEX Offerings (IDO) came into existence.

To take part in an IDO, a project has to approach an IDO launchpad like BSCPad. The DEX platform will verify the authenticity of the project before listing them. Once listed on the upcoming projects list, the investors can read the various documentations presented by the project and analyze them. If interested, they can whitelist themselves for the IDO of the project. Meanwhile, they also have to contribute to the liquidity of the launchpad in order to purchase the IDO tokens. Now, as they are all geared up, they can start purchasing the tokens once the IDO of the project is live.

Launch an IDO platform like BSCPad and help countless visionaries with innovative blockchain projects in their minds find a spotlight now!

BSCPad Clone - A Brief Explanation

BSCPad Clone is a tailor-made decentralized fundraising platform embedded with significant traits such as Multi-Tier Staking, Automated Liquidity Pool, Fundraising Modules, Digital Wallet Integration, etc. This solution is pre-built on Binance Smart Chain. Regardless, it is built on the blockchain network of your choice as it is a 360-degree customizable solution. And yes, undoubtedly, this can be modified as per your requirements, including the infusion of additional premium & security features. Through this, entrepreneurs could step into the crypto world within the shortest duration. Thereby providing project holders or owners to raise funds for their IDO projects by reaching out to global investors or capitalists. Can’t wait to launch a decentralized fundraising platform? Schedule A Meeting for BSCPad like IDO launchpad development and join the crypto racer sooner.

Key Features Of Decentralized IDO Platform Like BSCPad

Suited For All Blockchains

BSCPad clone, the IDO launchpad we built for you, will be compatible with all the prominent blockchain networks and not just Binance SmartChain.

Diverse Range Of Staking Modules

Present your users with a diverse range of staking modules so that everyone gets a chance to participate in the IDOs irrespective of being a whale or a small-time investor.

Permissionless Listings

Decentralization is the significant aspect of blockchain technology, and IDO platforms stand true to it with permissionless listings; any user can create a fixed swap token pool by following the protocols.

Wallet Integration

Empower the BSCPad like IDO launchpad with easy wallet integration features to increase the efficiency of trading tokens, staking, and liquidity mining.

Liquidity Pool Management

An IDO token launchpad is susceptible to creating a multifarious liquidity pool that involves more than one token. The admins can manage the liquidity pool efficiently using this feature.


Impart trust into the minds of investors by thoroughly verifying the credibility of the projects before listing them on the DEX platform.

Perks Of A Fundraising Platform Like BSCPad

A fundraising platform like BSCPad comes with various benefits to the project holders as well as the investors. That is, this launchpad entitles IDO projects would have sizeable opportunities to raise capital. Below are a few of the noteworthy benefits. Catch a glimpse of these.

Instant Trading

The investors or capitalists would have the opportunity to buy or invest in the tokens as soon as the project holders list their projects on the BSCPad like fundraising platform. This significantly denotes swift trading with no further delay and thereby increasing usability.

Nominal Cost

Our IDO launchpad development on BSC would facilitate the investors to deploy smart contracts for their tokens representing their IDO projects at a nominal cost. Undeniably, this will inspire potential investors to opt for your launchpad.

Quick Liquidity

In order to eliminate or avoid slippage, the BSCPad like IDO launchpad development provides swift liquidity. So, the liquidity option will ensure the conversion of tokens or coins to cash or other coins without hassles and swiftly.

Unbiased Fundraising

The decentralized IDO platform like BSCPad gives unbiased fundraising, in which, irrespective of who the investors are, they would get a fair chance to invest in the projects they like. However, the staking module entitles investors to earn rewards & bonuses by holding certain cryptocurrencies.

Explore Our Other White-Label IDO Launchpad Development Solutions

Our team of experts excel in delivering the white-label IDO launchpad solutions personalized for individual business requirements. Besides BSCPad Clone, here’s the list of other predominant readily available decentralized fundraising platforms.

Polkastarter Clone Provide a stage for the project ideas to be put forward for raising funds. To forge ahead, Polkastarter Clone would be considered an ideal solution built on a blockchain network alongside an infusion of salient features, including Cross-Chain Swap, Fixed Swap, Liquidity Mining, Private Pools & Whitelisting, etc. Through this, you could deploy the cross-chain decentralized IDO launchpad in no time.

TrustPad Clone TrustPad Clone, is a multi-chain IDO launchpad development solution that is pre-crafted with the encompassment of noteworthy features like Automated Liquidity Pool, Staking Modules, Digital Wallet Integration, Swift Access To Tokens, KYC Compliance, and so many. A Low gas fee is one predominant trait that would pave the way for you to increase usability, and hence investors will bring their projects to the spotlight to raise capital.

BSCStarter Clone Offer the project holders to get their projects to spotlight among the investors & capitalists and raise capital with a BSCStarter Clone. It is a tailor-made solution that is encompassed with necessary features such as KYC Compliance, Instant Liquidity, Token Listing, and many more. It is pre-built on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain network. Notably, the choice of blockchain network will be completely yours as well as the feature-set to be included when it comes to customization.

DAO Maker Clone Assure safer & secure participation in crowdfunding with a DAO Maker Clone. It is a pre-made solution built on Ethereum and housing cutting-edge features such as secured Digital Wallet Integration, Swapping, Staking Modules, Token Allocation, and several many. As this is a white-labeled solution, it will be operating on the blockchain network of your choice. Some popular ones apart from Ethereum include Cardano, Solana, TRON, Binance Smart Chain, and Tezos.

RedKite Clone RedKite Clone is designed and developed in such a way that it will assist crypto projects to be put forward for the spotlight among wider investors and thereby raise funds. The multi-chain compatibility will ensure that this solution is suitable for creating and launching on the blockchain network you prefer. It is embedded with vital attributes such as Integrated Vesting Schedule, Fairness In Sales Participation, Hand-Picked Selective Projects, etc.

Why Choose INORU For BSCPad Clone Development?

Complete Customization There are no limits to the customization requirements you ask for. You term your choices, and we build them accordingly.

Post-Launch SupportOur support team stays with you not only through the development process but also after the launch of your platform. It is our oath to clarify your queries whenever you have one.

Technical AdviceOur team of blockchain experts wholeheartedly shares your insights on the future of crypto, IDO, launchpads, and more.

Testing ProcessOur testing team runs countless tests on every layer of development. This is done as a measure to avoid any kind of bugs in the DEX platform.

Early To MarketOur BSCPad clone is a readymade solution that can be launched in the market with very few tweaks to represent your business. Outbeat your competitors by being early to the market.

Multiple BlockchainsWe are proficient with blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, TRON, Binance SmartChain, EOS, Tezos, etc. You name the blockchain, and we develop an IDO platform on it.


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