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A Crucial Strategic Partnership That INORU Announced With CertiK Assures Improved Web3 Business With Essential Audit And Encrypted Security

INORU and CertiK bring security to the top most inevitable need! As security is at the forefront of many businesses, the association of INORU and CertiK ensures the web3 businesses with utmost security with extensive audits. While web3 is well-known for decentralization and profound security, making the venture way more secure can enhance a seamless experience moving it to par excellence. This instilled us at INORU to collaborate with CertiK and inject the much-needed security to the firms with which they are good to go without the fear of losing anything at any instant.

But, On which basis is security infused? This can be the question in the minds of many who are at this line now. CertiK is a credible blockchain solution, and the company is well known for smart contract audits, which eventually make them suffice the business's security needs. Smart contracts are the pre-engineered protocols for the web3 business that enhance seamless platform functions. Various ventures like Medical companies, banks, tourists, and more firms benefited from the integration of smart contracts.

Thus, to regulate the programmed smart contracts, it has to be audited. The audits make the business acquire suitable smart contracts and have an organized workflow making it way more established and intriguing for the user communities. Therefore, INORU found a similar motive of enhanced security with CertiK, and the decision of both binding together is a trump card for entrepreneurs, startups, and even the prevailing business verticals in the web3 realm. Providing a secured interface with audited smart contracts is an advantage for the business, as it stimulates user credibility.


At INORU, we aim to move towards updates and find new perks. To sustain better in the growing web3 realm, staying updated could be the prime point. At INORU, we provide that for you. With years of experience in blockchain technology, we have ample history of establishing various pioneer projects and have succeeded with intrinsic marketing services for numerous projects. Our professionals have ample knowledge of the components of Blockchain, like NFTs, cryptos, and smart contracts. This history of our services has made us sit at the top place as the best blockchain development company.

About CertiK

With more than five years of experience, CertiK prevails to be the groundbreaker in the blockchain development industry. They have an impressive history of auditing over 4000 blockchain projects, which isn’t a small number, and have infused security norms to humongous blockchain businesses. This could trigger various new-age businesses to avail of these services and get illuminated with a seamless and secure interface.

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