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Buy Now Pay Later App Development Services

Buy now and pay later is a term every individual on this planet would love to hear. Yes, every individual in this world has desires but do they have the amount to fulfill their desire in their wallet? Now that is a hypothetical question. But if provided, can they pay it little by little in the longer run? Now that sounds more possible. Now, let’s say there is no interest, this is the exact definition of sweet words. These sweet words have been turned into a business model named the BNPL or Buy Now Pay Later Apps. Now, let me add the icing to this cake, this industry has been witnessing a solid 200% growth and is projected to reach a whopping U.S. $52,827.2 million by 2028. A business model that is surging to the peak and is widely loved by the customers. This is a ship that can carry you to the dream island of fortune. So, if you are an entrepreneur burning with the thirst for success, the buy now pay later app is your ride, and we can help you build it. Your dream is now just a call away.

What is the Buy Now Pay Later App?

Buy Now Pay Later is an app that allows users to purchase any product they desire and pay the cost of it in installments that do not include any interests. It may seem like a credit card without interest. The user can scan and pay for the product. The amount is transferred to the business account from the app, and the user later pays the amount in a specific time interval to the app. It bestows a secure payment mechanism without any setbacks in the transactions.

Get Acquainted With The Workflow Of Buy Now Pay Later Apps

  • The user signs up to the app using their credentials.
  • The user account is verified by the app for security reasons
  • The user can purchase any product from an ecommerce store and opt for the buy now pay later app as the payment method.
  • The user is now directed to the app and is asked to choose their plan for repayment.
  • As the user chooses their favourable option, the merchant is paid the whole amount by the app.
  • Now, the user is intimated of their payment due, and the user makes the payment corresponding to the plan they have chosen.

Diverse Buy Now Pay Later App solutions Inoru Has In Store For You

AfterPay Clone

A savvy app that can lure you to a humongous number of customers and make your entrepreneurial dream come true.

Klarna Clone

Klarna clone can be your ride to the Fintech sector that awaits a vast market for you to capitalize.

Quadplay Clone

Make shopping a child's play for your users by offering a robust app like Quadplay clone.

Affirm Clone

Bestow your users an affirmation to fulfill their desires by launching an Affirm clone app today.

ClearPay Clone

Your customers deserve to shop anything and everything they love, and you can be their best friend by launching a ClearPay clone app.

LayBuy Clone

Build a family of customers who always chooses you when it comes to payment by launching a LayBuy clone app.

CornerStone Features Of Buy Now Pay Later Apps

  • Sign-Up

    The user is expected to enter their contact number, and after verification of the details, they are brought on board.

  • Featured Stores

    Showcase your users the brands partnered up with you, so they don’t have to roam around to find the ones.

  • Account Management

    All the upcoming payments due are sorted up-to-date and are intimated to the user for every now and then.

  • Interest- Free EMIs

    Offer your users the luxury to get a substantial amount of credit with no interest rates.

  • Notifications

    Keep your users reminded of their payments beforehand, so they do not miss any payments.

  • Automatic Deductions

    Don’t bother your customers with ordeal payment methods; instead, the due amount to be paid can be automatically deducted.

  • Payment Rescheduling

    Not all days can be the same; offer your customers the comfort of rescheduling payments, so they feel relaxed and not burdened.

  • Refunds

    Get your customers glued to you by offering them refund policies that ensure security for their payments.

Revenue Channels In A Buy Now Pay Later App


Initial Setup Fee

Every brand that partners up with you stands a chance to soar their sales as your app acts as an aggregator. So, make them pay an initial onboarding fee.


Monthly Fee

The longer tenure a brand or merchant stays with you, their sales, and revenue are bound to spike and you deserve to be paid on a monthly basis for pulling in more business to them.


Penalty Fee

Missed payments are not something that can be accepted; every failed payment is penalised with an additional fee.


Transaction Fee

As a payment app, numerous transaction apps are bound to take place via your app and, tipping a transaction fee can result in your gigantic vaults overflowing.

Benefits That Come Along With Buy Now Pay Later App Development Solutions

  • Increased Conversion Rates

    When you tell a customer they can purchase anything they wish, and they do not have to pay instantly, it is like adding oil to fire. The shopper in everyone gets awake, leading to higher conversion rates.

  • High Transaction Value

    As a result of the pay, later option customers tend to purchase high-end products without being reluctant about the price. This leads to more high-value transactions.

  • Vast Audience

    You offer your customers an offer to go on a shopping spree and would do the payment for them now, and get it back from them in installments without interest. Every individual is a fan of such an offer and the vastness of your customer base is unquestionable.

  • User Retention

    An alluring design, exemplary features, and an unrefusable offer is all a customer wants and by offering them all the three, you are now their best partner, and they are going to stay for a long time with you.

Our Expedition To Build Your Shop Now Pay Later App

Business Requirements

A detailed study on your business and the requirements to build an app that fulfills your business needs is done.


A structured road map is sketched to develop an exemplary app and deliver it on time.


The creative designers come up with a design that is a blend of your business logo and your business model.

Back-End Development

The main event is here, and our developers go crazy with the codes and bring up an outstanding app for you.


The testing team is austere and they never compromise unless they find all the bugs and get them resolved.


Now, the fully developed robust app is all set to sweep off your users and we get it deployed on Android and iOS platforms.

Why Choose Inoru For Your Shop Now Pay Later App Development Solutions?

Free Server Installation

On building a robust buy now later app, we install it in a server of your choice free of charge.

Free Deployment

After successful development of your app, we deploy it on Android and iOS platforms for free.

Free Support

In this journey of building an exemplary app for your audience we offer you free support throughout the development process.

100% Customization

You have a vision, and all you have to do is to convey it to us, and we simply bring it to life the way you wanted it to be.

Native Android and iOS Apps

We develop your app using native languages to ensure it is compatible with all devices.

Round The Clock Support

You have a query, you call us instantly irrespective of where the sun is because our support team is always here for you even when the sun rests.


To make the app truly unique, we do all-in-all customizations. Tell us your requirements, and we’ll bring your ideas into the design and make it special.

Development and design methods can vary from customer to customer based on the functionality level they are searching for. However, we have a fast turnaround time, and you can get the app at the fastest time possible. You can get to know about the estimate in detail by contacting our staff, and they’ll be happy to help.

We have decades of experience working in developing cost-effective and efficient solutions. We go out of our way to ensure that our customers get world-class offerings. However, our expertise won’t just stop with development, as we are equipped with the best advertising and marketing, post-launch servicing, and customer care.

Our app development team includes a project manager, skilled designers, master developers, and qualified QA engineers.

You can feel free to contact us over a call or email us or through the chatbox on our website. Our team will explain our app development process and guide you through it.

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