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Launch A Crypto-Based Trading Platform With Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

The entire scope of the digital world points at one major thing, which is nothing but cryptocurrencies. It's high time wherein cryptocurrencies have already become an integral part of the crypto world. If you're the one who is well aware of this and aiming to launch your own Cryptocurrency exchange platform, we've got you covered.

We at INORU proffer ready-to-launch crypto exchange scripts that are equipped with high-end security features and are completely transparent. Our white-label trading solutions support the exchange of all major digital coins, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, etc., backed by blockchain technology. Now, it's your take to get to us and get started with Cryptocurrency exchange development.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Get familiarized with
Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is a programmed code that sets a stage to perform trading of digital assets. We have a grip on blockchain innovation that makes our solution ideal for a seamless cryptocurrency exchange. And what's more? Our scripts are geared with the latest tech stack and are custom designed to suit the trading requirements of your commercial enterprise.

Authenticated Features Of A White-Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Security features of our Our white-label bitcoin exchange script

White label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

2FA: The two-factor authentication feature reassures that only authenticated users can have access to create an account in the crypto exchange platform.

Data Encryption: All the data and information are strongly encrypted, thus serving as a critical component of the security program.

Anti-Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS): Infused with Anti DOS feature protects any type of attacks or traffic diversion to the server.

Escrow System: Preloaded with an Escrow-based security system makes the financial transactions in our crypto trading platform faster, secured, and highly reliable.

Server-Side Request Forgery Protection: Server-Side Forgery means the attack of the vulnerable web application into the internal system. We embed protective features in our platform to defend from such attacks.

SSL Integration: Secured Socket Layer integration in our crypto trading script assures the user data is encrypted, and the site is entirely secure. It helps you largely in winning your customers' confidence.

Are you ambitious to be a part of the crypto sphere? Speak your mind with our experts now!

Our Progressive Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

We cover up an all-inclusive range of development services that are both centralized and decentralized. We develop platforms ensuring the core functionalities are in the right place that enables seamless, secure, instant, and efficient transactions.

Centralized Exchange Development

Centralized exchanges are the ones where customers deposit their funds into the exchange and transactions are processed by third parties. Build such a platform mediated by a central controlling body offering high degree security to the transaction of cryptos.

Decentralized Exchange Development

Decentralised exchanges are where the third party does not have any control over the trading platform. Set your decentralized exchange platform development onboard with features that offer transparency over all the peer-to-peer transactions.

Hybrid Exchange Development

Take up the incredible task of merging the advantages of both centralized and decentralized exchanges by utilizing our proficient hybrid exchange solutions. It benefits users from high liquidity, faster transactions, high-end privacy, etc.

P2P Exchange Development

Our high-quality P2P cryptocurrency exchange script offer the merits of supreme security, decentralization, in-built fraud prevention, etc., facilitating the smooth settlement of funds without any intermediaries.

Escrow Exchange Development

Develop an extremely secured platform propped by Escrow protocol in-built with rapid speed trading engine, multi-currency pairing, unlimited crypto token support, etc. by teaming up with us.

OTC Exchange Development

OTC exchange development provides the ideal platform to carry out a voluminous amount of cryptocurrency trade. We assist you in building a super-effective platform for carrying out direct trade.

Derivative Exchange Development

Our derivative exchange development services include different types of derivatives such as futures, forwards, options, and swaps. It can be used to the advantage to protect against volatility, speculate on the price of cryptos, etc., on the exchange platform.

White Label Exchange Development

We proffer white-label exchange development solutions that comply with all legal norms. Moreover, its advanced user interface and robust coding protect it from any chance of hacks, serving to be flexible to customizations.

Binance Like Exchange Development

Leverage the growing crypto trend by investing in Binance like exchange development. We adopt KYC/AML verification mechanism, integrated referral program, low transaction charges, etc., while also ensuring the protection of data and funds.

Crypto Coin Development

Our team is well-versed in developing different types of Altcoins, Security tokens, utility tokens, etc. Our services also extend to real-world implementation and hosting marketing campaigns to promote your products.

Cryptocurrency Exchange App & Wallet Development

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange App: Foster the trader base for your exchange platform with an app that offers instant and secured trading. Witness the trader count for your app like never before by launching the app.

  • Decentralized Exchange App:A decentralized exchange app eliminates the involvement of the middlemen in the trading of digital assets. Brimmed with real-time trading features and arresting UI/UX makes our solution an ideal choice for users.

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Development: Help your users manage crypto assets by building the safest crypto wallet like the Trust wallet app on the Binance Smart chain. A digital wallet for your exchange platform lets users buy, sell and store multiple cryptocurrencies trouble-free.

Cryptocurrency Trading Script

Deployment of Exchange platform made easy with our acclaimed
Crypto exchange clone script

LocalBitcoins Clone Script

Our 100% tested and verified LocalBitcoins Clone script opens the door for launching a P2P trading platform to carry out over-the-counter trading.

Paxful Clone Script

Launch a P2P exchange website with our Paxful clone scripts that give a more user-friendly experience and serve as a secure exchange platform for trading.

Binance Clone Script

Our Binance clone scripts are tailor-made that offer a smooth and hassle-free path for crypto trading. Also, our solutions are cross-compatible that are supported by both Android and iOS applications.

Remitano Clone Script

If you are willing to develop a P2P escrowed crypto trading platform, the Remitano clone script is readily available at your disposal. It provides a powerful platform for the exchange of fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase Clone Script

Utilize Coinbase clone script to manage and protect portfolios and vaults that grant everlasting user experience.

Bitstamp Clone Script

Launching a crypto exchange platform with Bitstamp clone script is noteworthy for some of its traits such as reliability, safety, affordability, crypto-fiat trading, etc.

KuCoin Clone Script

KuCoin clone scripts assist you in deploying the most secure cryptocurrency exchange platform facilitating a high degree of safety and speed in bitcoin purchases.

Poloniex Clone Script

Poloniex clone script endows you to launch an exchange website with advanced trading characteristics for seamless Bitcoin exchanges.

Wazirx Clone Script

Looking for an ingenious trading script? Then you've got to try Wazirx. Updated with the advanced trading interface and features such as real-time open order books and transaction records makes a perfect blend for a crypto exchange platform.

Bithumb Clone Script

Similar to the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb, our pre-built Bithumb clone is infused with all the features, APIs, and trading plugins for effective functioning.

Zebpay Clone Script

Our Zebpay clone with features like cold wallet, security, privacy, etc., enables you to become the leader of the cryptocurrency exchange platforms after the launch.

Huobi Clone Script

Have an idea of launching an asset exchange website? Our Huobi clone scripts imparted with wealth management and multiple trading features lets you take the center spot in the crypto-verse.

Occupy An Unparalleled Position In The Crypto Ecosystem By Getting Our Searing Bitcoin Exchange Platform Scripts!

Noteworthy Features Of A Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script

Simplistic Login

We integrate social media accounts with our solution so that the users can simply log in using their existing account credentials.

Multi-currency Support

Grant your users to access a mix of popular coins in your trading platform.


Live Ticker

Put on display the fluctuations in the price of top cryptocurrencies to the knowledge of your users.

Referral Programs

Encourage the traders to use your platform more by offering reward programs, making them feel like coming back again.

Instant Payments

To speedify and ease the process of deposits and withdrawals, inculcate different payment gateways in your app.


With the KYC feature, verify the authenticity of every user before accessing the app platform.


CMS Dashboard

Customer management support lets you manage blog posts and send a newsletter to your clients on the upgrades and recent trends of the platform.


User Management

This feature gives you control to keep track of all the ongoing activities the user performs on the platform.

Reports & Analytics

Reports and analytics shows the progress of the app and gives insights on the new trends and development in the market.

Transaction History

Furnishes a complete record of all transactions that happen through the platform, which helps in protecting against any fraudulent activities.

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Components Infused In The Crypto Trading Script Ensuring Security

Two-Factor Authentication

2FA feature serves as an added protection layer to the customer account.

Regional Firewall

Firewall protection safeguards user transactions from DDoS attacks

IP Tracking

Allows to identify malicious users by tracking their IP address.

Email Verification

Cross verifies the credentials of the user before registering their account. It ensures only verified users get to access the platform.

Jail Login

Automatically refrains from entering wrong login credentials when it is done multiple times. Thereby, it restricts any unauthorized person from accessing the account.

SSL Integration

Secured Socket Layer integration in our crypto trading script assures the user data is encrypted, and the site is entirely secure. It helps you largely in winning your customers' confidence.

Our Full-scale Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

Mobile & Web crypto exchange development
  • Bitcoin exchange software
  • Altcoin exchange development
  • Blockchain & Smart contract facilities
  • Decentralized exchange platform
  • Highly scalable and customizable solutions
Cryptocurrency wallet development and integration services
  • Native mobile apps, cross-platform compatible, Web and hardware wallets
  • Multi-currency and multi-card support
  • Social media and messaging functionality
  • Multi-signature support
OTC trading platform
  • Access to the liquidity pool of the trading platform
  • Automated order execution
  • Custom cryptocurrency trading platform
  • Wealth and portfolio management
Payment gateway development
  • Smooth setup and onboarding
  • Multi-currency support
  • Faster currency exchange
  • Safeguarding from frauds
STO platform development
  • Tokenization and digitization of assets
  • P2P transaction marketplace functionality
  • Automated KYC/AML processes
  • Hot wallet setup & transaction management

Benefits Of Choosing Our Crypto Exchange Script For Your Business

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Development
  • Market-ready: We bestow you readymade solutions that are readily deployable without any restraint.

  • Cost-efficient: Although our solution employs the latest tech stacks, it comes to you at the most reasonable price.

  • Extremely Customisable:Our solution never fails to fit any of your expectations. Since they are entirely customizable, you can bend it according to your needs and requirements.

  • Tried and TestedSince they have been in use for quite some time, they are a well-tried and proven platform, making it more trustworthy and error-free.

  • White-label Endows you the ability to launch and market it in your own name in the market.

Take The Lead In The Cryptocurrency Market Now By Availing Our World-class Cryptocurrency Development Services

Components of our Crypto Exchange Solution

Crypto exchange is not just about technology, but there are a lot more to it like legal, operations, liquidity, and many other factors.
  • Deposit and withdrawal of funds

  • Enterprise wallet

  • Handling risks
  • Matching Algorithm

  • API integration

  • Enterprise wallet
  • Backend security

  • Anti-fraud system

  • KYC
Legal Component
legal component
  • License regulation

  • AML and compliance

  • Legal Policies

  • Terms & conditions
  • Outsource liquidity provider

  • Connected with other exchange platforms
Management Operations
  • Technical support and maintenance

  • User account management

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Process

Business Analysis and consulting

All of the client ideas are gathered and the business objective is clearly defined. Based on this, we make the required plans for development.

Exchange Software Integration

All the necessary integrations of the exchange product is done according to the jurisdictions followed by the country.

Custom Match Engine Integration

Depending on the specific business requirements, we merge with the customisable match engine.

Blockchain Integration

A readymade Bitcoin trading script is built on the robust blockchain platform of your choice.

Equipping with security features

To make the script more secure, we impart top-notch security features into the trading platform.

Listing of the coins/tokens

The coins/tokens is listed in the cryptocurrency exchange platform to enable seamless trading.


The exchange platform is rigorously tested and any necessary changes are made before the deployment.


We deploy our domain software with all the integrated features, risk management and reporting tools in the main net.

Why Choose Us?

At INORU, we have more talents that give you good reasons, making us the undeniable choice of a development partner.
  • Proficient team with vast subject knowledge: We have a dedicated expert team who have got their hands on blockchain technology and constantly keep updating themselves with the latest trends. Your projects fall in the hands of such craftsmen.
  • Technologically advanced: We deploy the latest tools and advanced functionalities on the products that we build. Therefore, our solutions are fully guaranteed to cope up with the current trends of the market.
  • Development at a fastened pace: Our customizable products are molded to suit the needs of your target audience. We make sure to make the customizations at a fastened pace.
  • All-time support: Our services don't end with the product launch. We extend our support ever after until you need us.


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