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Dunzo Clone App Development

Over the past few years, the on-demand service industry has staked its claim as the clear forerunner in every imaginable sector of the business world. From food delivery to pharmacy delivery, the Dunzo clone can take care of it all. With cutting edge features to set you apart from the competition, our on-demand delivery service app is the best in the market. Priced at a readily affordable price point, budding entrepreneurs will love this all-new offering from INORU.

Streamline your deliveries, witness immediate growth and profits with our Dunzo Clone App development services.

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What is the Dunzo Clone?

The Dunzo Clone is a carefully curated rendition of the Dunzo delivery app. It enables seamless, quick, and easy delivery operations for all kinds of shops and services. It is an on-demand delivery service app that comes with the latest features in the market, attractive design, complete customization capabilities, and more.

If you’re a business owner looking for the best way to take your business to the next level or an emerging entrepreneur searching for a viable business opportunity, the Dunzo Clone by INORU is the perfect solution for you!

Why launch a Dunzo Clone?

The Dunzo Clone is an on-demand delivery solution that is at the forefront of the service industry. With customers continuously more interested in on-demand services as of late, it is the perfect opportunity for you to capitalize on this growing demand. Especially in the year 2020, with the COVID pandemic ravaging across the globe, many consumers are afraid to step out of the safety of their homes and are looking for viable alternatives to cater to their demands.

You can be the one to fill this void with our Dunzo Clone App - the best on-demand service solution app in the market!

Customers’ #1 Choice During The COVID Pandemic!

As everyone knows by now, the COVID pandemic was an unprecedented catastrophe that has wreaked havoc on many industries around the world. The service industry especially has been affected greatly by this situation.On-demand delivery apps like Dunzo have been a saving grace for not only customers but business owners as well. With people limiting the exposure to the virus by choosing to stay indoors, many stores and businesses are left without any foot traffic. With our Dunzo clone, you can continue providing your customers with the services and items they need, straight to the comfort of their homes! It is the perfect solution as we traverse through this post COVID world.

Our Dunzo Clone App has been re-imagined with COVID specific precautionary measures such as

No-contact delivery

Delivery personnel leaves the items at a predetermined location to avoid physical contact with consumers.

Daily Temperature checks

Delivery personnel are checked for high temperature every day while reporting for work.

NO Cash On Delivery

With cash-based currency increasing the exposure of COVID, you can disable the cash on delivery option for the time being.

Selfie Confirmation

Masks are extremely important during these times, Delivery personnel are required to take a selfie with their mask on before resuming operations for the day.

Hotspot locator

The GPS navigator in the Dunzo clone warns the delivery personnel of the hotspots in their area, allowing them to take the necessary precautionary measures

Dunzo Clone App Script - A Complete Package For Your Business Growth

The Dunzo Clone app script by INORU comes with all the tools you need to provide a comprehensive service solution to your clients, no matter what device or platform they are on!

  • iOS app for the User
  • iOS app for the Admin
  • iOS app for the Store Owner
  • iOS app for the Delivery Personnel
  • Android app for the User
  • Android app for the Admin
  • Android app for the Store Owner
  • Web panel for the User
  • Web panel for the Admin
  • Web panel for the Store Owner
  • Web panel for the Delivery Personnel

Get the complete range of tools and get started on your successful business journey right away!

How does it work? The Workflow Of the Dunzo Clone

Ordering anything on the Dunzo Clone is quick and easy for customers. Likewise, the streamlined delivery process makes life easier for the admins, shop owners, and delivery personnel.

Shape Shape
User logs into the app

Searches for items they want to purchase

Picks a store that has the items they are looking for

Adds the chosen items to the cart

Pays for the delivery of items and confirms the delivery address

Store owners are notified of the purchase

Items are packed and kept ready for delivery

Delivery Personnel are guided to the store and pick up the delivery

Items are delivered to the user’s location

User confirms the successful delivery

Dunzo Clone App Features

Register/Login Users can register with their email addresses or phone numbers and use them to log in quickly.

Enter Address Users are prompted to enter their address either manually or through location-based GPS.

View Stores Users can look at the available list of stores around them.

Sorting Options Users can sort stores according to their needs (distance, type of store, etc).

Search Items Users can search for the items they wish to purchase.

Add to Cart Users can pick a store and start adding items to their cart.

Schedule Delivery Users can schedule a delivery at a time of their choosing.

Payment Users can pay through a list of available options - cards, UPI, internet banking, and more.

Live Tracking Users can track the delivery from the store to their home.

Confirm Delivery Users can confirm the successful delivery of the items

Ratings/Feedback Customers can rate the delivery and provide feedback if any.

Register/Login Store Owners can register their shop with the app and get verified by the admin.

Store Type Store Owners can provide a ‘Store Type’ such as - grocery store, pharmacy, stationery shop, etc.

Items List Store Owners can list the available items in their shop. The customization of the list is left to them.

Store Timings Store Owners can choose the timings during which the store will be open.

Confirm Order Store Owners can confirm the incoming order when they are alerted of the same.

Pick-up Ready Store Owners can indicate that the items are ready for pick up.

Revenue Tracker Store Owners can get detailed information on the revenue generated within the app.

Offers Store Owners can give out offers to boost sales.

Help Store Owners can get in touch with customer support at any time should they require any help.

Register/Login Delivery Personnel can register with the app with their necessary details which will be reviewed by the admin.

Set Timings Delivery Personnel can set the timings of their operation. This can be changed at any time.

Set Distance Delivery Personnel can choose the distance within which they will carry out deliveries.

Activity Status Delivery Personnel can toggle their activity status between available/unavailable at any time.

Confirm/Reject Order Delivery Personnel can confirm or reject any incoming order according to their schedule.

GPS Navigation Delivery Personnel is directed to and fro using live GPS navigation.

Revenue Tracker Delivery Personnel can view detailed information on the revenue generated within the app.

Contact Customer Delivery Personnel can get in touch with the customer using the number provided at the start of each delivery.

Customer Care Delivery Personnel can get in touch with customer support to address any concerns they might face.

View Registration Requests Admins can view all the pending registration requests from store owners and delivery people.

Accept/Decline Requests Admins can choose to accept or decline any request as per their wish.

Manage Stores Admins can view and manage all the stores in the app.

Manage Items Admins can view and manage all the listed items in the app.

Manage Deliveries Admins can view and manage all the current and past deliveries in the app.

Manage Advertisements Admins can view and manage all the in-app advertisements.

Offers/Promos Admins can incentivize users by providing offers and discounts on a promotional basis.

Report Generation Admins get detailed reports generated on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis to be well informed about the operations in the app.

View Feedback Admins can view the feedback and rating they receive from consumers to better the service provided.

Message Store/Delivery Personnel Admins can message the store owner or the delivery personnel directly at any time.

Notifications Admins can send notifications regarding guidelines, offers, or app updates to the users.

Grow Your Business With Our Dunzo Clone App

If you’re still having second thoughts about investing in INORU’s Dunzo Clone App, here are a few reasons which will change your mind!


Witness a double-fold increase in orders and profits.

Immediate Results

With the Dunzo Clone, you will be able to witness immediate results.

Increased Brand Awareness

Get your name out there with our white-label offering that boosts visibility.

Added Revenue Stream

The Dunzo clone empowers you to generate a substantial income from a number of revenue streams!

Expert Guidance

Our team will help you make all the right moves and grow your business like never before!

Increase Efficiency

Increase the efficiency of your business with our streamlined delivery process.

Our Development Process For The Perfect Dunzo Clone

  • Meeting The Client

    Schedule a call with us or come down to our office and tell us about your dream project! We can bring to life anything you can imagine.

  • Research and Planning

    Once we know exactly what you need, we will carry out the necessary research and planning to ensure a successful start to the development process.

  • UI Design

    Our designers will create an aesthetically pleasing application that will wow your customers and is easy to use!

  • Back-end Development

    The back-end development that our engineers bring to the table will bring the Dunzo Clone to life in the best possible way!

  • Quality Assurance

    Our QA team will run the Dunzo Clone through a barrage of tests to ensure that it’s up to our stringent standards.

  • Launch

    The app launch, which takes place after your approval, will ensure maximum visibility and get your Dunzo app clone to a successful start!

Why Choose INORU as your Dunzo Clone App Developer?


The Dunzo Clone is a clone app variation of the on-demand delivery service app Dunzo. It streamlines the delivery process by allowing users to get anything they need right to their doorsteps.

A clone app is a recreation of a popular app achieved through different means of development. It is a cheaper, more viable alternative to developing an app from the ground up. It also cuts the development process by a great deal and is the preferred option for entrepreneurs and developers alike.

The Dunzo Clone comes at varying price points depending on the needs of the client. A lot of factors such as the time it takes to build the app, the number of developers assigned to the project, the features implemented, the level of customization done, all determine the final pricing of the app.

Yes! The main selling point of a clone app is its near launch-ready capabilities. We will have you ready to hit the market in no time!

Yes, it does. Our Dunzo Clone has well thought out COVID precautionary measures such as face-mask verification, no-contact delivery, Hotspot notifications, and more. The safety of the clients and delivery people is very important to us.

Absolutely. The white-label Dunzo Clone we offer can be modified to your exact needs. Everything from color scheme to font to logo can be modified.

We have a world-class marketing team whose services can be availed at an attractive price to help you market the Dunzo Clone!

Yes, we do. By choosing our cost-effective support and maintenance services, you can ensure that the app is running smoothly at all times. We offer around the clock support and you can call us at any time for any help you might need! Get in touch with us to learn more about all we have to offer.

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