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Ethereum Token Development Company

Ethereum is a blockchain network built based on the interconnectivity of computers. The whole structure also has a singular sense and is called the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The transaction on this platform usually takes place via its native currency - Ether or Ethereum tokens.

The Ethereum network is on an inclined growth with the creation of ERC tokens which has hallmarked Ethereum itself. This grants us a lucrative opportunity to encash the trend. This is the right time to take action and develop your token on Ethereum as you will not regret it when you reap the reward but miss the train and you might just get left behind.

INORU, as the best Token development company, hands you the best blockchain experts who possess knowledge of the blockchain like it is the back of their hands. Create an outstanding token with ERC standards such as ERC721, ERC 20, ERC223, ERC1155, etc.

Ethereum Token Development Services


Token Creation

We render the token development services where we will develop and launch a token that suits your requirements on one of the major blockchain networks such as Ethereum, EON, Tron or anything of your choice.


Token Migration

We offer methods for easy transfer of tokens and exchange of our tokens for other standard tokens. We will ensure that these transactions stay safe via encryption and blockchain technology.


Digital Wallets for tokens

We will develop a secure crypto token wallet customized according to your token’s requirements so your end users can store, invest and manage their tokens.


ICO Development

After creation, we provide a wholesome service; beyond ERC20 token development, we help launch an optimized ICO and smart contract tokens to raise funds for new and upcoming projects.


Listing on Exchange

We will then list your token on famous authenticated token exchange platforms to boost the pace of trading and increase the value of your tokens.


Cloud Storage

We possess cloud experts who will develop the most advanced cloud storage facility which will enhance the safety of the tokens and guard your users against any cyber threat.

Ethereum Token Development on Different ERC Standards

ERC20 - Popular token Standard

Most of the ICOs issued tokens in ERC20 standard and can be easily interacted with smart contracts.

ERC223 - Restricts ERC20 Token Losses

As the ERC20 tokens cant handle the smart contract, ERC223 supports and prevents accidental losses.

ERC 721- Standardized NFT

This popular standard is widely used in the DApps and contributes to maintaining asset scarcity and catching hold of its uniqueness.

ERC165 - Supports ERC721

The ERC165 token coordinates and supports ERC721 tokens to interact with crypto tokens in the blockchain networks.

ERC621 - Token Total Supply Modification

This token is an extension of ERC20 that focuses on two major actions increase token supply and decrease token supply.

ERC777 - Friction Reduction during Transactions

The ERC777 is standardized to identify token receipt immediately after the first transaction and develop smart contracts.

ERC827 - Transfer Token To 3rd Party

One other extension for ERC20, this token helps to resolve the ERC223 token issue and helps in token trading.

ERC884 - Stock Tokenization

TThe recent US state legislation allowed stocks held through blockchain networks as Tokens which are responsible for verifications, regulations, etc.

ERC865 - Kickstart For Beginners

A solid choice for beginners in the crypto space to make their investment as ERC865 makes miner payments, and proposal drafting is easy and quick.

ERC1155 - Advanced Token In The Network

Solving major issues of ERC20 and ERC721, Facilitating the users to create multiple tokens with one smart contract.

Features Of ERC Token Standard


ERC tokens from our Ethereum token development company are compatible with currencies and tokens built on other blockchain networks.

Enhanced ROI

Owing to traders' requirement for ERC tokens and their usage in the market, the value of the tokens increases and thereby rewarding you with a good return on investment.

Smart Contracts

The longevity of a token depends on how rigid its smart contracts are. Our ERC tokens will have a rigid protocol-based smart contract.

Rapid listing

The time taken for listing depends on the quality of the token. Our standardized ERC tokens undergo rapid listing.

Elegant Architecture

The ERC tokens are standardized and elegantly designed. It has internal processes that ensure safety from hacks instead of seeking it externally.

Speedy Burn Off Mechanism

A token is scalable when it has a rapid burn-off process. Our standardized ERC tokens have a quick burn-off phase.

Ethereum Token Development Process

Understanding the client

As an ERC token development company, We step up a series of meetings for our blockchain experts and clients to converse. This brings to light the agenda, requirements, and focus of the projects.

Formulating a roadmap

Once our experts understand the needs of our client, we carefully craft a roadmap regarding the feasible process for the project.

Platform Creation

As an important part of ERC token development, A prototype is first developed infused with all the ideologies and through trial and error method we give you the best flawless output.

Token development

As the eminent ERC standards token development company, we use the latest tools and technologies to develop our client’s ideas.

Launch of Token

We release the developed token on relevant platforms and watch our token perform.

White paper

Potential investors invest only after taking a thorough look at our whitepaper. This is why we paint the perfect whitepaper for our client’s project.

Launch and Market!

Once we have everything in order, it is time to launch the ICO and familiarize it with interested parties.

Countless tokens

Release an unlimited number of tokens around the world and raise the funds required for your business plan.

Consistently trustworthy

Ethereum is the most sought-after blockchain right now. Ethereum breeds a sense of trustworthiness for your tokens among investors.

Benefits of Ethereum Token Development

Relies on internal security

ERC tokens have in-built security protocols that protect them against the external menace. They are independent of third-party security.

Quick Fundraising

We will create a new revolutionized Token on the Ethereum Blockchain and list it on an ICO platform. This will popularize your tokens

Ethereum Tokens Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts integrated into the Ethereum tokens weed out the third party involvement thereby reducing transaction fees.

Highlights of developing an Ethereum Token

Pocket friendly

Easy to create

Short creation time

User friendly

The simple wallet integration process

Automated trading

Rapid Financing

Why is INORU the right choice for Ethereum Token Development?

INORU is one of the fastest-growing Token Development companies in the crypto market. We are leading many businesses into creating a place for themselves in the crypto world. Our technical team will not only develop your tokens but also support your venture through the post-development stage. We have highly skilled blockchain developers to ensure your dreams come true. They will follow a rigid protocol to ensure that your platform runs smoothies and is of a high standard. Partner with us and start the journey to the top right away!


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