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Lions Share MLM Clone Script

If you’re thinking about launching your own MLM business in 2021, there is no better way for you to do so than with our cutting-edge Lions Share clone. This world-class MLM software was developed to meet the requirements of any fledgling MLM business no matter how extensive. With knowledge and experience gained over the years, our tried and tested development process ensures a quality product that is on par with anything else you can find in the market.

Avail of this tailor-made MLM business solution and establish yourself as the next big name in the industry.

Lions Share Smart Contract clone script - What is it?

The Lions Share clone is our latest addition to the incredible array of MLM solutions built on Decentralized Smart Contracts. Curated with the importance of intuitive user experience and cutting edge design, this comprehensive solution can help you establish your brand and business like no other.

Built on an Ethereum smart contract, this robust solution offers users the ability to get on board with the help of automation and kickstart their MLM journey in no time. This is the perfect complement to the rigorous needs of the industry at the moment so ensure that you don’t miss out!

Lions Share Smart Contract MLM Clone Script - How does it work?

The Lions Share clone works on the basis of two matrix systems - L1 and L2, with each matrix having 16 levels that can be unlocked by the user. The user can maximize their earning potential by moving up the levels by completing the required number of referrals. Users can earn money no matter what level of the matrix they are in - a stand out feature of the Lions Share clone.

L1 Matrix

The L1 Matrix consists of 16 levels with each level holding up to 3 users at a time. Users can upgrade to the subsequent levels with a fee that is set by the MLM owner. The revenue earned from these levels is also upgraded according to the level the user is in. At each level, the revenue generated through the referral process is automatically given to the referrer and anybody in the upline. The cycle repeats itself once completed.

L2 Matrix

The L2 Matrix is a more expanded version of the L1 matrix with the option to hold up to 6 users at each of the 16 levels. This also expands the possibility of earning more revenue at each level and is a perfect fit for MLM owners looking to go above and beyond. The revenue generated from successful referrals is directly deposited to the wallet of the users automatically with the help of the smart contract. The cycle is repeated at every level once all the positions have been filled.

Unlock the true potential of your MLM business with our Lions Share smart contract MLM

Integrated Wallets In the Lions Share MLM Clone Script

Any successful MLM business needs to facilitate the seamless integration of wallets into its foray. The wallet integration not only makes the functioning of the MLM smoother by automating a lot of the cumbersome payment processes but also builds trust among the user base and allows you to attract more users to your MLM.

INORU’s Lions Share clone can be integrated with two distinct types of wallets:

  • Trust Wallet
  • MetaMask

While the TrustWallet is a perfect option for those accessing the platform through the use of their smartphones and tablets, the MetaMask facilitates the smooth user experience on PCs/laptops.

With these trusted wallet integrations, you can generate more users and bring unprecedented legitimacy to your MLM venture.

Lions Share Clone Smart Contract MLM - Features

White-labelling Let your brand stand out with our completely white-label features. Your logo, color scheme, style and more can be implemented into the platform.

Complete CustomizationThe ideal MLM platform tends to change for every business owner. We will craft an application that matches your needs and requirements to a tee.

Fully DecentralizedPowered by the Ethereum blockchain, the Lions Share clone enjoys complete decentralization. There is no third party intermediary to bog down your transaction’s process or growth.

Smart Contract Enabled Smart contracts are a blessing for any MLM that wants to carry out efficient processes with minimal manual intervention. Welcome automation into your MLM business with our smart contract.

Wallet IntegrationWith the integrated TrustWallet and MetaMask, users can get their funds transferred to a safe and trusted location.

Direct P2P TransactionsThe benefit of decentralized protocols is leveraged to provide users the ability to transfer funds directly with Peer-to-peer transactions.

Robust Security With security features that are second to none, there is no risk of third party attacks, phishing, or tampering on the Lions Share clone.

Low-RiskWith numerous security features and smart contract to boot, the risk associated with our MLM clone platform is next to nil.

Compatibility No matter what device the user wants to access the platform from, they enjoy seamless functionality at any time.

Lions Share Clone MLM Development Process

Research and Analysis

Come and tell us what you are looking for and we will do the grunt work for you. We can recognize the market's leaders, conduct business analysis, and find the right way forward.


We will tailor-make a strategy that will fulfill anything you wish to do, aided by the knowledge learned from our preliminary study.

Design and Development

Our team is packed with people who recognize their responsibilities down to a tee. To deliver a software solution that you will be proud of, the design and development team will work in unison. Attractive architecture, cutting-edge functionality, intuitive layout, you're going to get it all.

Testing For Quality

The Supersage clone by INORU allows entrepreneurs to bring their ideal MLM business to life. With numerous customizable features and functionalities available, you can outfit your business with every tool you want, tailored to your needs and requirements.


Through tried and tested processes, our marketing team will formulate a rollout that creates the impact you’re looking for.

Advantages of an MLM Clone Script Like Lions Share

  • Completely decentralized architecture
  • Low-risk investment opportunity
  • Smart contract powered automation
  • Fully secure direct transactions
  • Customizable matrix structures
  • Third-party intervention-free
  • Integrated wallets for crypto and fiat currencies
  • Security implementations at every level
  • Auto payments
  • Unique referral codes
  • Hack and tamper-proof

Why Choose INORU as your Lions Share Clone Development Company?

Industry Experience

We have been a top name in the game for over 14+ years. We know our way around and help you at every step of the way.

Qualified Team

With a team that consists of every skill set needed for software development, our solutions are built by some of the best brightest minds.

Innovative Solutions

We ensure that we stay at the forefront of innovation in the development of solutions. Count on us to implement the same in your MLM platform.

Cutting Edge Tech

We employ the latest technologies in the market to provide you with the ability to stay up to date with ever-changing market trends.

100% Customization

All our solutions are built with the needs of your business in mind. Get tailor-made solutions that fit your organization like a glove.

Affordable Pricing

We pride ourselves on being a developer for all. No matter what your budgetary requirements are, we can ensure that we develop a product that attains that at every step of the way.


The pricing of the Lions Share clone can best be determined by the requirements of the project we undertake and its unique requirements so get in touch with our team to get an accurate estimate based on the same.

Depends on the work to be done. Share with us your details and our team will reach out to you with the details you are looking for.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to launch an MLM in the year 2021, this is a great choice for you. We also have a number of other MLM options for you to choose from. If you’re interested, please reach out to us!

Yes, we can! All our products are 100% customizable and can be altered the way you want.

Certainly. We have a highly qualified marketing team that can help you establish yourself in the market in no time!

Yes, we do. We offer maintenance and support services for an incredibly low price. Avail of it and ensure the smooth functioning of your MLM platform.

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