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Magic Eden Clone Will Aid You In Establishing Yourself
As A Successful Entrepreneur In The NFT Journey

Magic Eden, a decentralized buying and selling platform for digital assets and its primary focus is on simplifying the minting process. Furthermore, ensuring every digital asset undergoes and satisfies the quality standards for preserving the credibility of the NFT. Eventually, the quality of the platform. Zero listing fees, 2% of transaction fees, royalty based on the creators, and offer prices are the significant elements for creators and collectors to pick the Magic Eden like NFT Marketplace for digital assets’ trading.

Since its onboarding in 2021, it has become one of the preferable Solana-based NFT Marketplaces with the highest trading volume next to the fastest growing web3 marketplace - OpenSea. More impressively, this community-centri c& decentralized Solana NFT Marketplace has active monthly visitors of nearly 22,000,000.

Are these inspiring you to launch a Magic Eden like NFT platform? Magic Eden Clone will aid you in achieving massive success and initiate your NFT journey by launching a community-focused Solana NFT Marketplace with enchanting features for seamless execution of NFT trading. We are here to render you a best-in-class white label Magic Eden Clone. Employ it!

Offerings Of A Magic Eden Clone - Salient Features

Magic Eden Clone holds indispensable features of Magic Eden in order to deliver a similar smooth execution of digital assets’ trading experience to users. Salient features are as follows.

  • Upcoming LaunchesThe Upcoming Launches feature reduces the time to manually search for the next upcoming NFTs, as users will be able to check on the next week's NFT launches with a few clicks. Thereafter, it will be redirected to the Twitter account of the respective NFT drops.

  • AuctionThe auction feature is quite impressive for buyers and sellers. It allows users to take part in the bidding process and get hold of their favorite/desired NFTs. Users who are regular participants and win the bid at most times hold perks of minimal sell fees and commission bonuses.

  • Attributes Filter Filters make the searching process much simpler and easier for users to find their desired NFTs within a matter of seconds. The ‘attributes filters’ will let users find the NFTs based on their attributes like clothes, earrings, background, clothes, etc.

  • Popular CollectionsThis feature will allow users to explore the most sensational and buzzing NFTs on the Magic Eden Clone NFT Marketplace platform under a separate section. That is, NFT projects which have garnered the individuals’ attention at that moment in time.

  • FeedbackThe participants or users of an NFT Marketplace like Magic Eden could give feedback or suggestions for the improvement of the platform with the infusion of new other features and services. It is quite a requisite feature paving the way to offer a seamless user experience and increasing trading volume.

  • LaunchpadThe incorporation of the launchpad feature on the Magic Eden like NFT marketplace is a great advantage. Through this, as the proprietor of the platform, you could provide a stage for NFT enthusiasts to mint their NFTs without technical difficulties and trade them.

Breakdown Of Workflow Of The Solana NFT Marketplace Like Magic Eden

NFT freaks out there could trade (buy & sell) NFTs with the streamlined workflow of the NFT Marketplace like Magic Eden. It is given below,

EnrollmentThe NFT Enthusiasts have to head over to the Solana NFT Marketplace like Magic Eden and begin with signing up/registrations with the necessary deets for profile creation.

Wallet SetupAfter the completion of the initial setup, users or NFT enthusiasts will be able to link the Solana compatible crypto wallets to the platform for storing their NFTs.

AccessibilitySoon after the profile creation and wallet setup, NFT traders (whoever they are - buyers or sellers) will have access to their wallets and proceed with exploring options to trade.

Minting & ListingThe NFT creators or owners will be able to mint by uploading their digital works as NFTs and listed. The NFTs will be showcased on the Storefront for counterparties when put for sale.

Bidding/BuyingPotential NFT buyers can surf to find the desired one from profused NFT collections on the platform using filters/search options. After that, bid/buy it as mentioned by the NFT creator.

Transfer Of NFTsFor the concerned buyer making payment process, the NFT will be transferred from the seller’s wallet to the buyer’s wallet alongside claiming the ownership with the approval of the seller.

Magic Eden Like NFT Marketplace Development

A White-Label Magic Eden Clone is a customizable solution that will aid entrepreneurs like you to launch the Solana NFT Marketplace Like Magic Eden as per your business expectations & requirements, facilitating instant launch with a fewer capital.

Our Magic Eden like NFT Marketplace Development will be a helping hand for you as our team of experts presents you with a Magic Eden Clone encompassing unique selling points with core features, ensuring a smooth trading experience for users.

Backed by the Solana blockchain, it is up to you to develop your NFT Marketplace Like Magic Eden, to operate on your choice of blockchain too. Head over to us, and we will hear your requirements and craft the platform as you intend.

Benefits Of Solana NFT Marketplace Like Magic Eden Development

Developing the NFT marketplace like Magic Eden on the Solana blockchain technology holds the following benefits.

Faster Transaction Speed

The Solana blockchain network is well-known for its transaction speed, which can process 65,000 transactions per second. Moreover, its block time is approximately one second. This pays off compared to other blockchains like Ethereum, which can process 30 transactions/second with a block time of 15 seconds.

Little Transaction Fees

Magic Eden like NFT Marketplace, charges 0% listing fees and 2% transaction fees, which is quite lesser compared to OpenSea NFT marketplace that charges 2.5% of transaction fees. Employing the Solana blockchain instead of other blockchain technologies renders low transaction costs, which will subsequently gain the attention of NFT enthusiasts to rely on it for digital assets’ trading.

Decentralized Environment

The Magic Eden like NFT Marketplace developed on the Solana blockchain network, will eliminate the middlemen or third parties intervention. That is, there will be no centralized authority to control over the users’ transactions. This will thereby give increased transparency & efficiency, eliminating fraudulent activities in a trustless ecosystem.

Lesser Latency

Latency luring the back of the blockchain technology, which is the term differentiable to TPS (transaction per second). It is known to be a block time, which is the time taken between transaction submission and the first confirmation of acceptance. Better efficiency is related to the minimal latency period. The Solana NFT Marketplace like Magic Eden utilizes the Proof-Of-Stake consensus mechanism and hence a lower latency.


Interoperability promotes transactions of NFTs over different blockchain networks without any hassles. Furthermore, it focuses on scalability and liquidity, allowing the participants to earn rewards considerably. The seamless and secure transaction is ensured on the Magic Eden Clone that runs on the Solana blockchain technology.

INORU - Your Choice Of Partner
For Magic Eden Like NFT Marketplace Development

  • INORU, the leading NFT development & marketing services provider, is well-recognized for rendering the best Solana NFT Marketplace development services for clients across the globe. Our blockchain experts are keen on hearing your business needs and intend to offer you the NFT marketplace that suits your expectations. We craft the Magic Eden like NFT Marketplace backed by the Solana blockchain technology and, if you wish, will harness other blockchain technologies.

    Apart from the customizations of a white-label Magic Eden Clone solution, we excel in conducting marketing campaigns for promoting your Magic Eden Clone to reach the right targeted audiences. This will pave the way for maximizing the NFT trading volume and increasing monetization. Our marketing services include Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Discord Marketing, etc. Ping us and attain the following perks on choosing us for Magic Eden Like Marketplace Development.

    • Quick To Market Solution

    • Post-Deployment Support

    • Proficient Developers

    • 360-Degree Customizations

    • Bug-Free Solution

    • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Technology Stack

Blockchain Network

Front-end Frameworks

NFT Standards


Magic Eden Clone is a replica version of the existing community-centric Solana NFT Marketplace. This pre-made solution is customized to suit your business expectations to offer a stage for users to buy & sell digital assets.

Yes, Magic Eden like NFT Marketplace development from the base is tedious and requires lots of time and investment. In comparison, Magic Eden Clone comes as a handy solution empowering entrepreneurs to launch their platforms in an instant within their budget.

Magic Eden like NFT marketplace is crafted on the Solana blockchain network, which pays off significant benefits like faster transaction speed, low transaction costs, interoperability, and lesser latency. This is when compared to other well-known blockchains like Ethereum.

Magic Eden Clone comes with the functionalities of staking and trading. Whenever users make transactions on the platform, you (as the proprietor) could levy 2% transaction fees. The monetization opportunities are open to you to decide on.

Magic Eden Clone is a cost-effective solution over Solana NFT Marketplace like Magic Eden development from scratch. The cost is a varying element based on the customizations you require. Submit your requirements and get a quote from us.

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