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Develop Metaverse Platform

The virtually immersed digital space with users and players represented as Avatar with their unique characteristics in the Metaverse can be designed to carry out their duties and functionality in the space to generate revenue. Your Metaverse can be developed with impeccable abilities and functionalities bringing out the creative and the innovative part of your business personality. From avatars interacting with each other, Creating landscapes, and their in-world subjects with interesting real-world experiences.

With an intrinsic economic system with in-game currencies and cryptocurrencies, your Meta-world can be exclusively made unique and mesmerizing apart from their regular trading space with N number of collections from NFT Arts, music, accessories of avatars, Real estate building, and gaming tokens abilities, and much more.

Above all an authentic feast to your eyes through PCs, virtual reality tools, sophistications like headsets, speakers, VR simulators, and much more. Along with web3 implications, Metaverse transactions are also recorded in the blockchain networks and digital cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH) on decentralized Exchanges (DExs). INORU with our cutting-edge technology and robust custom solution, erect your Metaverse platform the way you desire.

Metaverse Development Services

For a prosperous economic development, vitalize on the varied Metaverse Development Services extended for your digital ecosystem.


Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Development

As a narrative for banking and monetization, the DeFi development in your Metaverse brings in value for all the assets. It paves a pathway for the underlying concept of peer-to-peer exchanges adhering to web3 practices in the platform.


Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Development

Through DAO approaches, it is convenient to develop a globally monitoring ecosystem for the activities on the decentralized platform. Through smart contracts, it is easy to drive in multiple organizations and sub-divisions for the autonomous organization.


Metaverse Integrated Services

By integrating fully stacked abilities including APIs, ecosystem tools, and more added abilities driving to ensure extraordinary user experience you can enhance your Metaverse platform. You can also bring in third-party integration to cross-trade and list, ensuring Interoperability in your platform.


Gaming development with Metaverse

With global traction for gaming with VR and AR, you can vitalize the concept in the Metaverse platform, increase more interactions and bring in opportunities to prosper when you choose to integrate a top-class gaming ecosystem.


Social Media Platform in Metaverse

Socializing is a core in Metaverse with innate qualities to potentially grow. With exclusive activities and linkers, you can captivate the global social community of your audience. Through this ecosystem, you can provide worldly participants to experience the next wave of socializing.


Decentralized Trading Marketplace

The marketplace is a part and parcel of the ecosystem that allows various brands and companies in the actual world to extend their creative community in the virtual space. That gives an extended and enlarged community ensuring seamless buying and selling of NFTs.


NFT development for your Metaverse

With an increasing hype and interest in digital collectibles, there is a wide variety of NFTs coming up in the market. With our expert solutions, you can also develop unique creative collectibles for your Metaverse to global explore and expand.


Metaverse E-commerce Services

Metaverse has brought in a huge revolution in the market and economy. An E-commerce business having its roots connected to bring in a part of the ecosystem can be more beneficial and a user-friendly try and buy process can be assisted.


Real estate Platform Development

Metaverse has the potential to turn in impactful returns in most every field, and real estate is a treasury with huge returns. We can help you build this Exclusive infrastructure in your Metaverse for users to make purchases of land estates and other properties.


Decentralized Metaverse Application

We help you build a user-friendly interface with blockchain-specific features and functionalities for your Metaverse, ensuring Automation, privacy transparency, and sovereignty.


Added 3D

Metaverse infuses virtual reality aspects, in your platform, you can enable your users to develop 3D designs, visualize modeling and expand the limitations of the project with increased interoperability components.


Marketing Your Metaspace

Marketing has evolved into a novelty in the space for any business. To create awareness of your Metaverse platforms, pitch new projects, concepts brought in, and evolution of the market solutions gained, we help pitch your platform to facilitate future aspects expanded with wider experience.

Diverse Fields Exploring Metaverse


With zero intrusion of intermediaries, a successful business on revolutionary decentralized Blockchain, all the transactions are streamlined with Smart contacts, secured, and transparent.


A robust solution to facilitate buying and selling of physical goods and services in diverse niches to track and file on voluminous data vitalizing various payment tools and instruments on the blockchain networks.

Health care

Stepping up on various sectors healthcare-related actions can also be trained in your Metaverse platform that ensures security and transparency in handling medical reports, prescriptions, and complications.


With increasing revenue streaming abilities, your Metaverse platform can also vest on creative gaming aspects with play-to-earn abilities and functionalities that help you facilitate diversified opportunities.

Real estate

Extended trading abilities can be incorporated with real estate on Metaverse. You can avail users to trade, own, rent, and lease unique digital landform, buildings, and others in the space

Developing Gaming For Your Metaverse Platform

The Metaverse market has the ability to expand with greater abilities in the market whose value can scale up substantially to $800 Billion by 2024. There is a huge source to track such revenue at ease. Vesting on developing Metaverse Gaming can also be a choice with ensuring results that also attract a huge player crowd.

INORU with our experienced game developers skilled with blockchain-oriented technology, the formula drives straight with Metaverse NFTs collectibles gaming, features, and others. Buy creative and engaging play-to-earn, role play, cards, racing, or battling games in the space you can bring in added abilities including Metaverse, NFTs VR, AR, and others. With our expert solution bringing in 2D and 3D creative virtuals you can completely entice the players, and users apart from minting, trading, buying, and selling in the marketplace.

Metaverse Development

Adhering Workflow of Metaverse NFT Marketplace

Login and Verification

users enter the platform with complete verification.

Wallet integrations

user integrate their NFT wallet to carry out transactions

Asset Creations

their avatar, with rewards, simple tools are created as in-game assets

3D Visuals Support

the user as they progress, can add on 3D effects to define their assets.

Digital land creations

further as they head up, they can vitalize on various aspects of the platform to yield good rewards and build their assets.

NFT Minting and listing

the assets owned by the user in the platform can be minted as NFT and listed.

Trading and renting

the user with the assets can vitalize on the various business revenue modules to yield revenue by trading the assets, or leasing or renting them.

Metaverse Development Service Avail You The Following Benefits

How do we Develop your Metaverse Platform?

Develop the dreamy World you desired on Metaverse with our extended technological support to gather the global market into your Virtual Ecosystem.

  • Market research

  • Requirement analysis

  • Programs and Functionalities

  • Collections and collectibles' ability

  • Back-end Metaverse Application Code

  • Digital Smart Contract Creation

  • Integrate APIs and Blockchain

  • Front-end Metaverse coding

  • Revenue stream

  • UI and UXs

Why Choose INORU ?

Building the future we at INORU are well equipped and experienced. Our quality services have helped various brands build their infrastructure in the currently evolving digital ecosystem. With extensive knowledge, we are ready to customize your Metaverse Platform inbuilt with enormous functionality and features to support your Digitized business. With our on-time service delivery, and friendly environment with tech-savvy tycoons you can make effective use of the resources to groom your business.


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