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Get Comprehensive Services From Our NFT Development Company

NFTs grabbed the attention of a larger user base after the sale of Everyday's - The First 5000 Days NFTs for $69 million, which is the most expensive NFT sold in 2021. Since thereafter, there has been an immense rise in the worth with each passing month. You could even have the possibility to create and roll out your own unique NFT, which symbolizes the ownership of your real-world assets.

Our NFT development company, with years of experience in delivering NFT projects, could tokenize your digital assets and make them available globally. Getting into it, the NFT to be created will be backed by the blockchain technology you require. Our skilled blockchain developers with hands-on experience in developing the single NFT and collections of NFTs for individuals with varying demands.

Are you an individual with an entrepreneurial aspiration to drop your NFT? We are here to give a helping hand for you with Non-Fungible Token Development services. Ring us and have a discussion!

Does NFT Development Favor You?

The term Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is not a new thing, which has recently exploded in popularity. This represents the ownership of digital assets that are stored on the blockchain ledger with uncertain valuation. Its characteristics, including scarcity, transparency, indivisibility, and interoperability are the predominants for individuals showing interest in NFT trading. Impressive facts proving NFT development favors you are,

$231BNFTs Market Value Projection
By 2030

20.65%Growth Rate Between
2021 And 2028

$35BExpected Net NFT Sales
Volume In 2022

~$1.8B/Month Worth Of Total
NFT Sales

What Are The Non-Fungible Token Development Services We Provide?

Being a trustable company with an expert team of blockchain developers, we aim to provide top-tier non-fungible token development services. We help you to develop & launch the NFT for every business need.

NFT Exchange Platform Development

Provide a stage for creators to mint and sell their creations through non-fungible tokens with NFT exchange platform development. With this, creators could have plenty of opportunities to generate revenue by exchanging the NFT tokens.

NFT Smart Contract Development

The smart contract-based NFT platform entitles users to buy, sell, and trade digital assets like arts, games, music, sports, digital collectibles, and many more. The NFT smart contract development ensures data transparency as these will be saved in the blockchain.

NFT Minting Platform Development

Provide a stage for NFT enthusiasts to give a chance to create, mint, and sell non-fungible tokens by going ahead with NFT minting platform development. We are here to proffer a ready-made NFT minting solution personalized for you.

NFT Trading Platform Development

Leverage the NFT trading platform development service from us and earn the benefits in every possible way you could make with the implementation of varied revenue streams. Get our white-label NFT platform solution backed by the blockchain network of your choice.

Our NFT Development Services Suitable For Different Business Niches

Our team of experts in our NFT development company proffers Non-Fungible Token development services that are much suitable for various business sectors you intend.

NFT For Arts

NFT arts are trending and are buzzing in the town. As NFTs transformed the art industry, artists could leverage it and drop their art NFTs on the NFT art marketplace for sale. Thereby can monetize.

NFT for Games

The gaming industry is vast, and the simultaneous impact of NFTs gives a wider opportunity for gamers to play games and collect rewards. Be it play-to-earn, free-to-play, sleep-to-earn, etc.; individuals could employ NFT games from us and let gamers have a facile experience.

NFT For Sports

Sports cards, moments, accessories, video clips, etc. can be tokenized and traded as sports NFTs on NFT platform for sports. A limited-edition of sports NFTs has such a huge craze, which is the prime reason for grabbing the global audience's attention.

NFT for Music

Could music be sold as NFTs? Yes, NFTs are shaping the music world, where independent musicians will be able to convert their works into music NFTs. The unique composition is what brings more audiences towards purchasing distinctive music NFTs, which hold high value.

NFT for Real Estate

Real estate NFTs represent the ownership of lands, including physical properties. The real estate industry witnessed such a shift with the incorporation of NFTs, which eliminates the paperwork when buying a property and guarantees authenticity.

NFT For Phygital Asset

NFT for phygital assets bridges the gap between physical and virtual worlds. This kind of NFT has eventually become a trending topic as many brands are leveraging the same. Such brands focus on improvising their business approach by means of customer-centricity.

NFT For Fashion

The concept of NFTs is even popular in the fashion industry. Augmented reality clothing, virtual stores, metaverse fashion, and other exclusive content comes under this category. Users or customers could verify the ownership, eliminating hindrances.

NFT For Entertainment

NFTs even create opportunities in the entertainment industry as individuals could transform their videos, memes, and many others as NFTs. Films, series characters, and such things can be tokenized and monetized.

Harness The Benefits Of NFTs By Opting NFT Development Services

A Non-fungible token is a digital item that is well-known for its unique characteristics. Apart from uniqueness, there are several other attributes that will be advantageous in various ways. Opt for our NFT development services and reap the benefits starting from today.


Due to the smart contracts and standardization opted, each non-fungible token has a unique identification code, ensuring scarcity. However, these could not to exchanged or replaced with the ones having the same value.

Digital Ownership

The tokens offer proof of ownership for your asset in the digital world. Non-fungible tokens can be transferred only with the consent of the owner. Even the issuer of the NFT will not have the chance to transfer it.


As the distributed ledger is decentralized, the token issuance and activity, including the transfer, would be public. This transparency will lead the way for buyers to verify the authenticity of the non-fungible token.


The non-fungible tokens are recoverable as these could not be destroyed. This is because the data are stored on the blockchain and hence transactions of tokens could be tracked.

Know About Standards For Non-Fungible Token Development Services

The standard defines the smart contract and attributes & functionality of the non-fungible tokens. There are a plethora of non-fungible token standards on the blockchain and the following are the most important standards.

ERC-721ERC-721 token standard is unique and non-fungible as each token can be priced independently, which cannot be duplicated. Every token is represented on the basis of uniqueness and rarity.

ERC-998ERC-998 is the combination of ERC-721 and ERC-20, which represent the unique non-fungible tokens and uniform fungible tokens, respectively. ERC-998 token is compostable as it can be organized into complex positions.

ERC-1155ERC-1155 regulates both the ERC-721 and ERC-20 standards. This will significantly overcome the limitations of non-fungible and fungible standards and also reduce transaction time.

TRC-721TRC-721 issues non-fungible tokens on the TRON network. Through this, one could digitize & tokenize their assets and increase their value. This protocol standard is fully compatible with the ERC-721 standard.

NFT Development On Your Choice Of Blockchain Network

The choice of a blockchain network is completely yours! The following are the blockchain networks that our NFT development company specializes in.

Steps We Carry Out For NFT Development

Our team of well-experienced developers focuses on presenting top-tier NFT development services, ensuring transparency. Here are the steps we carry out for NFT development.

Gathering Requirements

Our experts will ask the clients regarding requisite information of the digital assets that need to be tokenized. The clients’ expectations and needs are penned down, which are to be ensured subsequently.

In-Depth Research

When examining the requirements, we would study the market in order to meet the latest market trends, expectations of the target audience, and the originality of the item to be tokenized. Succeeding, the objective and plan would be documented with clients’ consent.

Tokenizing Digital Assets

Upon considering the requirements, our blockchain developers would tokenize the digital assets that come with significant traits. Also, our NFT development company specializes in developing the solution on all prominent blockchain networks.

Testing Stage

Once done with tokenization, we would ensure the solution is created much suitable for clients’ requirements. When presenting the NFT development solution, it would make certain that this is free from bugs and any technical faults.


After completing these stages, the NFT to be put for live as a counterparty could trade it on the NFT platform where it is launched. Listing, some crucial details have to be specified, which include the choice of bidding or buying option.

Why Choose INORU For NFT Development Services?

Collaborating with INORU, you could get in touch with well-experienced blockchain developers specialized in presenting the solutions as you wish. The following would give reasons to choose us for NFT development services.

On-Time Project Delivery

No matter what, most probably, our developers' team will ensure to deliver the NFT development solution within a stipulated time. This would considerably pave the way for you to leap into the NFT world as soon as possible.

24*7 Support & Maintenance

Our responsive support team is here to assist you in the case of any queries from your side to be resolved. When needed for maintenance support, we are here available 24*7.


From gathering the required information from you until the end of delivering the solution as you expect, the process will be transparent. This way, you keep an eye on the stages of development.

Reasonable Price

The NFT development solutions suitable for your need will be available at a reasonable price. Seemingly, there will not be any quality issues to face in the final delivered solution.

Expertise Team

Our team of developers is expertise in the field of blockchain technology. We work on so many prominent blockchain networks, including Ethereum, BSC, TRON, etc. In spite of this, you would receive the solution you expect.


The information of your project would not be shared with third parties at any cost. We would ensure the confidentiality of your project as there will never be any hacking activities with the offering of reliable tokenization of collectibles.

Technology Stack Required For NFT Token Development

Blockchain Network

Front-end Frameworks

NFT Standards


NFT development is backed by blockchain technology. Ethereum is the top-most choice for entrepreneurs. Its preferable standards include ERC-721 and ERC-1155. There are many other blockchains that could be employed as required for your business requirements.

Capitalizing on favorable possibilities in this digitized world brings tons and tons of perks to relish. Witnessing such a craze in trading digital assets, embracing the opportunities and going forward with NFT development would be wise now, even in the forthcoming years, as the hype of NFTs will never fade.

INORU is the leading company rendering NFT development services as you require, including tokenization of digital assets. Our team of expert blockchain developers focuses on materializing your vision upon using cutting-edge technologies.

The cost and time required to create the NFT cannot be estimated as it depends on the type of NFTs and whether it is a single NFT or a collection of NFTs to be created. Better to request a quote from a reputed NFT development company like us.

Yes! Apart from creating the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), we have excellence in offering NFT trading platform development suitable for your business niche (be it art, sports, gaming, etc). When needed, our proficient marketers execute marketing campaigns for your NFT project reach.

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