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NFT Staking Platform - An overview

While there are many business purposes that blockchain-based NFTs have created, an impressive genre stays highlighted. NFT staking is what we mention. You, as an entrepreneur, are not limited to buying and selling NFTs; you can stake them and earn rewards. That is what NFT staking is all about; an encrypted space of the NFT staking marketplace enhances the users to stake their NFTs and pile up revenue options with multiple rewards. INORU as a specialist and a seeker for upgraded business environments provides you the NFT staking platform development. Connect to acknowledge more.

NFT Staking! What is it all about

NFTs have already entered the category of a supreme and elite business vertical. Wider revenue options and a stable business progression of NFTs have made them reach the desired point. NFTs made digital assets embrace the perspective of a revenue model as they are minted as tradable assets. Due to their Non-Fungible quality, these tokens have an increased value, attracting extensive investors and entrepreneurial communities to reside at the point.

As a credible business virtue, NFTs have always flooded towards providing an updated interface to the users; according to that, with NFTs, users can curate additional revenue, but this time it is an inactive passive income. Users are allowed to lock their NFTs in the blockchain network and are rewarded with revenue options according to the time of staking. This comprehensive action of passive revenue is NFT staking. With minimum investment and less tension of actions, users can curate impressive growth nuances by just staking the NFTs in a secured blockchain network.

Unique Features In The White-Label NFT Staking Platform

NFT staking platform from INORU expels ideal features that make the platform an exquisite business venue and a revenue generator according to your desire. These features enhance more distinctiveness of your business.

Attractive UI/UX

The white-label NFT staking platform from INORU has an astonishing User Interface, eventually triggering a better user experience. These interfaces are open to customizations as per your requirements. Our UI/UX aids add more uniqueness to the platform, illuminating it.


Payouts in our white-label NFT staking platform map the route and process of revenue mechanism for the users. Simply put, it educates people on how they are paid by staking their NFTs on the blockchain network. Additionally, this feature provides the history of the users' past actions with the NFTs.


Staking the assets for a period needs an enclosed space, and we ensure to provide it. Our white-label NFT staking platform provides encrypted security for your assets stored in the platform. We concentrate on making a secured canopy that cannot be breached.

Smart Contract Integration

At INORU, we strive to make your platform feasible for all communities. We integrate pre-engineered protocols called smart contracts into your NFT staking platform. This enhances transparency with transactions and makes them automatic, which boosts the platform’s performance.

Intriguing Add ons

Our experienced professionals infuse intriguing add-ons to your platform, including more UI/UX, which eventually draws the attention of more communities and pulls them towards your venue.

Reward Calculator

The reward calculator of the white-label NFT staking platform is meant to calculate the rewards for each user. This is calculated with the inflation rate of the coin, the type of asset staked in the platform, and the time duration of staking.

Multi-Wallet Compatibility

To make the platform a universal arena, our professional developers make it multi-wallet compatible to make it open to a wider community with different wallets.

NFTs’ Spectrum of Vital Business Verticals

As mentioned already, NFTs have scaled impressive heights within a decade. This blockchain-based business has surprised entrepreneurial communities with the most enchanting revenue option. NFT marketplaces are one of the constant revenue generators in the web3 realm. Therefore we propose the ideal NFTs for which we develop compatible NFT marketplaces.

Art-based NFTs

Various artists and creators mint their creations as NFTs in the marketplace, where multiple target audiences sign in to access their desirable creations. Art-based NFTs render an option of royalty for the creators at the subsequent sale of the tokens.

Asset-based NFTs

NFTs are not limited to the arts, wherein they are capable of doing more. Various assets, like physical and digital assets, are minted as tokens and are traded in vital NFT marketplaces.

Automated NFTs

This type of NFT is new to the market but has created much impact on the communities. Various generative arts and automated NFTs come under this category. These assets showcase more rarity, thus an increased sale volume.

Game and sports-based NFTs

The most attractive and most sought-after NFTs are the game and sports NFTs. The ideal NFT sports enhance the users to have an interface where they can earn with games apart from just playing.

Workflow Of NFT Staking Website

NFT staking website is the enclosed space to carry out comprehensive actions. NFTs are tradable assets, but with an impressive option of staking, they can be an amplified revenue generator creating a win-win situation for users and entrepreneurs. With the support of the Proof of stake(PoS) protocol, the assets are aggregated and locked in the blockchain network. Thereby, we propose the workflow of the NFT staking website.


Users must sign in to the NFT staking website with the essential credentials.


After signing in, users have to integrate their crypto wallets deposited with NFTs.


Now, users have to know the compatible NFT of the website by acknowledging the Annual Percentage Yield.


After all these, users can lock their NFTs and stake them when they wish to. This eventually increases their revenue standards.

Stable Advantages Of The NFT Staking Platform

INORU, as the ideal development agency embraces impressive business cruises; our NFT staking platform renders high-end advantages that make the venue unique.

Rewards One of the prominent advantages of the NFT staking platform is rewards. Each user is astonished by the rewards based on the time and the nature of the asset staked in the platform.

Airdrops To engage the user experience and to improve it, random airdrops happen within the NFT staking platform, where users are rewarded for free or at a small cost.

Incentives The NFT staking platform enhances the users to curate revenue by staking the assets in the platform; additionally, they are provided with incentives as the staking time prolongs.

Transparency To enhance the credibility of the platform and the business, the NFT staking platform is wide open for public usage, as anyone can sign in and stake their assets in the secured venue.

NFT Staking Platform Development - Comprehensive Infrastructure

Embrace the steps that we at INORU proffer in NFT staking website development.

Extensive Analysis

Firstly, we get your business idea and run our analysis. This lets us know the nature of your business and its eminence to impact the current NFT market need.

Development Plan

Once we analyse your business niche, we spend time planning the infrastructure of your NFT staking platform. Our planning includes the perks such as UX/UI. This basic idea assists us in creating the prototype of your business vertical.

Blockchain And Compatible Asset Integration

We then imply the blockchain technology where you desire your platform to be. On choosing blockchain technology, we catalogue the assets that can be staked in the platform.

Platform Development

Once the blockchain and featuring assets are finalized, we initiate the development of the prototype of the NFT staking platform. We infuse the impressive UI/UX into the platform to make it impressive.

Smart Contract Integration

We integrate pre-determined protocols called smart contracts to make the platform workflow feasible and secure. This adds attributes to the platform, where a single click can carry out amazing platform actions.


Now, the created prototype is expelled for testing before deployment. Professional testers at our firm run the prototype for rigorous testing to detect any bugs or lags in the platform. They eliminate the bugs and make the platform fully functional.


In the final stage, on the approval of the final verdict, we deploy your ideal NFT staking platform into the market.

Why Choose Us for NFT Staking Website Development

Sustaining in the crypto realm for around a decade, we at INORU stand high as a renowned NFT development company. We are aware of the crypto realm and have extensive knowledge and experience in the perks of the web3 vertical. We propose more ideal development services, from NFT marketplace development to comprehensive NFT marketing services.

Our expertise reflects the standard of our developments. NFT staking platform development from INORU enhances a credible business vertical with robust features, tech-savvy interfaces, highlighted benefits, and an impressive user experience for various audiences. It is now your call to venture into the most anticipated entrepreneurial cruise of the current generation.

Technology Stack

Blockchain Network

Front-end Frameworks

NFT Standards


While many think NFTs can only be traded, this is for them. By NFT staking, you can lock your unique assets in the credible blockchain network, where you earn rewards.

The time of assets staking and the nature of the assets staked in the platform will decide your reward mechanism.

NFT staking platform will be a credible choice for you to stake your unique assets. We propose the ideal development of the NFT staking platform.

The proof of staking concept is the principle mechanism behind NFT staking, where a clear map is projected for the users to enhance check on the status and value of their assets.

The NFT development companies are the right choice to initiate the development of the NFT staking platform. We provide a credible white-label solution to erect an impressive passive revenue-generating platform.

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