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Deploy An IDO Launchpad Like Polkastarter Now!

The world of crypto is being bombarded with thousands of new projects on a daily basis. But unfortunately, only a few come to the limelight. Even legit projects with innovative ideas fade away in the crowd. An IDO launchpad like Polkastarter is a podium for such upcoming projects to get promoted and also raise the required funds to kick-start their projects.

An ideal launchpad verifies and lists the legit projects that hold a potential future for investors to study them, get whitelisted and buy their tokens before they take off for a minimal price. It also provides a chance for all kinds of investors to participate and invest in blockchain projects that they are really into.

You can now launch a DEX platform by customizing our readymade Polkastarter clone with your ideas for a new launchpad in a short span of time. Connect with our team of crypto experts for decentralized launchpad development and learn more about the perks of launching a Polkastarter clone.

Salient Features Of Our Polkastarter Clone

Cross-Chain Swap

The investors can trade crypto tokens across different blockchain networks seamlessly in an Initial DEX Offerings Platform.

Fixed Swap

Draw out volatility from the token value of new decentralized projects by listing them for a fixed price in the initial supply.

Anti-Scam Measures

Build a safe ecosystem that will create trust in the minds of the investors. Present them with details like token contract age, token holders, transaction volume, etc.

Liquidity Mining

The most important aspect for a new project to take off is liquidity. An IDO launchpad provides it by running programs that encourage investors to contribute to the liquidity pool on the platform.


A major reason for the creation of the IDO model was to mitigate investors from putting their money on scam projects. Therefore every new project is thoroughly vetted before listing them on a DEX platform.

Instant Token Allocation

The investors have access to buy tokens of projects immediately after the IDO for the project is made live without any further delay.

Perks Of Polkastarter Like IDO Platform Development

Swift Trading

A crowdfunding platform like Polkastarter offers a swift trading facility. Through this, the users could buy the IDO tokens at nominal prices and sell them at quite higher prices in the forthcoming days.


Creating a smart contract for an IDO token is reasonable, which will be within the budget of the traders who are using the fundraising platform.


When the project owners submit their projects in a crowdfunding platform like Polkastarter, a separate team verifies them to ensure sustainability. If it’s so, they will list the projects on the platform. Eventually, this signifies the project's reliability.

Unbiased Trading

In the Dex platform, literally, anyone (whether they are biggie traders or not) who has whitelisted the project could buy the token. This is seemingly a huge benefit in comparison to ICO and IEO platforms.

Instant Liquidity

The tokens of the newly added projects in the white-label Polkastarter Clone would be easily paired with the cryptocurrencies like altcoins. Thereby leading the way to provide immediate liquidity.


The IDO platform development like Polkastarter provides the users, in general, could transfer the tokens on different blockchains.

Distribution Of Projects On Your Cross-Chain
Decentralized IDO Launchpad

  • Latest Projects

    Here, in this category, the users could find the latest projects, which have been recently verified and listed on the cross-chain decentralized IDO launchpad.

  • Frequently-Viewed Projects

    This section would let the launchpad users look at the most frequently viewed projects compared to other projects. This would help them decide which projects they have to invest in to purchase the tokens.

  • Forthcoming Projects

    Here is a place where they could get to know the upcoming projects to be live on the Dex platform. And so, they would have an in-depth study about the project in prior and decide whether they have to invest it or not.

  • Low-Priced Projects

    Project owners listing their IDO tokens for a nominal price will be available in this section, and so the investors can find the low-priced tokens without hassles.

  • High-Priced Projects

    In this category, project holders listing their tokens for a high price can be seen here. So, this would make investors’ search easy.

Why Choose INORU For Your Polkastarter
Like IDO Platform Development?

Prolonged Support

At INORU, we provide support to our clients even after deploying the project to ensure our clients don’t face any setbacks.

Blockchain Expertise

We have a team who have equipped them with 360-degree knowledge when it comes to decentralization and blockchain.

Secure Platform

For an IDO launchpad like Polkastarter, security is a significant feature. We at INORU understand it and build a secure platform for you.

Multi-Chain Platform

The world of cryptos is evolving at a faster pace. Today, most of the platforms opt for multi-chain compatibility as it provides higher performance and low gas fees. We can help you with it too.


Rigorous testing is what we do. We literally run countless tests on the DEX platform built for you to ensure it is free from bugs. Give your users the best experience by developing Polkastarter clone with us.

profit image


The choice of a blockchain network is yours, as it would depend on your business requirements. Some notable blockchain networks are Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, TRON, Binance Smart Chain, Cardano, Flow, Polkadot, EOS, Tezos, etc.

Our white-label Polkastarter Clone is a customizable solution that would be readily available for launch within a few days upon required tweaks. Eventually, the cost will be quite less. These two elements totally rely on how much customizations you require.

Apart from the Polkastarter clone, we provide BSCPad clone, TrustPad clone, Solstarter clone, BSCstarter clone, and several promising IDO launchpads with required modifications as you want.

Being the trustworthy IDO launchpad development company, we aim to offer multi-channel marketing services. This would include Email Marketing, Discord Marketing, Press Release, Social Media Management, Influencer Marketing, and many prominent ones.

Undeniably, yes. The customization option will let you modify the IDO launchpad as you want to. In that sense, the choice of digital wallets to integrate is yours. It could be anything like Coinbase, MetaMask, etc.

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