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Postmates clone app can assist you to benefit from the lucrative on-demand delivery sector. It provides you with a plethora of features to bestow a first-class experience to your users and efficient management of the services

Postmates Clone

What Is Postmates Clone App?

Postmates clone is an on-demand delivery app built for swift and flexible delivery of products to customers. It is a white-label solution meaning you can customize it to a unique app with your ideas: excitingly new features and an appealing design that can sound amazing to your niche. Our team of on-demand delivery app developers has the readymade script that is on par with the Postmates app and can be launched instantly. It awaits your call and the customizations your business would require. Another surprising element for you would be the cost of launching one; it is extremely cost-effective. Your wait to be an entrepreneur ends now. Call us, get a quote, and start living your dreams.

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Postmates Clone App

Why Should You Develop An All-In-One Delivery App Like Postmates?

Wondering why you should opt to develop an all-in-one delivery app like Postmates clone? An all-in-one delivery solution allows you to capitalize on diverse business opportunities from the same customer base. It also attracts customers looking for different needs leading to a vast customer base.

The days of exclusivity and one app for one purpose are already in the past. The more services you offer your customers, the more they are dependent on you. The other reason to launch Postmates clone is the app itself. It is a robust app offering a rich experience, smooth functionality, and flawless checkout. It comes with an admin panel making management easy for you, a vendor panel for the store owners, a driver app for the delivery workers, and a user app for your beloved customers.

One App For All Your Delivery Needs

  • Food Delivery

    Treat your customers to diverse cuisines from the best restaurants in town.

  • Grocery Delivery

    Refill the groceries of your customers every now and then while they are busy with their work.

  • Pharmacy Delivery

    Take good care of your customers and get all the medicines they need in their homes.

  • Flower Delivery

    Incite some lovely fragrances into the homes of your customers by delivering them beautiful flowers.

  • Wine And Alcohol Delivery

    Get your customers some relief from all the worldly stress they undergo by delivering them some amazing booze.

  • Other Deliveries

    You've got a product and want to get it delivered to your customers efficiently with an optimized tracking system, then give us a call, and we will build you one.

Elicit Your Delivery Business With An Exuberant Postmates Clone App- Book A Demo

Salient Features Of Postmates Clone App

Sign Up The user is brought on board with the app using this feature. They feed their contact details, email addresses, or social media credentials.

Explore Products For an all-in-one delivery app, the products enlisted in the platform can be diverse. The user can surf through these before finalizing their purchase for the day.

Advanced Filter Options Not all customers want to surf around numerous products before finding the one they want to purchase. This feature allows them to add all the conditions from the price range, type of product, and more to the search and get results of products they are exactly looking for.

Instant Search The customers can just pop in the app, type the product they want in the search box, and place orders instantly.

Add To Cart This feature is similar to the cart we use in real shops to add all the products we want to purchase and check them all out in a single payment.

Wishlist Some products can be intriguing, but the customer may not need them instantly; in that case, they can add them to the wishlist and purchase them later.

Real-Time Tracking The customers can track their delivery in real-time. Once a delivery person picks up the products and starts moving, the live location of the delivery worker is shared with the customer for their reference.

In-App Calls/Chats The customers can make calls or send text messages to the store owners or the delivery workers in case of any update in their order.

Multiple Payment Options Every customer has their own comfortable payment method. Understanding it, we have multiple payment options like credit/debit cards, net banking, P2P transaction, e-wallets, and cash on delivery.

Reviews And Rating The customers can rate the quality of the products and also write detailed reviews on their purchases.

Registration The delivery worker is registered with the app on verification of their personal details by the admin.

Availability Toggle The delivery workers can work flexibly. They can switch between being online and offline in a tap.

Accept/Reject Order Once an order request is sent to the driver, they can either accept or reject it. If one driver rejects it, the order request is sent automatically to the next nearest driver.

Navigation This is a pertinent feature required for a delivery worker. It is not possible to be sure about all the routes; the navigation tools assist the delivery worker en route to the user's location.

Order Summary The delivery worker is provided with an order summary, so they don't miss any products ordered by the customer.

Order History Every order delivered by the delivery worker can be seen here. The delivery worker can cross-check whenever they want to.

Earnings The amount of money earned by the delivery worker for every order delivered by them can be witnessed here. Other details like payout and incentives can also be made available here.

Review The delivery worker can also write reviews on the way the customer treats them.

StoreFront A tantalizing storefront enlisted with offers, discounts, and a variety of products inviting customers to get on a shopping spree.

Order Management Regulating all the orders placed by customers and getting them dispatched on time is made facile with this feature.

Dashboard A well-organized dashboard portraying all the business proceedings of the store in a single window.

Shop Hours Let the store owners announce their shop hours to the customers. They can regulate or edit them for their convenience.

Order History A structured data on all the orders dispatched by the store owner for their reference.

Payment Reports The store owner gets their payments from the admin after the deduction of the commission for every order. And all the details of the payment can be witnessed here.

On-Boarding The bigger you grow, every store would want to be a part of your platform. Now, it's the admin's call to bring them on board.

Admin Dashboard A well-organized data of the earnings made, the number of stores and delivery workers partnered with the app; the commissions received, the payouts made, and more other details in a single window.

Store Management Bring in new stores and kick off the old stores that are no more partnered with you effortlessly.

Customer Management The admin can lure the dormant customers into making some purchases, reward offers for the active shoppers, and also kick off the fraudulent customers.

Delivery Person Management The admin keeps an eye on the delivery worker's performance, brings new delivery workers on board, removes the ones with bad reviews from customers, and more.

Order Management The admin can feed the order number and track the status of the order instantly. In case of urgency, they can initiate a speedy delivery of a specific order.

Aggrandize Your Postmates Clone App With Safety Features

Contactless Delivery

Make your customer's safety a priority now. Let their orders wait for them at their doorsteps while the delivery workers are at a safe distance away from it.


Relieve your customers from the boring job of waiting in a queue in stores. Allow them to place the order and notify them once their order is prepared so they can drop by, pick up and leave instantly.

Safety Badge

The restaurants that are determined to follow all the safety guidelines keeping in mind the customer's safety deserve to be appreciated with a badge. This can also be a way of assuring the customers that their purchases are safe.

No More Cash On Delivery

When we have got all the technology in the world and swift payment methods, why risk by allowing cash on deliveries anymore.

Driver Profile

Review the body temperature of your drivers and update it in their profile for the customer's information.

Knowledge Banners

Put up an awareness section in the Postmates clone app to inform your customers about the safety measures you have been taking to keep them safe.

Advantages Of Embracing Our Postmates Clone Script For Your On-Demand Delivery Business

Warehouse Mobility

Regulation of the warehouse is no more tedious paperwork, as the vendors can now manage it in a single window.

Optimized Supply Chain

The real-time tracking features enhance traceability and thus ensures a secured product supply chain.

Operational Excellence

The peerless admin panel of Postmates clone enriches the management of all operations in a more efficient manner.

Enhanced Productivity

You get access to crucial sales data and also track the inventory, which in turn can enhance your productivity, accuracy, and efficiency.

A Stunning Postmates Clone App For An Optimized Supply Chain And Efficient Management

Work Flow Of Postmates Clone App

App Like Postmates
  • The user searches for the shops in their locality by entering their location.

  • They can view the list of available shops, filter their searches using various parameters to narrow it down.

  • Users can view the profiles of all the different shops, their ratings, reviews, cost, services provided etc.

  • When they find something that meets their criteria, they can schedule an appointment,

  • The appointment is verified by the mechanic and accepted based on their schedule.

  • The service is carried out on the time and day of the appointment.

  • Post the service and the subsequent payment, the user is asked to rate the service and provide their feedback.

What Do We Offer?

Customer Android/iOS App

Delivery Person Android/iOS app

Store Panel

Admin Panel

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