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Head Through the Cryptoverse With your Intriguing
NFT Marketplace Like Rarible

Rarible Like NFT Marketplace

The rise of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is explicitly evident with the volume of funds revolving around them. NFTs are the next evolution in blockchain technology. They have been on the buzz for some days now with the investments it has been drawing in the recent days. Rarible has received a monumental amount of funds from CoinFund recently. The NFT has been providing a sense of ownership to creators that they have been deprived of over the years. The ease of transaction, indivisibility, security, and the ownership rights , all have put NFT marketplaces on top. If you are aware of all these or are curious to take a step into the cryptosphere, all you need is to connect with us, and we can help you create your NFT marketplace like Rarible instantly.

Mutant your Rarible like NFT marketplace Solution with our Variants

Digitized Marketplace

Digitized Marketplace

We assist you in launching a digitized marketplace where artists are enabled to create digital arts and sell them to art lovers. All the transactions are made as NFTs.

A Platform to conduct Auctions

A Platform To Conduct Auctions

Do you believe that valuable assets are brought to an auction and only the highest bidder deserves to own them? Then we can help you create an auction platform powered by blockchain technology today.

A Real-world NFT Marketplace

A Real-World NFT Marketplace

Let’s not keep the luxurious real-world assets away from blockchain technology as they require more security. We can help you build a Rarible like NFT marketplace exclusively to buy and sell real-world assets as NFTs.

Launch A Futuristic Marketplace Like Rarible Today!

What is an NFT?

NFT is the abbreviation for non-fungible tokens. These are virtual assets minted into the blockchain that cannot be traded for another type of crypto-token. You either buy or sell an NFT, and the asset minted to it remains the same while the ownership of the particular NFT is changed.

Why You Should Develop A Non-Fungible Token?

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have been here for a while and doing wonders in terms of security. But the uniqueness and non-fungibility are something that are exclusive traits of NFTs. These traits make them be considered the future of the crypto world. Each token is identifiable from one another and can represent any asset in digital token form. This uniqueness of NFTs can extricate piracy, fake identification and track digital assets commencing it to be unavoidable.

Common ERC Standards To Build A Non-Fungible Token

When a developer plans to create an NFT marketplace, there are certain standards to be followed in order to create a seamless platform.


ERC-721 is an Ethereum blockchain standard that represents a single unique asset like a certificate or a tokenized good(NFT) that are indivisible. These tokens hold details like ownership and identity in their own unique smart contracts. Basically, the ERC-721 tokens are nothing but non-fungible tokens.


The ERC-1155 is the next generation multi-token standard that can be used to create both fungible and non-fungible tokens. The ERC-721 standard falls short when it comes to transferring a collection of tokens from one wallet to another, and this is where ERC-1155 stands tall and efficient.

Characteristics Of NFTs That Are Present In Your Rarible Clone

Indivisible TokensA non-fungible token is a token that cannot be divided at any cost. They remain unified. For example, if you book a ticket for a cricket match, it cannot be shared and used by two people. You should either sell it to another person or have it to yourself.

ScarcenessThe NFTs are rare, which means they are not available everywhere and accessible to everyone. This rareness makes it more valuable.

UniquenessEvery NFT is unique and is different from the others. No two NFTs are the same. This uniqueness of NFT makes the ownership of NFTs more special.

OwnershipNFTs, live on distributed ledger technology that is embedded with a blockchain network. The creator of the NFT owns the key for the particular NFT and is the only person who can hand it over to another individual.

TransparencyAn NFT lives on a distributed ledger technology that means all the records of the token issuance and transfer activity can be viewed by the public. This allows anyone to view its records before buying an NFT.

InteroperabilityAn NFT can be sold or purchased across platforms with no constraints using a decentralized bridge.

A Governance Token Like RARI Of Rarible

A governance token is a unique token created by a marketplace to increase its liquidity and encourage users to buy or sell more tokens via the marketplace. By lending governance tokens to a user, the user is provided with voting power on the decisions taken related to the marketplace. This token can also be used as the functional currency to buy or sell a digital asset through the platform. Our white-label Rarible like NFT marketplace can also come along with a governance token for your marketplace on your request.

Pre-Eminent NFT Marketplaces Like Rarible In Town

NFT marketplaces are evolving with a buzz in the market with the gargantuan volume of transactions happening in the spheres. Take a look at some of the pre-eminent white-label Rarible like NFT marketplace that are already doing well.


Popularly known as the eBay of blockchain technology, Opensea is a peer-to-peer NFT marketplace to sell, buy, or trade any digital collectible to anyone from any part of the world.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a game universe similar to Pokemon. The users can purchase digital pets and use them in any of the games in the Axie universe. Each digital pet is unique from others. The game freaks are raging towards this exemplary blockchain game universe going around buying and selling virtual pets.


Decentraland is an NFT marketplace where users can purchase virtual lands as NFTs and design architectural buildings, farmhouses, or even cities. The people who seem to show a particular taste for architecture don’t hesitate to purchase these properties and add them to their collectibles.

Gods Unchained Clone

Gods Unchained clone is a virtual card game. Each card is unique from the other cards. This makes the ownership of a card feel special. And thereby purchasing it just to relish that feeling of owning something unique in the virtual world.


Sandbox is a virtual real estate marketplace where people can buy or sell virtual lands, towns, cities, estates, or even districts. Along with the virtual lands, there are other products in the Sandbox multiverse, which are also unique and can be purchased.

Ghost Market

Ghost Market is another NFT marketplace where people can buy and sell NFTs from other NFT platforms, too. It is also termed to be the first cross-platform NFT marketplace.

Constructive Simplification on The Workflow of Our Rarible Clone Solutions

With the improvisations comes complexities, while our Custom made white label solutions have the power to act simple and rightly clear for your audience through our Rarible clone solutions.

  • The users sign up by furnishing their basic information and later the platform asks for KYC verification. After authenticating the details, the platform processes it for the user to take part in the trading activities.

  • The Seller can create their assets on the platform. They are minted and listed in the showroom for sale.

  • While there is a wide range of collections already on the platform, the buyer can scan the varied collection.

  • Choosing to buy and own any of the NFT from the list, the buyer can simply claim if the asset is for direct sale.

  • Meanwhile if the asset is listed for auction. All interested buyers will claim their quote higher from the bidding price. The one who quotes the highest value gets to claim its Ownership.

  • The blockchain networks and smart contracts regulates the transaction and in successful interchange of asset and value, the blockchain network will closely audit and authenticate instantly.

  • The asset gets interchanged in the buyers wallet and digital currency transfers to the sellers wallet.

Breakdown On The WorkFlow Of Our Rarible Clone

The Rarible clone works the same way as any real-world marketplace or an ecommerce platform integrated with blockchain technology and NFTs. The digital assets are minted to non-fungible tokens and enlisted for sale by creators, and are purchased by collectors as NFTs.

A user surfs around the NFT marketplace, coming across numerous digital assets. On falling in love with any one of those assets, they propose a price for the asset to its creator or current owner. If the creator is ok with the price, the NFT is sold to the user or else the creator proposes their price, and on a mutual agreement for a price, the deal is closed. The NFT is transferred from the creator to the user/collector.

For a creator, the artist creates a digital artwork or asset using the creator feature in the Rarible clone. The asset is now enlisted in the marketplace for sale. Any collector interested in buying the work proposes a price, and the creator can sell it to them. If the creator is not interested in selling the art, but in keeping it with themself, they can do that too.

Why Developing An NFT Marketplace Like Our Rarible Clone Is Imperative?

The need for a marketplace to buy and sell NFTs is widening every day. Today, the major type of industries that have introduced NFTs are art, gaming, real estate, music, fashion, and more. The addition of new industries to NFTs keeps increasing daily. Each industry demands a unique Marketplace for itself. Therefore this creates the need to develop Rarible clones for versatile business in the web3 arena.

Need of NFTs in the Gaming Industry

Let’s consider the gaming industry, and the gamers are in the deficit of a common marketplace where they can buy and sell their in-game assets as different crypto games are constructed on different blockchain platforms. This puts forward the need for a common marketplace with a common coin for the gamers to buy and sell their assets. If you are someone planning to take that leap and serve them with a common marketplace, our Rarible clone will be your undebatable choice.

Rarible Clone
NFT marketplace like Rarible

Need Of NFTs In The Art World

In retrospect, if you consider the art industry. The artist always requires a curator or an art dealer as an intermediary to sell a piece of art. And once it is sold, the artist is deprived of any ownership rights or any royalty howsoever times it is sold again. This can be resolved by an NFT marketplace. Once the artist creates art and mints it to an NFT, the designation of the creator is owned by the artist. Now, the artist displays their art in the marketplace like our Rarible clone, and any art collector can directly purchase it. Also, every time that piece of art is sold, the creator receives a small royalty from it. As a marketplace, you can earn a commission from every sale. If you consider supporting artists and earn along with it, get in touch with us to launch your Rarible clone today.

Enlighten Yourself With Diverse Sectors Where NFTs Can Play A Major Role

  • Crypto Collectibles

    NFTs have put their feet strong in the digital collectibles arena commencing their immutable ownership rights provided to digital art collectors.

  • Gaming In Blockchain

    The game freaks are allowed to purchase numerous collectibles within games like guns or pets. These digital assets from games minted to NFTs are also allowed to sell or trade at marketplaces outside the game.

  • Open Market Trading Platform

    Build a trading platform where crypto-assets can be purchased, sold, or traded. It can be embedded with an order book and exchanges.

  • Identity Management

    The pre-eminent trait of an NFT is uniqueness. This makes it the appropriate one for identity management as each token represents a unique value.

  • Software License Management

    The software license number can be minted as an NFT and presented to the customer, making it unique, thereby reducing piracy.

  • Asset Ownership Management

    Every asset can be represented as an NFT, either a car, real estate or content. Thereby the ownership of an asset will be made definite and can be transferred easily.

Venture Into The Cryptosphere With An Exemplary Rarible Clone

Why Is Inoru Your Indisputable Choice To Develop A Rarible Clone?

Veteran Team

Inoru is backed by a veteran team of developers in blockchain technology. They crave to work with innovative people in the blockchain industry and assist them in bringing their dreams to life.

Uncommendable Security

Our Rarible clone is embedded with numerous security features to make the NFT marketplace safe from hacking and phishing activities.

On-Time Delivery

As transferring NFTs takes no time, our Rarible clone is also delivered to you in a short span of time with the customizations you require.

24x7 Support

Our Support always offers you a warm welcome when it comes to resolving your queries, and time is never a constraint to it.

Rarible and its Community Governance Token

Community builds business. Rarible like NFT marketplace with their community-centric governance attract a major crowd into the marketplace. RARI token ownership paves way for all decision making in the marketplace. With its ownership the users are powered to decide on what your NFT marketplace should inhibit. Working entirely on the blockchain networks, all the abilities are immune to ease the major functionality in terms of decision making.

Major Advantages Inherited With Rarible Like
White label NFT marketplace

  • Access to a wide range of Collectibles.

  • All-in-one NFT marketplace solution

  • Proven User-friendly design

  • Easy transaction and Quick Live contracts

  • Minting approach on Liquidity

  • Solidity in terms of Royalty

  • High-end security and privacy

  • Flexible to customize

Wide Range of Technological Stack implemented in the Process of Rarible Clone Development

White Label NFT Marketplace Like Rarible
  • Protocols
  • ERC Standards
  • Smart Contracts
  • Dapps
  • Smart contract auditing tools

Technology Stack

Blockchain Network

Front-end Frameworks

NFT Standards


One of the pioneers in the NFT market is Rarible. Its community centric approach is a biggest advantage. When it comes to developing your NFT platform, choosing a Rarible like White label NFT marketplace solution will support you and boost your business to a great extent.

There are various developers exploring the web3 arena. INORU is a pioneer rendering development services. The best part is we shall provide extensive customization services. You can approach us to get your Rarible clone developed and launched at ease.

A Rarible clone solution can inherit the best abilities of the actual platform and along with that our expertal white label solution gives the best source to develop customized platform enhancing in terms of security, sustainability, performance and transparency.

When it comes to security protocols, we can help you with KYC, AML integration which are the basics. While two step authentication, face recognition, and other security protocols can be integrated.

We at INORU help you develop your NFT marketplace with white label solutions that cut down the maximum time of development. Hence your Rarible clone can be easily developed in a comparatively shorter time.

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