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Launch Ready Reface Clone Script

Social media apps are the most popular mode of entertainment around the world at the moment. From young children to their parents and grandparents, everybody is using social media apps nowadays.

And the latest addition to this industry is the AI face swap video app solution like the Reface clone app. A fun and entertaining app solution that allows users to morph their face or their friend’s over their favourite celebrities with AI powered technology. Known as “deep fake” technology, this innovative tech is catching the attention of everybody around.

Launch a highly customized Face swap app solution with cutting edge features and design. Get in touch with us today and get off to a great start!

What is the Reface app clone?

The Reface app clone is our rendition of the highly popular Reface app - celebrity face swapping app solution that allows customers to swap anybody’s faces and create entertaining pictures. Built with cutting edge technology, INORU’s Reface app clone offers users a streamlined and fun way to swap faces with their favorite celebrities powered by the latest tech in the industry. With an array of features to please all your clients, this is the number one choice among users and entrepreneurs alike.

Come see what makes our Reface Clone App the number one white-label face swap video app solution in the market.

Why is face swap app development so popular right now?

With increasing usage of smartphones among the masses, the lower prices of internet and increase in tech literacy, more people are downloading and using social media applications than ever before. Apart from the commonly known social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, other lesser known apps are also witnessing great interest among users.

As a new technology in the industry, AI powered face swap applications like the Reface clone are quickly becoming a hot topic among users worldwide. With the entertainment factor provided by these applications being the selling point, the industry is growing rapidly! There is a lot of room for improvement in this sector and experts say it is only beginning to take off.

There has never been a better time to stake your claim in the industry than right now with our white-label Reface clone.

Get in touch with our experts now and set yourself apart from the competition!

The Reface Clone App - How does it work?

The user registers with the app and creates a profile with the necessary details.

The user selects a source photo or video that they want to utilize.

The user then chooses a photo or video of themselves or their friend that they want to superimpose the original image/video with.


The AI powered system then carries out the ‘face swap’ and processes the final image or video.

The user can then share the final image or video with their friends and family or download it for it to be shared later.

Features of our white-label Reface clone

Profile CreationUsers can register and create their unique profile which can showcase their individuality and sets them apart from others.

Image CroppingUsers have the ability to edit and crop the source image or video anyway they want. They have the ultimate control over their creations.

Search FiltersThe Reface clone has numerous search and filtering options to help the users find exactly what they are looking for.

Real-time Face SwappingWith the Reface app clone, not only can users swap faces over existing images or videos, they can also do real time face swaps over video calls with their friends.

Stickers and MasksUsers can choose from a variety of stickers and masks that can be added to their images or video.

Gender Face SwapsMale to female, female to male, no problem. With our adaptive algorithm, users can swap faces with the other gender without a hiccup.

Age Gap Face SwapsA favorite among users, the Reface clone allows users with a large gap to swap faces, creating a funny and entertaining final product.

Social Media SharingWith social media sharing an integral aspect of our Reface like app development, we enable users to share their final products with ease on their social media profiles.

Direct MessagingThe direct messaging feature allows users to get in touch with other users directly. A highly useful feature that your users will love.

Customer SupportWith help just a call away at any moment, users can get in touch with customer support at any time to sort out any issues they might have.

Offers and DiscountsAdmins can provide the users with offers and discounts to incentivize them to use the app more, thereby increasing the popularity of the app.

Revenue Model Of The Reface Clone App

Premium Subscription Plan

While the Reface clone app is free to use, admins can provide a premium subscription plan to users that unlocks new features that are unavailable in the free version. By converting users to paid users, you can earn a lot of money!

In-app Purchase Options

In a similar mode, some aspects of the Reface clone can be made available for a fee. Things such as new videos, pictures, stickers etc, can be added as an in-app purchase and incentivise users to shell out the big bucks.


The best way to garner profit with your Reface clone app is through the advertising model of the app. Admins can charge third party advertisers to display promotional advertisements on the app. The more users you can manage to pull in, the more you can charge for advertising.

Our AI Face Swap Video App Development Process

Sit Down With The Client

Before we start on the development of the app, we sit down with our clients as part of our requirement gathering phase to learn more about what the project requirements are.

Planning It All Out

Once we have gotten all the requirements in order, we will carefully plan out the development process from start to finish, assign roles for our team members and a dedicated project manager to oversee the project.

Front End Design

Every app that we put out is designed to look beautiful and offer users a streamlined and easy to use interface. A good user experience is a must for any app to achieve success, so we don’t take it lightly!

Back End Development

From the design phase, the project moves to back end development where we outfit the app with all the functionality that you require. From an incredible array of features to API integration, we do everything the client asked for.

Quality Check

The quality of our apps is extremely important to us. We check and re-check the app multiple times before putting it out to the public. The app is only launched after getting the confirmation from our quality control team.

Launching the app

Once we have everything in order, the launch of the app is the next thing to be carried out. Our roll out plan aims for immediate impact and continued growth among your target audience

Post-launch Maintenance and Support

Our job is not done with the launch. For the clients who availed our maintenance and support services, we do periodic maintenance and around the clock support to ensure their satisfaction.


Yes it is! Our app development process follows the necessary laws and regulations.

Yes, you can. The “Reface Clone” is just the placeholder name for the app that can be changed upon request.

100% We can customize the app exactly how you want it.

Absolutely. The Reface app is completely scalable and can be modified and upgraded at any time.

The cost of app development is largely dependent on the user’s needs. Get in touch with us to get an accurate estimate based on your individual needs.

Yes we do! You can get our world class marketing services for an incredibly low prize.

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