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Elevate Your SRC-20 Token Development
With Our Comprehensive SRC20 Token Creation Services

The key to thriving in the blockchain world is to embrace the latest trending development in the field. The advancements and experimentations in the Bitcoin ecosystem are one of the hottest trends creating a frenzy among Bitcoin enthusiasts. First, BRC-20 tokens and now SRC-20 token development is stirring up the interests of many business minds with all the noise around them. Gain your insights on the SRC-20 tokens with our expert blockchain consultation and indulge in its creation with our prominent assistance focused on your success.

SRC 20 Tokens: The Significance Of This New Standard On Bitcoin Network

The SRC-20 tokens/STAMPS are created using the Bitcoin STAMPS protocol, which draws inspiration from Counterparty's minting asset protocol and Ordinals. These tokens are permanently recorded and stored within the UTXO, spendable transaction outputs of the blockchain. As a result, the STAMP remains immutable and cannot be pruned or removed from the blockchain. At present, the creation of SRC-20 tokens contributes in unlocks advantages and utilities like fractional ownership. With STAMPS, instead of trading an entire PNG or GIF file, users can trade slices of a larger image, creating fractional ownership of NFTs.

The Emergence Of Bitcoin STAMPS Protocol

Since its inception in 2009, the Bitcoin network has undergone many advancements to ensure and enhance its valuable characteristics like efficiency, security, and privacy. The surge of the Bitcoin STAMPS (Secure Tradeable Art Maintained Securely) is an experiment on embedding data on the Bitcoin network like the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol but carried out utilizing a different approach. The STAMPS protocol enables the permanence of the embedded data as they are stored on the spendable transaction outputs.

SRC-20 Token Development:
Understanding The Working Of Bitcoin STAMPS Protocol

Bitcoin STAMPS operate based on the Counterparty protocol, which serves as the foundation for their functionality. Previously, the Counterparty allowed the issuance of NFTs by burning Bitcoin and acquiring the native token XCP, which was used to execute smart contract codes. However, STAMPS eliminates the need to burn Bitcoin or use an altcoin.

To create an SRC-20 token / STAMP, a regular Bitcoin transaction is performed along by including additional information in either the OP_Return field or through fake multi-sig addresses, depending on the size of the file.

For files smaller than 80 bytes, the information can be added to the OP_Return field. This field allows for the inclusion of data within a Bitcoin transaction, typically used for attaching small amounts of metadata. STAMPS utilize this field when the file being stamped is within the size limit. However, since most STAMPS involve larger files, they primarily utilize fake multi-sig addresses. These addresses are created solely for the purpose of embedding data into the Bitcoin blockchain. By using fake multi-sig addresses, larger files can be accommodated and securely stored within the blockchain.

By leveraging the Counterparty protocol and utilizing Bitcoin's transaction structure, Bitcoin STAMPS provide a method for securely embedding data into the blockchain while maintaining compatibility with Bitcoin's native functionalities and infrastructure.

Why Should You Start SRC-20 Token Development? Reasons Unveiled

With new experiments arising in the Bitcoin ecosystem, the SRC-20 token standard has certainly gained a level of traction. Within a month since its inception, 18000 STAMPS/SRC-20 tokens have been created, surpassing Oridnal’s record in its initial stage. This exhibits that the SRC-20 tokens have Partaking in the creation of SRC-20 tokens results in adopting the benefits of the popular Bitcoin blockchain as well.

Bitcoin blockhain is a well-establish robust network. By leveraging the Bitcoin network for SRC-20 token creation, you can enhance the visibility, adoption, and liquidity of your token, as users are already familiar with Bitcoin may be more inclined to explore and invest in your token project.

Bitcoin network has a strong track record of security and reliability. With SRC-20 token development, you can inherent security measures and the mining power securing the Bitcoin blockchain in your venture.

Being part of the Bitcoin ecosystem can provide increased market access and various opportunities for your SRC-20 tokens.

The Bitcoin network has gained significant recognition and trust over the years, making it a highly regarded name within the crypto space. Being associated with the Bitcoin network can lend credibility and legitimacy to your SRC-20 tokens.

Enriching Characteristics Of SRC-20 Tokens

There are several key characteristics that the SRC-20 token encompasses. These attributes of the tokens enable trust, transparency, and reliability within tokenized ecosystems.

SRC-20 tokens are not pruneable, meaning that once they are minted on the blockchain, these tokens cannot be removed or altered.
The KeyBurn is an essential feature of SRC-20 tokens. They are introduced to address the concerns that occur on the spendable transaction output.
The permanence of SRC-20 tokens refers to their ability to exist indefinitely on the blockchain unless specific actions are taken to modify or destroy them
SRC-20 tokens inherit the security features and properties of the Bitcoin blockchain and incorporate security measures, such as multi-signature functionality.

Enriching Perks Of Commencing On The Rising SRC-20 Token Development

Taking part in the latest developments in the Bitcoin ecosystem has the potential to unlock numerous beneficial opportunities. As the budding SRC-20 tokens have surged in the early months of 2023, engaging in its development facilitates you with various early-mover advantages.

First-Mover Advantage

Being an early adopter allows you to gain a significant first-mover advantage in the market. By identifying and participating in SRC-20 token development on the Bitcoin network, you position yourself ahead of the competition. This can lead to increased visibility, recognition, and potential market dominance as the project gains traction.

Lower Competition

As the SRC-20 token standard has just emerged, it is still in its early stages and typically has lower competition compared to more mature markets. This presents an opportunity to stand out and capture market share early on.

Potential for Greater Returns

If the SRC-20 tokens gain widespread adoption and achieve significant growth in value, being an early participant allows you to benefit from the initial price appreciation. As more users join the network, demand for the token may increase, potentially resulting in higher token prices.

Networking and Partnership Opportunities

Engaging as an early adopter allows you to establish connections and build relationships within the token development community. By participating in discussions, forums, and events related to the token project, you can connect with like-minded individuals, potential collaborators, and industry experts. These networking opportunities can lead to valuable partnerships, collaborations, and synergies that contribute to the success of your own initiatives.

Our Exceptional SRC 20 Token Development Services

We offer end-to-end services in the SRC-20 creation and deployment. Our experts follow a holistic approach and assist you in navigating each phase of the token development effectively.

SRC-20 Token Consultation

Our experts offer advice and guidance on the development of SRC-20 tokens by providing insights into the technical and regulatory aspects of the token development process.

SRC-20 Token Ideation

This service includes conceptualizing and defining the features of your SRC-20 token and involves our experts in brainstorming and creating a clear vision for your token.

SRC-20 Token Development

We offer exclusive services to develop your SRC-20 token, which involves implementing the necessary technical stacks to develop your token as per your requirements.

SRC-20 Token Minting

We provide minting services for your SRC-20 tokens which includes deploying your token and generating a specific number of tokens with our technical assistance.

The Exceptional Process Behind SRC-20 Token Creation By Our Experts

Our team of experts work together to achieve your desired result in the SRC-20 token creation. We utilize our insightful knowledge of Bitcoin technology and cutting-edge tech stacks to assist your SRC-20 token deployment effectively.


Assess Your Project Objectives

Our experts prioritize understanding your requirements. We assess the technical feasibility and potential scope of implementing an SRC-20 token on the Bitcoin blockchain.


Research and Design

We conduct in-depth research on the blockchain market to identify the challenges in the market that your venture can solve effectively and devise an effective plan for your token deployment.



We leverage specific tools to create your SRC-20 token and ensure compatibility between the SRC-20 token and the Bitcoin blockchain's underlying protocols.



We Launch the SRC-20 token, following established deployment practices to the Bitcoin ecosystem. We provide support and guidance during the token launch phase.

Why is INORU the Best In Assisting Your SRC 20 Token Development?

As a company with almost a decade of experience in the blockchain industry and packed with experts who are proficient in web3 and blockchain technology, we offer excellent SRC-20 token development services. Our team of experienced professionals possess strong technical skills and a deep understanding of the SRC-20 token standard. We have a proven track record of successful token development projects, including NFTs and other fungible token developments, which exhibits our proficiency in the technical tools involved in token development.

We understand your business needs and provide flexible solutions that align with your project goals. As an excellent SRC-20 token development company, our experts provide ongoing support and maintenance services which include being responsive to inquiries, providing timely updates, and addressing any issues in your venture.


By partnering with leading experts in SRC-20 token development like INORU, you can excellently create and launch your SRC-20 tokens with the right assistance. Consulting with our expert allows you to gain insights into creating your SRC-20 tokens and enable you to understand what to expect from its deployment. By formulating an effective launch plan and by utilizing cutting-edge tech stacks for this token development, we eminently execute its SRC-20 token creations and launch.

With the Bitcoin STAMPS protocol, the SRC-20 tokens are created on the Bitcoin blockchain, resulting in adopting the exceptional features of the Bitcoin network as well as certain unique characteristics. These SRC-20 tokens exhibit several intriguing features, like their permanence on the blockchain; these tokens are not pruneable; they exhibit a high level of security, etc.

Knowledge about the Bitcoin blockchain and the underlying protocols, along with an understanding of the tools involved in the SRC-20 token creation, are essential for the SRC-20 token development. By hiring INORU for your venture, our experts and excellent services ensure a successful outcome on the development of this latest trending SRC-20 tokens and assist your blockchain venture adeptly.

As a company with blockchain industry experience for almost a decade, INORU has the expertise to assist you with any blockchain venture. Our experts keep up to date with the trends and developments in the industry and market to aid in our client’s business requirements.

Engaging in the developments of the latest trending or frenzied advancements in the blockchain industry unlocks numerous lucrative opportunities and benefits. The development of SRC-20 tokens is one of the currently frenzied trends in the blockchain verse, which allows you to leverage the early adapter advantages.

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