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Why Uber For Tutor?

A pen is mightier than a sword is a famous saying depicting the importance of education. Education is one of the basic needs of every human being. Like every other service, education has also been onboarded into the digital world. The pandemic has been the fuel to this fire. With lockdowns implied in every nation, attending schools has been termed not safe for children. Children cannot be left without education as they are the future of this world. As a responsible human being and a person with a concern for the future, everyone has been doing their part in solving this shortcoming. Parents have been teaching their children, communities have been trying to educate children a little bit, but all these practices have not turned effective as the elders are mostly occupied with their jobs and don’t get much time to spend with their kids. This has led to the need for a tutor.

Uber for Tutors- The on-demand education platform

Uber for Tutors is a solution to this crisis. The tutors register themselves in the app and create a profile that explains their experience and their specializations. Any student who is looking for a tutor hires one after going through their profile. The tutor comes to the place of the student and teaches the student. This enhances the quality of the education for the students even in the absence of school, as most of the tutors enrolled in the app will be professionals.

Launch an Uber for Tutors app today! And earn while your users learn.

Features of our Uber for Tutors App

The Uber for Tutors app comes with a package of a Student app, Tutor app, and a super-efficient Admin panel.


The student registers themselves in the app by using their email address or their contact number.

Surfing for Tutors

The student browses in the app for a suitable tutor on the subject they require and the expertise level they want.


Push Notifications

The students are notified about the requests made by them for tutors via push notifications instantly.

Tutoring Plan

The sessions are planned considering the free time of the teacher and the student. And a schedule is fixed.


The data on the requests made by the student, the classes attended, the pending classes, and more are displayed in the dashboard.

Refer and Earn

A small token of appreciation as in-app points can be rewarded to the students for referring their students about Uber for tutor app and making them sign up for it.


The tutors register themselves in the app by using their email address or their contact number.



The tutor profile displays all the details of the tutor, their subject expertise, years of experience, educational background, and more.



The dashboard is the feature that assists the tutor to manage their sessions, student details, and more.

Student requests

The requests sent by students are notified. The tutor checks the student profile and the preferred time to know if they can accept the request.

Report Generator

The data on the number of sessions held, number of students onboarded, the number of tutors onboarded and more details are displayed.


Student Management

The student profiles registered in the app can be viewed and managed by the admin in the admin panel.


Tutor Management

The tutor profiles registered in the app can be viewed, verified and managed by the admin.

Session Management

All the sessions conducted by the tutors can be managed by the admin and also make sure every session is conducted with no confusions.

Payment Management

The admin manages all the payments made by students, the commissions paid by the tutors and other payments.

Building your wealth with Uber for Tutor App

Session Commission

Charge the tutors with a small commission fee for every session they get via your on-demand tutor app.

Subscription Fee

Collect a fee from the students on a monthly or annual subscription basis for the services they avail from your app.

Service Charges

Charge the students with a service fee for every session they avail from the tutors of your app.

Featuring Charges

The tutors in the app can be offered a package to get enlisted on the top of the search with a small sponsor fee.

In-App Advertisements

Allow third-party brands to promote their businesses by placing ads on your website. Charge them with a fee and keep earning.

Get Informed on How Our Uber for Tutors Work?

  • The students sign-up in the app with their email address, contact number, or any of their social media credentials.
  • After getting onboarded, the student can browse for tutors on subjects they require assistance for.
  • A tutor is hired by the student. Now the student and the tutor can converse with each other and schedule their session at a time both of them are available.
  • The tutor leaves his/her place to the student’s place for the session. The student is able to track the tutor’s location. The scheduled session is held on the arrival of the tutor.
  • The student now makes the payment for the session through a credit/debit card, any P2P transaction apps, or any other form of payment.
  • After the students make their payment for the session with the tutor, the student gives their ratings and also writes a review on the tutor.

Why is Inoru your Choice to Launch an Uber for Tutors App?

  • A ready-to-launch App solution

    Our Uber for tutor solution can be launched instantly on both Android/iOS platforms without any delay. This helps you get your app launched in a short time so you can concentrate on other tasks.

  • A 100% customization service

    Our Uber for tutors script can be customized completely with no restrictions on the client’s requirements.

  • White Label Solution

    Our Uber for tutors is a white label solution. It is customized and designed in a manner that looks more authentic and stunning. It is mostly based on your company’s logo and themes.

  • Scalability Factor

    Scalability is a sign that your business is growing. We assist our clients in satisfying their needs when they grow without a second thought.

  • Admin Panel

    An all-in-one admin panel that is embedded with all the features for the admin or business owner to manage the app.

  • Analytics Dashboard

    The admin is updated with user behavior, their growth percentage, the predicted transactions, and more in a dashboard.

Our Development Process of Uber for Tutor App

Discussion with Clients

Our core team meets the client and has a conversation to understand the client’s expectations and their business requirements.

Requirement Analysis

From the takeaways from the discussion with the client, the customization requirements that should be reflected in the app are analyzed and listed.


A stringent plan is made in order to meet the client’s requirements in a short time. The work is partitioned within teams for this.

Sound Design

Our design team starts designing an alluring UI that will be preferred by the target audience of the client.

Back-end Development

Our experienced back-end developers get their hands on the addons and customizations to be made in the app.

Testing and QA

We put quality before all other traits. The fully developed app has undergone various tests to make sure it is bug-free.


After being satisfied with the quality of the app, the client is shown a demo of it. With the approval of the client, it is launched on the Android/iOS platforms.


Uber for tutor is an on-demand educational app that acts as a bridge between a student and a tutor.

Our clients are our first priority, and we know how precious your ideas are to you. We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with our clients ensuring that their business idea is safe with us.

Yes, of course, we customize the apps based on your business requirements. We also use the color pattern of your logo throughout the app, making it unique.

Yes, we do offer free assistance for a limited period of time, and after that, we charge a minimum amount for service.

Yes, once you feel it's time to upgrade your business, give us a call, and we will be at your service.

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