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Uber For X App Development Company

As a premier name in the industry, we provide whitelabel Uber for X products for a variety of industries and job specializations. Whether you own a plumbing business or a flower shop, a hairdresser or a physiotherapist, our Uber for X app can be modified to fit your needs and let you run your business efficiently and with confidence.

Get in touch to launch and elevate your business with INORU’s Uber for X application with cutting edge technology, numerous features and an attractive, intuit user interface.

Our Uber For X Services

Our services span a diverse range of industries and job specifications. Equipping your business with an on-demand service capability can be the best thing you can do for continued growth. It allows you to effectively target your customer base, increase your sales throughput, and enjoy a great turnover rate.Some of our varied Uber For X services are listed below, with the ‘X’ being your business model, no matter what it might be.

  • Uber for Mechanics

  • Uber for Laundry

  • Uber for Courier

  • Uber for Movers

  • Uber for Tow Truck

  • Uber for Plumber

  • Uber for Beauty

  • Uber for Massage

  • Uber for Tutors

  • Uber for Handyman

  • Uber for Dogwalker

  • Uber for Marijuana

  • Uber for Alcohol Delivery

  • Uber for Pharmacy Delivery

How can Uber For X help your company?

On-demand service applications are more popular than ever before. They have taken the initiative and consistently gained ground in every industry around the world. In today’s day and age, there is no better way to grow your business than by building an on demand application that makes it easier for your business to connect with its users.

With the future of commerce and business increasingly pointed towards on-demand modes of operation, this is the best way to grow your business not only at the present but prepare it for a future of success.

Benefits of Uber For X app

Equip your existing business with our Uber For X app and get the leg up over your competitors. Especially designed for your business and its unique requirements, the Uber For X clone app is a great choice for any company that wants to grow to the next level

  • Increases your brand awareness among the audience.

  • Makes it easier for you to connect with your customers.

  • Increased revenue generation.

  • Lets you gain valuable insights into your business.

  • Allows you to learn your customers more deeply.

  • Get valuable feedback from your customers.

Highly Compatible Uber For X App Solutions

Our Uber For X app is highly compatible with every kind of device including smartphones, tablets, laptops/ PCs, and more.Get our Uber For X script and choose what works for you! This is a decision you’ll never regret.

  • Uber For X Customer App (Android)

  • Uber For X Customer App (iOS)

  • Uber For X Admin App (Android)

  • Uber For X Admin App (iOS)

  • Uber For X Delivery App (Android)

  • Uber For X Delivery App (iOS)

  • Web application

  • Admin iOS App

  • Admin Web Panel

Feature List

RegistrationRegistering with the app is quick and easy. Customers can get started in no time at all.

Unique ProfilesCustomers can customize their profile in the application anyway they want.

Live LocationCustomers can set their location manually or have the location services do it automatically.

Search OptionsCustomers can search the service they wish to avail easily.

RatingsCustomers can view the ratings of the service they wish to avail.

Book ServiceCustomers can schedule a service at a time and date of their convenience.

Live TrackingCustomers can track the delivery personnel/service provider on their way.

FeedbackWhen the service has been carried out, the customer can provide the feedback.

DashboardAdmin can view all the details in the admin dashboard of the app.

View ProfilesAdmin can view the profile pages of all the registered users and services.

View RequestsAdmin can view the incoming requests by service providers to join the app.

Manage ProfilesAdmin can manage all the profiles of users and service providers on the app.

Manage AdvertisementsAdmin can manage the advertisements they show on the app.

Offers/DiscountsAdmins can promote the app with offers and discounts.

View FeedbackAdmins can view the feedback given by customers.

View StatsAdmins can get insightful analytics about their company with the stat generation.

Annual ReportsAdmins can know how their company did over time with the annual reports.

Registration Delivery Personnel/Service Provider can register with the app by providing the details needed.

Set Up ServiceThe Service provider sets up their profile with the necessary information.

TimingsThe Service provider/Delivery person chooses a schedule that fits them.

GPS The Service provider can navigate back and forth with GPS navigation.

Accept/Decline RequestThe delivery personnel/service provider can accept or decline the incoming service requests.

Face Mask VerificationThe delivery personnel/service provider is required to wear a mask while carrying out their duties.

Message CustomerThe delivery personnel/service provider can message the customer to clear any queries.

Customer ServiceThe delivery personnel/service provider can contact the customer service at any time.

Some of our Popular Uber For X Variations

Uber For Food Delivery

Food delivery is one of the most common usages of our Uber for X app. For restaurant owners, this is a great way to increase sales for their business. Give your customers the opportunity to order food from the comfort of their homes.

Uber For Taxi Business

The Uber For Taxi app is the best way to grow your taxi business to new heights. With all the features of the original, this is one that you don’t want to miss out on!

Uber For Courier

Delivery has never been more streamlined than with our Uber For Courier delivery app. Can be customized to fit the needs of your business.

Uber For Shipping

For logistics businesses looking to take their business to the next level, the Uber For Shipping app is the only solution that they need to get their hands on.

Uber For House Services

The Uber For X can be modified to fit the needs of home service business. From beauty applications to gardening and more, get the Uber For X app to elevate your business and see increased profit margins.

Uber For Hotel Booking

Let your customers book rooms with ease with this Uber For Hotel booking variation of the app. Streamlined booking system with intuitive user experience and attractive design.


Bring your unique app ideas to life today!

Our Uber For X App Development Process


Requirement Gathering Before we start any project, we sit down with the client to learn everything about the project at hand - their expectations, budget, projections - everything.


Making A PlanOnce we know what exactly the client is looking for, we’ll be better prepared to provide them with the same. The planning process helps us in thinking ahead and carrying out the procedures efficiently.


Design ProcessThe first thing that an user looks at when using the app is its interface and the design. We make sure to offer our clients an intuitive interface that looks sleek and modern, grabbing the attention of the users.


Back End Development While our design team works on the front end design process, our back end team ensures that your app performs like it is supposed to. We include every feature that you asked for and the ones needed to keep your business running strong.


Quality Assurance The QA team ensures the quality of the product is up to the expectations of not only the customer but our own in-house standards.


Launching To SuccessThe launch of the app needs to be spot on to attract the most number of customers as possible. Our marketing experts know the best way to push your app to the masses and ensure that you get the attention you deserve.


Post-launch MaintenanceAfter the app goes online, our support team will ensure that your customers can enjoy it without any problem. Get in touch with our team to deal with any issues that you might face during the app’s lifetime.

Why Choose INORU as your Uber Clone App Development Company?

Highly Experienced

We have been an industry leader for over 14+ years in the industry. This experience allows us to make decisions and choices that other companies can’t replicate.

Fully Equipped

From design to development, to marketing to maintenance, we have personnel for everything. We are an end-to-end development company that can do it all. Once an idea reaches us, it leaves fully fleshed out.


We keep our clients informed about everything at every stage of the project. Get in touch with our team at any time and they'll fill you in on the process.


All our products are priced at a very affordable price without ever sacrificing quality. No matter what your budget is, we can find something that works for you. Get in touch with us to discuss further.

On-going Support

Our support and maintenance team is always there to help you out with anything you need. Call them up at any time and we’ll have your issue resolved.

Cutting-edge Technology

We use only the latest technology available in the market. We believe in being ready for the future more than anything so you can bet that your product will be ready to battle whatever the fast growing industry has to throw at you.

Robust and Scalable

We build highly robust applications that can be scaled to your growing business needs. Never fear about being left behind.

Successful Launches

With our extensive experience, we can ensure a successful launch that maximizes your reach.

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