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Conversations are an obligatory necessity of human lives. Simple conversations have brought long wars to an end, sprung love in people, healed many wounds, and the list of the miracles made by conversations goes on. Today, the world has turned fast, and people have gotten busy. People no longer have time to sit in leisure and make long conversations with their loved ones. This is one reason people feel stressed these days. At least short conversations must be made. Technology has come up with a real-time chat solution. These instant messaging apps have put people back on track with short texts to friends, group chats with family or friends, video calls, and more. People can text simultaneously while working. These apps have also helped businesses connect with their customers in a more friendly manner. Inoru is here with a Whatsapp clone, an instant messaging app like Whatsapp. If you are someone planning to launch a real-time chat app like Whatsapp, Join us.

What is Whatsapp Clone?

Whatsapp Clone is our real-time chat app solution like Whatsapp with enticing features like group chats, voice/video calls, multimedia sharing, and more. It is a 100% customizable solution that can be designed and developed based on the client's business requirements. The end product is presented as an app built from scratch with the client's logo and UI designed with the color palettes in their logo.

Launch your readymade Whatsapp clone with exemplary features and seamless performance today!.

Salient Features of Our Whatsapp Clone App

Sign-UpThe user is onboarded in the app by entering their contact number. The number is verified with an OTP. Once the number is authenticated, the user's account is registered.

Contact SynchronizationOnce the user is onboarded, they are requested by the app to access their contacts. If the user allows, the contacts in the user's phone are automatically synced to the app.

Multimedia SharingAny kind of multimedia files like photos, videos, GIFs, stickers, pdfs, documents, etc., can be shared by the user to their contacts.

Video CallingLet your users relish the experience of speaking to their friends and family away from them by looking at their faces with the video calling feature.

Share Live Location/LocationThe users can share their location with their friends or family for easy navigation and also share their live location with their friends to keep track of their location.

Status/StoriesThis is an exciting feature; the users can share photos or short videos which they feel interested in their stories. It can be viewed by their contacts.

Chat BackupThe chat history of the user is saved and backed up in cloud storage. The user can recover their chats with a single tap even if they change devices.

Secret ChatsThe user can have secret chats with selected people of their contacts. These messages get deleted on their own sometime after the chat.

A Captivating Admin Panel


The admin can have a complete picture of the data regarding the app, user performance, and more in the dashboard.

Efficient CMS

The CMS helps the admin to manage all the contents to be displayed in the app in a delighted manner.

Analytics Data

The analytics report in an admin panel provides the data about the performance of the app in the past and a prediction of the performance in the future.

Update Notifications

The notifications on the new updates on the app are sent to the user by the admin using the admin panel. The admin can either send a force update or give the user a deadline to update.

User Management

The admin verifies every user before getting them on board in the app and also can remove any user at any time if they are identified to be a spam account.

An Effortless Workflow

Sign up

The user registers themselves in the app by using their contact number. The number is verified with an OTP. Once the contact number is verified, the user is onboarded.

Contact Synchronization

Every contact enlisted in the user's mobile device is automatically synced to the app. The user simply has to give permission to access the contacts of their mobile device.

Start Chatting

Once the contacts are synced, the user can select the contact they want to chat with and start texting with them.

Voice/Video Calls

This is the same as chatting with contacts. The user selects the contact they want to call and gives them either a video/voice call.

Group Chats

Groups can be created by the user by adding the contacts they are interested in having in the group. The group can be named and also have a display photo. Every participant can chat there.

Feed Your Dreams Grow Big by Generating Revenue

In-App Advertisements

Allow third-party businesses to post ads in the app. Charge a fee from them for posting these ads. This a rudimentary method of generating revenue.

In-App Products

Offer the users exciting products to purchase within your app. It can be funny stickers, or filters, or even GIFs. This depends on your business and your target audience.

Subscription Model

If your app has been embedded with unique features, then you can opt for this method to make money. Let your users avail of your unique features by paying a fee.

Premium Features

Exclusive features like secret chats, self-destructive messages, group video calls can be added as premium features. The users would come forward to pay for these features if they require them.

Why is Inoru Your Preferred Partner to Launch an Instant Messaging app?

  • White-Label Solution

    Get your app customized and branded with your logo and designed resembling your business objectives.

  • Demo App

    We offer our clients a demo app after having an initial discussion and understanding their needs. Only on their approval for the demo app we proceed.

  • All-in-One Admin Panel

    An admin panel that is embedded with features that assist the admin/business owner on every need to manage the business.

  • Multi-Platform Suited App

    We launch an app that is compatible with all platforms, Android, iOS, or web solutions. It can also be launched on specified platforms alone based on the client's requirements.

  • Free Server Installation

    Yes, the WhatsApp clone app customized and developed for your business will be deployed on your server for free.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

    We believe every business idea is a brainchild of a dreamer, and it must be preserved. We sign an NDA with our client to make sure that the idea will not be shared.

Our Work Plan to Get Your Dream Live

First Meet With Client

This meet is mainly focused on the business requirements of the client and understanding their future plans and target audience.

Building a Demo App

After the client meeting, we build a demo app that would be based on the requirements the client mentioned. This demo app will be showcased to the client, and on their approval, we proceed.

Creating a Plan

We now make a plan so that we don't fail to deliver the product on time. The work is shared within teams to do so.

Sound Design

Our design team works to create an app design that would be loved by your audience and also make your app look so authentic.

Back-End Development

While our designers are striving to create an alluring design, our developers get their hands to develop an app with intriguing user engagement features to get them lost in your app.

Testing and QA

We have a very strict testing team that runs rigorous tests on the app to make sure it is 100% free of bugs.

Going Live

Now that the app is ready to launch, we showcase it to our client for their approval and launch it on the Android and iOS platforms.


The cost of developing an app depends on various factors. It depends solely on the features you want to integrate into your App. So, call us and let us know your requirements to get a clear picture of the cost.

A WhatsApp clone app is an instant messaging app that allows users to chat with their contacts, similar to Whatsapp.

The business plan is the brainchild of every business, and we understand that. In order to assure you that your idea is safe with us, we sign an NDA with our clients.

Yes, Of course, we customize the apps based on your business requirements. We also use the color pattern of your logo throughout the App, making it unique.

Yes, we do offer free assistance for a limited period of time, and after that, we charge a minimum amount for the service.

Yes, once you feel it's time to upgrade your business, give us a call, and we will be at your service.

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