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Blockchain Integrated Uber Clone App

Integration of Blockchain in Taxi-hailing app

The introduction of blockchain technology has been a breakthrough in various fields, considering transparency and secureity. The taxi-hailing service business has been evolving over the years. From walking down the streets in search of a taxi to booking a taxi from the comfort of our homes using an app in just a few taps but still, we have been burdened with certain shortcomings.

Blockchain is the solution to the challenges we face today. On the integration of blockchain technology in the Uber clone app, the ride-hailing service turns out to be more transparent, secure, and seamless. Inoru has equipped ourselves with this next-gen technology for the entrepreneurs who are looking to solve the existing challenges in the taxi-hailing industry. Launch an Uber Clone app using blockchain technology and make your customers feel more safe and secure.

The Challenges Confronted by the
Taxi-Hailing Industry Today!

Higher Ride Charges

The intermediate company between the cab driver and the user charges huge commissions as hidden charges leading to higher ride charges.

Lack of Transparency

The charges for a ride from the same pick-up point to the drop point keeps fluctuating on every booking made and the users have no idea why it happens. This is a major issue to be resolved.

Lack of Safety

The crimes caused in taxi rides are still prevalent. As a business owner it is necessary to ensure safety to both the user and the driver.

The Workflow Of Uber Clone App
Integrated With Blockchain

Create a Profile of Driver

A driver registers himself/herself on the platform by submitting the identification documents and the driver license. These records are registered in the IPFS and verified. On verification, the driver is brought on board. Their details are submitted in the smart contract based on which they are rated.

User’s Profile Creation

The user also gets on board with the platform by using their email address, contact number, name, and ID proof. By integrating a blockchain similar to the driver, the user’s ID is also verified, and a rating is allotted to the user from the records in the smart contract.

Request for a Ride

The user requests a ride by sharing their location and destination. The user is assigned to a driver. The charge for the ride is generated from smart contracts based on the charge per mile, traffic, and car type. Both the user and the driver are provided with a breakdown of the charge.

Accept the Ride

If the user and the driver both are satisfied with the price, they can accept the ride or else the ride can be rejected by any one of them. On acceptance, the ride is started. The real-time location of the cab is recorded in the smart contracts and can be shared by the user with their friends.


Both the user and the driver have a crypto wallet in the app. The charge for the ride is automatically deducted from the user’s wallet and transferred to the driver’s wallet by the smart contracts.

Features Of Blockchain Integrated Uber Clone App

Book/Schedule a Ride

The user can book a ride instantly or schedule a ride at a convenient time. To schedule a ride, the system searches for a driver who would be free at the specific time and allots the ride.

Push Notifications

Notifications are popped up in the screens of the user’s device on details like the driver has accepted the request, the ride has begun, and more.

Accept/ Reject

Once the user is allotted a driver, the user can check their rating from the smart contract and either accept or reject the driver for their safety purposes.

Type of Ride

The user is offered diverse options on the type of cabs like Micro, Mini, and SUV. The user can browse for the type of ride they require at the moment.

Contact the Driver

Once the booking is made, the user can call or chat with the driver through the app. This feature can help the user to convey their preferences or guide the driver to their location.

Booking History

A record of all the rides made by the user, inclusive of the details like destination, ride charge, date, and more, are available in the ride history.

Fare Breakdown

The upside of integrating blockchain in Uber clone is transparency. The user is offered a detailed breakdown of the fare for their ride.

Ratings and Reviews

After the ride, the user can write their review on their ride experience and also rate the driver. These details are saved in the smart contracts.

Accept/Reject a Ride

The driver can accept or reject a ride if he/she is not satisfied with the fare allotted by the smart contract or the rating of the rider is very low.

Availability Status

If the driver is not available to take any rides at the moment, they can update their status as not available. No rides will be allocated to them in that time period.

Integration of Map

A map is integrated with the app allowing the driver to travel around the city to any location the user requests for without any confusion.

Contact Rider

The driver has access to contact the user once the ride is confirmed if they have any request to make or any clarifications on the user's location.

Payment Record

The payment received by the driver for every ride accomplished is recorded and can be revisited by the driver to keep track of it whenever they want to.

Review and Rating

Like the user, the driver can also write a review on the user's behaviour and also rate them. This review will also be recorded in the smart contract.

This is a one-stop solution to overlook all the functions in the taxi-hailing business.

Live Tracking

The admin panel comes with a live tracking feature allowing the admin to keep track of all the taxis and users who are on a ride.

Onboarding a Driver

Keep onboarding new drivers to scale up your business. This can be done using a separate feature to verify and document the KYCs of the drivers.

Manage Taxi Details

Whenever a driver is brought on board, the details of their taxi are to be verified and recorded on a separate page.

Manage the Users

Every user registering in the Uber clone platform is verified the same as the driver, as the driver’s safety is also equally important.

Manage Payouts

The payments to be made to the drivers are managed efficiently by the admin using the admin panel.


All key metrics and analytic data on the ride frequency, total rides, user retention, and more are recorded and displayed.

Monetization Model Of Our Uber Clone Developed
Using Blockchain Technology

  • Aggregator Fee

    As your Uber Clone acts as an aggregator for the drivers to get connected with the customers, a nominal fee can be charged for each ride.

  • In-App Advertisements

    Third-party businesses can be allowed to place their ads in the app. This can help you earn a passive income.

Uber clone using blockchain

Our Development Process Of
Uber Clone Using Blockchain Technology

We follow a stringent process to ensure the development of a robust taxi-hailing app in a short span of time.

Requirement Analysis

Our team understands your business requirements and your target audience. To analyse the type of design that would appeal to your niche crowd and the features, they would be excited to use.


Now that we have a clear picture of your requirements, we go-ahead to develop a plan to ensure on-time delivery.

Sound Design

Our design team starts letting their creativity flow to create a design that would please your target audience and also would act as a branding tool.

Back-End Developers

The developer's team get their hands on to start developing a robust taxi-hailing app using blockchain technology.

Testing & QA

The uber clone app is tested for bugs and made sure there are no bugs. In case of any bugs, they are resolved instantly.

Deployment of App

Once the app is bug-free and good to go, it is presented to you, and if you are impressed with it, we launch it on Android and iOS platforms.

Why Is Inoru Your Undebatable Choice To
Develop Uber Clone Using Blockchain Technology?

Cutting-Edge Technology

We develop your Uber clone app using blockchain technology. This makes your app more secure and seamless.

Cryptocurrency Development

We can help you create a cryptocurrency to be used as the functional currency in your taxi-hailing app if you request.

Round The Clock Support

Our Support team is always available for your assistance. Any query, any time you get it resolved with no restrictions.


Our design team creates a design for your taxi-hailing app based on your logo and the colour palettes used in it. This registers your brand well in your customer's mind.

Scalability Factor

Our futuristic ideology is not restricted to blockchain technology alone. We also develop the app in such a way that it can be scaled up at any time with no restrictions.

Integration Of Plug-Ins

Plug-ins are integrated with the Uber clone app to enhance its performance and usability.


What are the benefits of launching an Uber clone using blockchain technology?

The ride-hailing apps today have a lot of loopholes in their working. Transactions fail at times, lack of transparency in ride fares, and more. By using blockchain technology, we can rectify all these issues.

Can you create a cryptocurrency for my taxi-hailing business?

Yes, Our team of developers have vast experience in blockchain technology and the cryptosphere. We can create a cryptocurrency for your business that can be used as the functional currency in your business.

What is Blockchain App Development?

Blockchain is not limited to any server that acts as an intermediary between the user and the service provider. This leads to the creation of decentralised apps (DApps). In the case of the Uber clone, it removes the intermediary between the driver and the user.

How do you propose to secure my business idea?

Our idea of security is not restricted to developing apps using blockchain; we do follow it with our clients too. We sign a non-disclosure agreement with you ensuring your business idea is safe with us.

Do you provide support after the deployment of the app?

Yes, of course, our support is free even after launching the app for a specific period of time. After that, it comes with a nominal fee.

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