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Uber Clone

Uber Clone- On-demand taxi service solution

Uber Clone is an on-demand taxi hiring solution connecting users with taxi drivers in a few taps. Our well-crafted application is designed for the customers' comfortability and hassle free ride experience. Our Uber clone solution can be launched instantly. The time taken for the deployment of the app depends on the customization you request for. Our robust application can be personalized based on the clients' business requirements. It is a robust app designed and developed by our team of highly expertise and experienced taxi-hiring app developers exclusively for the entrepreneurs and already-existing taxi business owners.

If you are passionate about launching a taxi-hiring app on par with Uber, then connect with us, and let's build your dream together.

Working module of our Uber Clone

Our Uber Clone App is aimed to be used effortlessly by the users, drivers, and business owners.


The user onboards the app by downloading it from the App Stores and logging in with an email ID or any social media accounts.

Request for pick-up

The user enters the pick-up and drop location, type of vehicle, and requests for a taxi.

Booking Confirmation

The user's request is notified to a driver closest to the user's pick-up location. The driver accepts the ride. Once the driver accepts, the booking is confirmed.


The drivers start to move to pick-up the user. On the other side, the user prepares themselves to hop on for a ride while updating themselves with the driver’s real-time location.


After the driver arrives at the specified location, the ride gets started with an OTP verification. To mark the completion of the ride, the driver taps the appropriate option.

Fare generation

On completion of a ride, the driver updates it in the app. The fare for the ride is automatically generated and notified both the user and the driver.


The customers can pay the ride fare via cash, debit/credit card or any payment methods.

Ride hailing-The Future of the transportation industry

Before Uber integrated the taxi-hailing service with digital apps and software, hiring a taxi was a tedious job. The users had to roam around the streets in search of taxis and find their ride for the day. Also, hiring a taxi sounded expensive in countries like India. Uber tore all these difficulties down by digitizing the on-demand service. Since then, the ride-hailing industry has been spreading its roots in all directions as they have made themselves the epitome of comfortness by offering the riders to book a taxi in few taps and also enlightening them with the exact time of its arrival.

Uber Clone script

The mandatory features of our Uber Clone App

The app is developed for the customers to make use of the taxi-hailing services offered by you.


Sign Up App Screen

Offer your user the luxury to login effortlessly using their social credentials. This helps the user to sign-up in no time.

Booking a Ride

Booking A Ride App Screen

This feature lets the user book a ride effortlessly. The user sets the pick-up and drop location and books a ride.

GPS navigation

GPS Navigation App Screen

This feature locates the pick-up location of the user by itself. This also assists the user to track the driver.

Estimated Fare

Estimated Fare App Screen

An estimated fare is displayed to the user based on the ride information. This feature helps the users in choosing the desired service as they wish.

Variant models of Taxi

Variant Models of Taxi App Screen

Depending on the budget and convenience, the user can choose variants of their choice. The user selects the ride they prefer.

In-App Chats

In App Chats App Screen

For maintaining the utmost privacy, the user can communicate with the driver via an in-app chat. This option allows the user to communicate their requirements to the driver.

Cancel Booking

Cancel Booking App Screen

To ensure the best user experience, the app comes with this feature, by which users can cancel their ride in case of any change in plans. The user is charged a cancellation fee for this.

This app is developed exclusively for the drivers feeding all options to make their job easier.


Onboarding App Screen

The driver is brought on board by a quick registration process followed by a verification process.

Accept/Reject Orders

Accept/Reject Orders  App Screen

The driver is notified when a user requests an order. The driver has the ability to either accept or reject the order depending on his convenience.

Availability Toggle

Availability Toggle App Screen

Based on their availability, the drivers can switch between an online or offline mode in the app. This allows the driver to work flexibly.

GPS Navigation

GPS Navigation App Screen

Not all taxi drivers can be familiar with all the routes in the city. The GPS navigation feature is like your riding assistant in terms of route guidance.

Revenue Tracker

Revenue Tracker App Screen

The driver can keep track of his/her earnings daily, weekly, or monthly. This motivates the driver to complete more rides.

Order History

Order History App Screen

The driver is updated with the ride details every time he/she finishes a ride. This information includes the total distance, the charge for the ride, the duration of the ride, and more.

Fare Generator

Fare Generator App Screen

Once the driver reaches the user’s destination and completes the ride, the fare for the particular ride is generated automatically.

Rate the Customer

Rate The Customer App Screen

The driver can rate and review the user based on the ride. The driver can add reviews about the customer if they don’t maintain etiquette.

This is a one-stop solution to overlook all the functions in the taxi-hailing business.

Driver Verification

Driver Verification App Screen

As compromisation of security is a big no-no, the drivers are verified using their documents to ensure professionalism.

Driver Management

Driver Management App Screen

The admin has a complete track of data of the drivers, such as their availability status, the list of drivers working, the drivers on leave, aiding in managing the ride.

User Management

User Management App Screen

The admin panel offers you the feature to monitor and manage the user data efficiently.

Manage Rides

Manage Rides App Screen

The admin has a god’s eye view over the ride details, they can keep track of the user details, assigned driver, pick-up location, destination, and more. The admin can assign a driver based on the ride requisition from the user.

Manage Costing

Manage Costing App Screen

The ride charges are determined by the admin considering the factors like peak time, unavailability of taxis, and more.

Earnings report

Earnings Report App Screen

The admin manages the earnings record of the drivers and the app. The admin is responsible for initiating the payouts for the drivers.

God’s eye

God’s Eye App Screen

The admin has god’s view on all the rides and drivers with the GPS feature. It will come in handy for the admin to help in situations where the driver gets stranded.

Analytical Report

Analytical Report App Screen

The admin can track the user’s behavior pattern, how and when the user often rides, and offer them exclusive offers.

INORU’s brand new add-ons in
our Uber Clone App

Prioritizing Rides in Queue

We have come up with some advanced features exclusively for the drivers. The airport priority queue algorithm assigns rides to drivers in an order. This allows the driver to receive ride requests instantly.

Driver’s request acceptance percent

This feature aids you to calculate the ride acceptance of a driver. It is the result of the number of accepted requests divided by the total number of requests.

Driver’s order completion percent

This is a feature to determine the completion rate of a driver. This is calculated by dividing the number of completed trips by the total number of trips accepted by the driver.

In-App Chats and calls

This feature allows the driver and the user to connect with each other through the app. This feature uproots any confusion between the driver and the user.

Refer and Earn

The drivers and the users are offered discounts and incentives on referring new users and drivers. This helps to grow the business.

Estimate toll fare

A feature to determine the toll fee in between the pickup point and the destination.

Statistical figures on the growth of
taxi-hailing services industry

Business forecasting reports state that the on-demand taxi-hailing market is expected to exhibit a 25% growth in the next five years.

A study in 2019 stated that 19 million rides are taken all over the world in a day, and analysts from Goldman Sachs predict these numbers to take a predicted to be 97 ,million rides per day by 2030.

The revenue generated by the taxi-hailing service industry is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2021-2025) of 10.4%. With this growth rate, it is expected to reach a market volume of US$385,942m by 2025.

The rate of increase in users is 19.6% today and is expected to rise up to 20.8% by the year 2025.

An 9 step breakdown on how to launch your taxi business

  1. Get in touch with us through chat, mail, or calls.
  2. Our Support team will give you a detailed description of our work process and how launching a taxi-hailing app will put you on the road to success
  3. We also provide you with a live working demo version of our Uber Clone App
  4. You can test the demo version and to your satisfaction, we can move forward.
  5. A Project manager will be scheduled exclusively for you. He/She will take care of all your needs throughout the project.
  6. Our dedicated team starts working on the customization part of the app.
  7. Once all the customizations you requested like your logo, name, currency are all worked out. We provide you the working model of the App.
  8. You can test the app and on your green signal, the app will be launched in the Android store and iOS store.
  9. Your dream is now live, go taste the fruit of success and thank us later.

Monetize our
Uber Clone App and fill your pockets

For any business, it is important to understand the ways to generate revenue from it. The sustainability of a business depends on a consistent revenue. Let us look at how Uber alternative app can help you stack up revenue.

Ride Commission

The riders are commenced to pay a commission fee on every ride they accomplish. This is the primary revenue driver for a ride-hailing business.

In-App Ads

The banner ads of various businesses can be posted by charging a minimal fee. This can be an added passive income.

Driver Onboarding Charge

A driver is susceptible to more rides by getting on board with the app than they could by the traditional methods. A fixed amount is charged to the driver.

Flexible rates

The cost for a ride can be hiked corresponding to the demand and during the peak hours. This flexibility can help you make a fortune.

Cancellation Charges

The users are penalised with a cancellation fee on every cancelled ride. This amount is added up to the next ride of the user and received from them.

In-App purchases

Let the premium users enjoy the privilege to be prioritized on peak times.

Are you planning to take a ride in the taxi-hailing industry?

Inoru’s operational procedure to
launch the Uber Clone App

Uber Clone

Check out our variant solutions to
launch a Taxi App

At Inoru, we encourage the entrepreneurs and enterprise owners to take their taxi business to the next level with our white label solutions that are ready to launch and completely customizable. To know more.


How much does it cost to launch an Uber Clone App?

The customizations you request play a significant role in the pricing of building an app. Thereby connect with us and explain your business requirements.And avail your quote instantly.

Do you provide support after the launch of the App?

Our support team stays with you even after the launch of the app and offers its services for free. Although after a certain period you may have to pay a nominal price.

What if I, as a business owner, do not want my drivers to accept rides from crime prone areas?

Our Uber Clone App comes with geofencing features by which the admin can determine the areas from where the drivers must receive order requests.

Does the App come with any limitation in the number of riders?

No. As aforementioned, our personalized app is an excellent amalgamation of your taxi business solution. The App stands on par with all global businesses in all forms.

I have more queries.

No worries, you can just give us a call or simply text us and our support team will resolve all your queries.

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