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Tastely Clone-Launch A Food Delivery App Like Tastely

Food delivery apps are now an integral part of people’s lives. With the pandemic and all the restrictions imposed on people’s lives, riding to a good restaurant to have exemplary cuisine seems impossible. The customers cannot be allowed to stay put without treating their taste buds with amazing foods. They deserve to have all the fun irrespective of the things happening outside their door. Food cravings are not going to stop, but who will be the one to step up and treat and fulfill the cravings of the customers with cuisines from all over the world.

Yes, the time is good; customers are looking forward to an app that can deliver them a platter of cuisines, so if entrepreneurship is your calling, you answer it now but partnering up with us for a white-label robust Tastely clone app development.

What is Tastely Clone App?

Tastely clone app is an on-demand food delivery solution that allows users to order food from their favourite restaurants and get them delivered at their doorsteps. It is 100% customizable allowing you to add your pinch of uniqueness to the acclaimed food delivery app like Tastely.

Facile Work Module Of Tastely Clone App

The work module of Tastely clone is designated to be understood for all generations.

  • The user gets onboard with the app by signing up using any of their social credentials.

  • The location of the user is tagged with their permission

  • The restaurants in their location are presented to them.

  • The user looks for the dish they would like to order or their favourite restaurant either on the explore page or in the search tab.

  • Once they are sure about what they are about to order, they can select those dishes and place the order.

  • The restaurant is notified of the order placed by the user, the restaurant can either accept or reject the order.

  • The user is notified once the restaurant accepts the order.

  • Meanwhile the admin assigns the order to a delivery person nearby the restaurant to pick up the order.

  • The delivery person heads to the restaurant and once the order is prepared they pick up the order and leave to the user’s place.

  • The food is now at the doorstep of the user ringing their calling bell.

Splendid Features Of Tastely Clone

Sign Up The social sign up feature allows the user to get on board with the app in a short span of time.

Geo-Tag Location The location of the user is geo-tagged so that the restaurants around them can be presented to them.

Explore The user can surf around the app looking for a new restaurant or a new dish they would like to try out.

Instant Search Some users come to the app with a clear picture of what they are about to order, so why make them wait? While they can simply type the dish and place the order.

Advanced Filters Offer your users numerous search filter options so they can filter out the results of the dishes and restaurants they want to be shown themself.

Add To Cart Most users are susceptible to order more than one dish, they can add the dishes to their cart one by one before checking out.

Place An Order Once the user has added all their dishes to the cart they can checkout the order.

Multiple Payment Options Each user may prefer a different type of payment so let’s integrate multiple payment options like debit/credit card, P2P transaction, net banking, COD.

PickUp An Order This feature allows the user to place their order in a restaurant on the way to any place they are heading to and collect the food from the restaurant themself. This saves time.

Review And Rating The users can rate and also write a review on the quality of the food and the delivery experience they had.

Verification The details of the delivery person are verified by the admin and then brought on board for safety purposes.

Navigation It is not possible for the delivery person to be aware of all the routes in the city, the navigation features assist the driver in heading towards the user’s place and restaurant effortlessly.

Accept/Reject Order The delivery person can either accept or reject an order assigned to them with respect to their convenience.

Availability Toggle The delivery person can toggle between online and offline easily this allows them to work freely at their convenience.

Earnings History The delivery person can keep track of their earnings made for each order here. This motivates them to accomplish more orders.

Order History A record of all the orders delivered by the delivery person can be saved here for future verification purposes.

In-App Calls/Chat The delivery person can chat or call the customer if they need assistance in the directions to the user’s place or any other reason with respect the order.

Review & Rating The delivery person can also rate and write a review on the customer.

Registration The restaurants can get on board with the app to increase their sales by entering the details of their restaurant, the admin verifies and then welcomes the restaurant on board.

Menu Management The restaurant can keep updating its menu to attract more customers with no constraints to it.

Accept/Reject Order The restaurant can either accept or reject the order from the user with respect to their in-house demand or availability of the dish.

Order Management Every order directed to the restaurant can be managed by the restaurateur using this feature. They can update the order status here.

Payout Management The restaurateur can manage the payouts they are supposed to receive from the admin for every order processed by them here.

Banner Ads The restaurants can post ads in the app about offers and discounts they are about to offer to the users as a strategy to spike their sales.

Analytic Dashboard The analytic dashboard assists you with data and predictions on your business proceedings and the strategies to increase sales.

User Management The user data can be managed by the admin using the admin panel. The user can be targeted with ads in accordance with their search history.

Restaurant Management The restaurants are brought on board with the app by the admin. The quality of the food delivered by the restaurants is monitored by the admin.

Delivery Person Management The information of the delivery person is verified by the admin using the admin panel.

Payout Management The admin pays the restaurant and the delivery person after deducting your commission using the admin panel.

Ads Management The admin manages the ads posted in the app by the restaurants. They can upload or remove any ad using the admin panel.

Revenue Model Of Tastely Clone


On every order made by a user a small amount is deducted as a commission before paying out to the restaurant.

Delivery Charges

The user is charged with a delivery cost for every order they place. This can turn out to be a huge revenue.

Banner Ads

The restaurants can be allowed to post banner ads as a promotional strategy for their business. A fee can be collected from the restaurants for this.

Transaction Commission

A transaction commission is charged for every transaction made via the app from the third-party transaction plugins.

Diverse Business Models We Develop A Food Delivery App

On-Demand App

The most popular one and the one for the entrepreneurs who are looking to build an on-demand food delivery app for their neighbourhood, city, or on a large scale.

Restaurant App

If you own a restaurant and have looked into the future to find that food delivery and takeaways are going to be a major part of your sales than dine-in you can call us and we will build you a food delivery app for your restaurant.

Restaurant Chain

If you own a chain of restaurants and are interested in taking your business to the next level, build an online app for your customers to order food and taste all your delicacies from their home.

Development Process Of Our Tastely Clone

Every app we create goes through our tried and tested development process, ensuring its performance and quality.

Requirement Analysis

Our team understands your business ideology and your target audience and analyses the requirements to develop a stellar app.


The team structurizes a road map to create a robust app that your users would get lured into in the given time.


Our design team works on a unique design for your app that resonates with your logo and business ideology.

Back-End Development

Now is the time to integrate all the awesome features to your app and sweep your customers down to their feet.


Number of tests are run on every stage of development to make sure there are no bugs or glitch in the app.


As your app is all set to take over the food delivery sector with great aesthetic looks and attractive features, we deploy it in the Android and iOS store.

Why Choose INORU For Your Food Delivery App Development?

Free Server Installation

Once the app is fully developed, we install it in the server of your choice free of cost.

Free Deployment

We take care of the deployment process of your app as it may turn out tedious at times and we do it for free.

Free Support

We offer you free support all through the development process of the app and also for a specific time after the deployment of the app.

Native Apps

We use state-of-art native technologies to build the app, this makes the app compatible on all devices.

100% Customization

We don’t compromise in customization; you get it done the way you want it to be done. An app you dreamt of.

Round The Clock Support

Our support team is always ready to assist you with your queries and get them resolved, and their dedication never knows time.


Tastely clone app is a ready-made solution for an on-demand food delivery app like Tastely. It comes with exciting features and an aesthetically pleasing design.

We sign an NDA with you to ensure your business idea is safe with us and it is never leaving our doors.

Once we are on board we offer you eternal support. Our support is free even after the deployment of the app for a specific time and later it comes with a nominal price.

No. We never include any hidden charges. We quote you at first and that is all we expect you to pay.

Of course not. Our solution is scalable, and there are no restrictions on the number of users. In case you want only a limited number of users, then we can do that for you.

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