Gojek Clone -Bring An Innovation In Your Business with this Multiservice App

Gojek Clone

The trend in the current business is to bring some innovation to increase the branding. There are many service providers out there in the market that keep expanding themselves with various changes in the business such as services, features and business strategies to bring out the best use of the resources. But, if you are drafting a plan to initiate your business idea, one of the finest choices that you can go with is to provide a one-stop service provider app like Gojek for all the customer’s needs. When it says a multi-service provider, what are the available services to the customers? Although services play a major role in deciding What the new features that you will implement in your business are, that will have a great boom for the innovative features you insist on.

As there is heavy competition in the business market, how can you succeed in your business by introducing unique features to your application? As the heart of the business, the application plays a vital role in maintaining potential customers and can gain new customers to your business. What are the best business features that you can expect from the application development companies to offer the best multiple service provider amongst your competitors? Inoru’s the most demanding Gojek Clone offers a well-crafted business application, with all the main features and vast options to personalize your app features according to your business needs. Let us now get in to explore more about Inoru’s Gojek Clone.

Why Gojek Clone Is The Need Of The Hour In The Pandemic?

Gojek Clone is a complete package of various lists of services that can be availed with just one click. Gojek Clone app has all the primary features and some prime features. It can be customized based on your unique business needs and requirements. Also, when it comes to the Gojek Clone features, you can also bring some new attributes to the application that make it more promising and satisfactory to the customers. In the alarming pandemic situation, Gojek Clone ensures safe multi-services to the customers in need.

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Distinct Characteristics Of Gojek Clone App

The major features of the Gojek Clone application that we provide have all the useful features in the User App, Service Provider, Store Owner and Admin Panel. Some of the common Gojek Clone attributes are,

      1)  Registration

      2)  Location-Based Search

      3)  Schedule Booking

      4)  In-App Chats/ Calls

      5)  Multi Payment Options

      6)  Order History 

      7)  Ratings

Why Do We Stand Out From The Competitors?

The primary features of the Gojek Clone play a major role in deciding the usability of the application easily. So, the add on features of the Gojek Clone app are as follows.

Contactless Delivery

Due to the pandemic across the globe, contactless delivery features have been incorporated. In the pandemic situation, Gojek Clone’s contactless delivery helps the product delivery, free from contact. The delivery person will leave the product and take a photo of the package in the designated location, to avoid contact.

Referral Codes

With the help of referral codes, the customers can earn reward points with every successful app installation by their family and friends to enjoy the benefits of using referral points.

Best In Safety

With the Best In Safety, the customers can choose the best service provider in terms of safety. The service providers with higher safety standards can be filtered with this feature to help the customers get their services online with utmost safety.

Voice Search

The voice search is one great option that the customers can choose in which they can provide voice commands to search a product. So, by using this feature, the customers feel at ease to go for a voice search to browse their products online.


The role of multi-service applications in the business has certainly a booming aspect. Inoru’s Gojek Clone helps your business to grow more in terms of revenue. It also helps your business to flourish in different ways to explore the business market. With relatively sharp and premium features, you can get a hold of the trending strategies by purchasing Gojek Clone for your business.


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