Manage Multiple On-Demand Services With An Efficient Gojek Clone App

Gojek clone

When you are providing multiple on-demand services for your users, it can be highly arduous to manage all the services. You will have to switch between apps and in the process of doing so, you might miss out on overseeing a particular service. While one service is at the top, the other will still be in the initial stages of development. To overcome these difficulties in management, you can adopt the Gojek clone app solution that will help you bring all your services under one app. This way, monitoring and administration will be effortless. You can approach the professionals at Inoru to build your multi-service app solution in the shortest time possible. We offer customized app solutions that will help you gain your customer’s trust and establish your brand quickly in the market.

Business models we integrate to the app:

Based on your requirements, we proffer solutions with two different business models. After getting to know your ideas, our experts will suggest the most suitable model among the two.

Supplier model:

In this model, once users place a request with the app, the nearest service provider will be assigned to them. They will not be able to choose a service provider of their choice. The assigned provider will deliver the service requested.

Buyer model:

The buyer model will allow users to place a request and choose a service provider of their choice. Once they request for a service, the list of available providers will be displayed. Users can select a service provider based on user reviews and make use of their contact details to get in touch with them and obtain the desired service. If they are not satisfied with their pricings or any other factors, they can go ahead and choose a different service professional.

Why go with Inoru for developing your Gojek clone?

You might be confused when coming across several app development firms that claim to be experienced and promises to deliver high-quality apps. But, our skilled team prefers to let our services and clientele speak for itself. Below-specified are a few factors that will help you understand why Inoru will be a perfect choice.

1.Our skilled team of professionals possess around 14+ years of experience in app development.
2.We ensure to deliver only leading-edge multi-service app solutions for your business.
3.We have a long list of highly satisfied clients across the globe.
4.Right from requirements analysis to providing technical support, we have an individual team for each phase involved.
5.The apps solutions we proffer are scalable and can be customized to fit your requirements.
6.Our team will completely rebrand the app solution and provide a 100% whit label multi-service app solution for your venture.
7.We provide high-quality maintenance services from time to time to ensure that your app runs successfully.

To conclude:

Do not wait around and face the challenge of managing multiple services now. Approach our team of trained experts at Inoru and build your remunerative Gojek clone app in a few days. Get started right away!

Manage Multiple On-Demand Services With An Efficient Gojek Clone App


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