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Mobile app marketing services - Why are they vital?

Mobile applications have been witnessing impressive proliferation across the iOS and Android platforms. Thanks to the unstoppable global sale of smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices. However, with growing influence comes infinite competition. Entrepreneurs, startups, and established organizations have been fighting fiercely to enter and dominate the lucrative digital ecosystem. So if you have plans to develop a mobile app or already have one and looking forward to connecting with users across the globe, you would require remarkable mobile app marketing strategies to stand out from the rest.

Here is where we come in. As the leading mobile app marketing company, we provide a suite of digital solutions to grow your applications reach and boost your revenue. In layman's term, we ensure more people download your app, always. With the App Store and Google Play store witnessing colossal downloads each year, get recognized, and lead the herd with tailored app marketing services from the specialists. So whether you require a pre-launch or post-launch boost, we've got you covered all the way. Why wait? Get your app's popularity potential to reach distinct heights with INORU.

Mobile App Marketing Services

mobile app marketing features

As the premier mobile app marketing services company, we value your business and ensure you reach the target audience with distinct Digi-marketing solutions.

Comprehensive market research

If your mobile app offers a new way for aged folks to track their medicine intakes, chat with doctors and update their appointments, then marketing to 14 to 25 year-olds are irrelevant and loss of critical capital. INORU employs leading market research specialists to analyze and determine market efforts that spot target users, streamline resources, and centralize your budget seamlessly.

Dedicated project resources

Don't make your inexperienced team market your application to the masses. Rather than shooting darts in the dark daily, hire a dedicated app marketing agency like INORU for better use of your capital & resources. We take complete responsibility for the creative and reliable marketing of your new or existing mobile app.

Absolute focus on usability

It's not just about marketing the applications concept or unique graphics; it's about the fantastic usability. Attract loyal users by showcasing the application's turbo-charged performance effectively. As the iconic mobile advertising agency, we highlight the applications mind-blowing features & functionalities to the digital audience. Moreover, we do it remarkably well, always.


Our unique app marketing strategies guarantee successful reach to audiences across the globe with promising conversions.


The critical stage involves defining the application's target audience. Before marketing the app, choose a group of users that your product or service is aimed to cater to. By identifying details such as habits, demographics, lifestyle, psychographics, and others, the app will attract the right set of audience. Thus, saving on high cost and time reaching everyone.

Competitor analysis

We analyze the current market competitors and their offers to:

  • Communicate and reach target audience better
  • Navigate numerous market challenges
  • Distinguish application from others
  • Centralize your processes
  • Determine competitors main advantage
  • Formulate improved strategies


We create and deliver an impressive landing page for your mobile app. The dedicated page keeps the users/readers informed of your offerings. Key elements such as app name, call to actions, promotional videos, features, and others are included in the mobile app landing page.


Blogging builds interest around your application and ensures better visibility during the search. The blog (formulated by our team) targets the right audience with researched keywords, quality content, short & long content, linking relevant influencers, and others.


We analyze your mobile app's key performance indicators (KPIs) to gain a better insight into the business and how well it's performing. Vital mobile app KPIs we track and analyze upon includes daily user activities, app downloads, retention rate, monthly active users, churn ratio, and others. These data help us assess your app's success.

What we do to make your app lead the digital sphere

Social media advertising

Our ads targeting users on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others are on a personal level. With unlimited data and next-gen analytics, our social media advertising strategies help find someone who might see your app exciting and ensure successful conversions.

ASO - App Store Optimization

Our remarkable app store optimization services help the application be at the top of the charts. INORU's two-pronged approach of off-page and on-page ASO ensures fruitful exposure of the app. Thus, resulting in successful downloads.

PPC campaigns

Our teams manage mobile ad campaigns on in-app advertisements, search engines, and social media websites seamlessly. We carefully watch and optimize with the right tools to keep the advertising costs down while ensuring maximum clicks to your listing and landing page.

Viral video marketing

We make and launch videos on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms that get users hooked (responsibly, of course). We follow a scientific approach of combining the right mix of content, audio, and other critical aspects. Thus, making your app go viral, promptly.

SEO - Search engine optimization

Our thoughtfully-crafted SEO strategies help get your app to be the first hit on Google platform. Our team provides a suite of off-page and on-page optimization solutions to secure top positions seamlessly. Thus, building premier traction for your app.

Comprehensive conversion tracking - Google analytics for mobile Firebase SDK

INORU monitors and tracks the success of your mobile app (post-launch) via the powerful Firebase SDK. We produce regular reports regarding time spent in the app, in-app revenue, app usage, and others. With the critical metrics, we shift our strategies to ensure further growth of your app.


We compile and formulate stellar marketing strategies through comprehensive tracking and analyzing of critical marketing metrics. Thus, successfully generating user interests.

Conversion tracking

With numerous tools and software, our teams track the conversions happening via our robust marketing strategies. We update clients regularly, ensuring end-to-end transparency.

Audience research

Researching is essential before formulating marketing plans. With the digital market affected by the change in users' tastes and preferences, we remain updated by timely audience research.

Channel analysis

We analyze the marketing channels, including ad campaigns, viral video marketing, App store optimizations, and others to review performance. Thus, utilizing client budget efficiently.

The right limelight for picture - perfect market performance

We understand the efforts taken to get an app developed. As the leading App marketing company, we ensure the right hype before and after launch for a comfortable journey across the digital ecosystem. Partner with the leading Mobile app marketing specialist today and never look back.

Why choose INORU?

  • We have over a decade of experience in delivering sound marketing strategies for global applications.
  • Help gain a healthy market base with dedicated teams of expert mobile app marketers.
  • We employ data-driven decisions based on critical market insights.
  • We employ a plethora of analytic tools and software for exceptional execution and results.


Elizabeth Montgomery

My app initially struggled to get the right recognition among the users. With INORU's amazing marketing strategies, I am glad to say, my app got listed under the most "Downloaded app of the week" and still going strong.

Sean Morris

Marketing has never been my strong suit. Maybe that's why I entrusted INORU to help me out. They did an excellent job of getting the app hyped the right way before launch. Results have been nothing short of amazing.

Willian Barnes

With the competition heating, we were looking for the right set of marketing ideas for a fantastic app launch. INORU and its team provided brilliant market insights that ensured a remarkable response from users. Thanks for your dedicated efforts team.

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