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White-Label NFT Marketplace Solution

Dominion The Era Of NFTs By Turning Our White-Label NFT Marketplace Solution To Viability

NFTs are one-of-a-kind assets that are taking over the digital world at an unimaginable pace. What keeps NFTs the toast of the town? Non-fungible tokens are dropped on the marketplaces that are guarded by the blockchain network. Each of these virtual possessions holds immutable and interchangeable traits that make them exclusively unique.

There is a steady surge in the growth of the value of NFTs. It is very obvious from the market cap figures for global transactions that were $40.96 million in 2018, with an increase of $141.56 million in 2019 and $338.04 million in 2020. And now, in 2021, the trading volume of NFTs on the Ethereum platform accounts for $400 million, with NFT arts and gaming silos performing at their best.

Having been well familiarized with the numbers, it's now time to turn it into your moment and shovel in millions. But, contemplating on how to go about it? There are many popular marketplaces like SuperRare, Rarible, Nifty Gateway, etc., to take the inspiration for setting up a robust platform. You needn't have to do this all by yourself. We have world-class experience and mindful strategies in creating innovative blockchain-powered NFT projects. Encash on the NFT fad now by connecting with our domain experts before long and get hold of our custom white-label NFT marketplace development solutions.

White-Label NFT Marketplace  Development Services

What is a White-label NFT marketplace?

A White-label NFT marketplace demonstrates innumerable digital assets such as arts, music, collectibles, etc., as non-fungible tokens. All these crypto-collectibles are driven by smart contracts that come with a set of self-executed protocols to facilitate trading between users. At INORU, we offer you an incredible White-label NFT marketplace solution with handy features that persuade creators and investors to be involved in the buying, selling, and bidding of everything from in-game collectibles to real estate lands.

Did we not mention our solutions are white-label? Which means you can refashion it the way that embosses your brand in the NFT world. For the NFT aspirants out there, get to us straight off and shower yourself with stupendous profits.

Prudent Features Of Our White Label NFT Marketplace

White-label NFT Marketplace Development Platform

Token Rankings

Based on the statistics of the price, trading volume, and other top domains, NFT tokens are ranked accordingly. The tokens that rank on the top are always in high demand.


An extensive token list is put up under collections for the buyers and sellers to purchase NFTs as they desire. Investors can buy by paying the gas fee alone.


Investors who are interested in buying collections can make bids on the tokens that are put up for open auction in the marketplace. The highest bidder of the auction wins the tokens.


Drift your users to the place where they want to land exactly. Search filters give the investor ways to find the items based on recently listed, highest price, lowest price, etc.

Browse Category

NFTs can be grouped under specific categories. Purchases are made simpler this way as investors can easily buy digital assets by choosing the categories.

Mark Favorites

Collectors who are exhilarated by the work of artists can mark them as favorites. The tokens are added to the favorite list that the users can view or buy them later.

Unlock Special Privilege

On successful purchase of tokens, you can bestow certain privileges to the investors. It can be anything such as coupon codes, discounts, etc.

Include Collaborator

The creator who displays their collection on the marketplace can add a collaborator to access collection settings, create new items, receive payments, etc.


Incorporating wallet feature assists in storing, sending, and retrieving funds for exchanging the tokens.

Support System

Including a support system in the marketplace helps in attending to the customer FAQs, users complaint, ticket management, etc.


Instilled with multi-lingual optionality that supports the marketplace to be operated in different languages, making it convenient for the users in any part of the world.

Add More Tokens

This feature facilitates more tokens and altcoins to be added to the marketplace from the dashboard as per the interests.

White-Label NFT Marketplace

Grasping Characteristics of white-label NFT Marketplace

  • Tradability

    NFT can be traded across multiple virtual marketplaces unconstrainedly. This endows limitless flexibility to the users in buying, selling, and bidding the assets.

  • Liquidity

    NFTs are way more simpler when it comes to liquidity. These assets can be instantly converted to cash or cryptocurrencies.

  • Standardization

    NFTs are built in compliance with various industry standards. They are standardized in a way to work in perfect alignment.

  • Scarcity

    Every token is created to be with elements that make it set apart from others. This accounts for the scarce nature of the NFTs.

Attributes of White-Label NFT Marketplace

Security Features of our white Label NFT Marketplace

Loaded with a great deal of security features, our marketplace is well equipped to resist any threats or malicious attacks. Let's take a ride through some of the security features inbuilt with our platform.


AES 256 encryption is adopted for data in transit and data at rest. While PII data encryption ensures data integrity. Our platform also provides the flexibility to integrate with additional encryption standards.

Firewall, DOS, DDOS

DOS and DDOS protection are incorporated to keep the marketplace from unauthorized and malicious traffic. Furthermore, web application firewall, server hardening, ports management, and a lot more for enhanced protection.

Blacklist Management

We endow an intuitive dashboard where you can have complete control over blacklist management by tracking user activity based on IP, location, and other variables.

2FA Authenticator

To secure the account, features like Two-factor authentication, Google Authenticator, Recaptcha, etc., does the work at its best.

Security Layer

The entire platform is guarded by multiple layers of security features, all with the same intention of safeguarding the marketplace from being exposed to any type of threats.

Launch A Groundbreaking NFT Trading Marketplace By Joining Forces With Our Competent Crew

White-Label NFT Marketplace

Method Of Working Of A White-Label NFT Marketplace Platform

Enrolling in the Marketplace

The crypto buff can register their account on the decentralized NFT trading platform to relish a seamless crypto trading experience.

Setup wallet

Wallets like Metamask, Torus, Wallet Connect, etc., can be integrated for smooth buying and storing of NFTs.

List tokens

Creators can tokenize their assets on specific standards and list them on the marketplace with product descriptions, price details, tags, etc., to the display of users.

Explore storefront

Intrigued investors can dive into the marketplace and make the selection from the ocean of NFTs as they please.

Make Bid or Pay fixed price

Buyers can check if the preferred NFTs are put on auction sale or released at a fixed price. Accordingly, they can pay and take hold of their choice of digital assets.

Transferring ownership

On successful completion of the transaction process, the unique crypto art comes to the possession of the investor, and the cryptocurrencies are transferred to the owner's wallet.

Captivated By The Idolization Of NFTs? Baffled About How To Enter The Market? Connect With Our Experts In Minutes And Get To Know It

White-Label NFT Marketplace

Our Diversified White-Label NFT Development Services

White-Label NFT Marketplace Development Services

NFT Platform Development

NFT platform development is carried out for tokenizing digital assets using various Ethereum standards. Each tokens are created with specific unique IDs withholding different values.

NFT Marketplace Development

We build an NFT marketplace with an exuberant storefront for showcasing digital collectibles where buying and selling happens.

NFT Art Tokenization

Digital arts are nevertheless causing all the rage in the NFT world. Tokenizing the arts of famous artists is what we are well known for. Monetize this lucrative and buzzy trend with us.

NFT for Sports

The fan base for sports all over the world cannot be flatly given in words. Cards of players, Autographs, clipping of breathtaking moments, etc., pulls in a massive crowd to your sports marketplace.

NFT for architecture

Creating 3D designs of virtual buildings, towns, cities, etc., and listing them as NFT tokens attracts a sizable crowd of architects to own your extraordinary creations.

NFT for music

Music composers and singers can see surplus gains by releasing their albums on the online marketplace without the intervention of any middlemen. Our services help you make the most of the music industry.

NFT for fashion

Fashion is something that keeps evolving but never goes out of style. And so its market. Therefore, tokenize the apparel and accessories and make a killing out of it.

NFT for real estate

Virtual land is the new norm of the digital world. Leverage the change and adapt to NFT real estate business to make showering gains from businesses.

White-Label NFT Marketplace Development Services

Disparate White-Label NFT Marketplaces We Build For You

Rarible Clone

We build you a super-performing marketplace for exposing a multitude of digital assets on Ethereum or any other blockchain of your choice. Paying close attention to the tiniest details is what makes our solution single out.

Decentraland Clone

Do you ardently await to embellish your brand in the fully decentralized virtual social world? Then Decentraland clone might be an excellent option to showcase the creativity boundlessly.

OpenSea Clone

Stay in the loop of the ever-booming NFT space by cooking up a marketplace for trading unique tokens. Our OpenSea clone with a set of newest features gives you an upper hand in your crypto business.

Mintable Clone

Unfold the best marketplace for creators and investors to buy and sell digital items ranging from A to Z. We program Mintable clone for businesses that want to gross high-level returns.

CryptoPunks Clone

Are you inspired by the unique collections of modern pixelated arts and wish to share its success? Hold on tight to our CryptoPunks clone that will take you to heights in the NFT realm.

NBA Top Shot Clone

Get the grip for soaring to new heights by launching a blockchain-based platform with NBA Top Shot Clone. Own the loot with users owning the moments of top shots of NBA players.

Nifty Gateway Clone

Deploy a marketplace that has exclusive and handy pick collections of curated contents to the amusement of the investors. Thereby, let the taste of success last long for you as well as the project creator with reaping benefits.

Sorare Clone

Bestow an enduring football game experience to your users like never before. Our Sorare clone serves as the perfect essence to turn your fantasy dream into reality.

SuperRare Clone

Our SuperRare clone with a staggering storefront that showcases rare pieces of creator’s work tracked on the blockchain. Flaunt the works of best-selling artists in your marketplace, bringing in fortune for your business.

Cryptograph Clone

With our constructively created CryptoGraph clone, bring together fans and their favorite celebrities and make burgeoning profits out of it.

CryptoKitties Clone

We offer you an unrivaled Cryptokitties clone for establishing a place for buying and selling animated creations with much ease. Take the grip of our avant-garde solution and enjoy the revenue flow gushing in.

Oxcert Clone

Foray into the digital space now with Oxcert clone. Exploit the benefits of decentralized open-source platforms. It's now as easy as taking hold of an Oxcert clone from us.

Variegated NFT Standards We Develop

Digital assets built on various NFT standards decide how the exchange works in the marketplace. They formulate and dictate the rules for storing, holding, and functioning of the non-fungible tokens.

  • ERC20

    ERC20 is a standard for creating Ethereum based tokens to define the rules of the protocol. It provides flexible functionality for the tokens to interact in the network.

  • ERC223

    An enhanced version of ERC20 token standard with a specialized feature that ensures tokens are sent to compatible addresses.

  • ERC721

    It is one of the most popular token standards. They are non-fungible tokens that use the mapping of unique identifiers.

  • ERC1155

    ERC1155 standard is a multi-asset token standard usually used for listing a class of assets rather than a single asset.

  • ERC998

    It is an extension of the ERC721 that takes the NFT standard a step ahead, and the tokens that adopt ERC998 automatically implement ERC721.

NFT Marketplace Standards

How Do You Earn Profits With A White-Label Non-Fungible Token Marketplace Platform?

The white-label NFT marketplace wide opens doors for making lucrative profits. To list a few,

  • Commission Charge

    One of the reliable ways of generating revenue is by collecting service charges. For every transaction that the buyer or seller makes, a portion of money flows into your pocket.

  • Token Listing Fee

    For listing the artworks of creators, you can impose listing fees that gain you an amount directly proportional to the number of tokens listed in your marketplace.

White-label NFT Marketplace Platform
  • Displaying Ads

    Providing ad space attracts other brands to display their products. In return for this, you can collect an advertising fee that earns you good returns.

  • Marketing NFTs for users

    As an add-on revenue model, you can adopt this method of marketing NFTs to win good profits. Many NFT marketplaces follow this strategy seeking extra income.

Become The Industry-Leader Of The Crypto Planet By Unifying With Us For White-Label NFT Marketplace Development

White-Label NFT Marketplace

How do we launch your NFT Marketplace?

Get Acquainted With Our Process Of White-Label NFT Marketplace Development

Idea Formulation

As the first step, we arrange a meeting with our clients and get to know what their ideas are for the NFT marketplace. Based on that, we formulate the development strategy that merges with the current trend.

UI Development

After obtaining a clear picture of ideas, our UI designers then start to work on creating an adorable storefront. An eye-catching interface with user-friendly features is what our marketplace aims to provide.

Selection of Blockchain

This is one crucial step as blockchain is the underlying technology that determines the functioning of the NFT marketplace. Therefore, choosing the right blockchain platform influences the strength of your project.

Technical Development

At this stage, the NFT marketplace is molded to take the shape by coding in all the necessities. We have knowledgeable experts with strong skills in programming the back-end functionalities for seamless performance.

Testing & Final Deployment

The functionality and usability of the marketplace are tested on different grounds to ensure there are no discrepancies or loopholes in the product. Finally, on ensuring the quality of the product, it gets all set to go on live.

What Are The Topping Benefits Of Launching A White-Label NFT Marketplace?

Potentially Productive

NFTs are bound to expand manifold in the coming years. Therefore, launching an NFT marketplace is beneficial for budding artists and crypto collectors to make spellbinding profits while showcasing their talents.

Diverse Sort Of Collectibles

Users can access an extensive collection of digital collectibles on varied subjects. Buy, sell or bid makes the process of trading plain sailing for users.


The NFT marketplace solutions can be stretched to a much greater extent without any hindrance. It is open to vast customizations and can accommodate as many users in the marketplace.

Smart-contract driven

The platform is smart contract audited, which safeguards it from any security threats and vulnerabilities. This is one prominent thing that makes NFTs marketplaces more reliable.

Instantly Deployable

As the solutions are pre-tried and tested, there are reduced chances of encountering bugs. Thus, they can be dexterously deployed in no time at a very less cost.

Multifarious Blockchain Networks We Have Got Our Hands-On

Our intriguing team of NFT experts never miss on the chance to try out any new trend thatpops up in the market. Our area of expertise covers different blockchain networks such as,







Azure Blockchain






Technology Stack

Blockchain Network

Front-end Frameworks

NFT Standards

NFT Marketplace Development

Choose Inoru To Harness Maximum Benefits Of NFT Marketplace Development

We are suited up with a robust team of blockchain engineers and DeFi developers who are skilled in developing NFT marketplaces, bringing your project to life. Their in-depth knowledge and experience in working with blockchain and crypto-related projects account for our excellence in delivering the best to our clients. As an added flavor, we fully guarantee timely delivery of your project that is fully compliant with your technological requirements while also never short of innovations.


To launch an NFT marketplace, you need to select the technical solution, type of blockchain network, payment options, etc. On selecting all this, our development team starts working on bringing your dream project to reality.
We build our marketplace to support fiat currencies, debit and credit card payments, cryptocurrency exchange, and so on.
NFTs are million-dollar revenue businesses that pave the way for the investment opportunities on NFT collectibles or products like art, music, game assets, etc. We also stretch out our services in tokenizing digital collectibles.
Definitely yes. If not, you wouldn't be looking for it in the first place. Moreover, with the number of transactions and inflow of crypto investments, NFTs have gained a stronghold, and it is certain that the trend is not going away anytime soon.
Whatever your requirements are, we give shape to it. Apart from that, to name some of the solutions that we develop: Rarible clone, Opensea clone, SuperRare clone, ZedRun clone, NFT based OnlyFans clone, etc.

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