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White-Label NFT Marketplace
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Attributes of White-Label NFT Marketplace

Pull Out Increased Traction For Your NFT Business With A White Label NFT Marketplace

Non-Fungible Tokens have climbed to the top, deploying plenteous business opportunities for millennials and experienced business enthusiasts. By bringing out a sophisticated business venue with amazing revenue options, these NFTs have earned appreciative popularity in the global market.

Driving with innovations eventually leads to the desired destination. Adopting enchanting business ventures quenches your entrepreneurial thirst. Our white label NFT Marketplace ensures to drive your business aspirations to reality by producing a proactive trading platform.

Actions speak louder than words; Our eminent developers deploy high-end customizations on your desired blockchain to bring out an intriguing white-label NFT Marketplace under your domain. Make them your affiliates and dive into the vast space with an imperative trading arena.

What is a White-label NFT marketplace?

White label NFT Marketplace is a show space for multiple and varied sets of digital assets in the crypto market. The major functionality of an NFT marketplace is also encompassed in this White label solution which is capable of performing high secured listing, minting, trading, and transacting NFT collections. This highly fashionable solution can simply comprehend the needs of our tech saviors

Based on your business niches, we help you customize your trading platform with white label features to trade varied assets ranging from art, music, gaming collections, videos, real estate, and much more. Being a Decentralized platform, we also facilitate you with blockchain compatibility based on the choice of your requirement.

Key Features Of Our White Label NFT Platform

NFT Token Rankings

Token Rankings

Based on the statistics of the price, trading volume, and other top domains, NFT tokens are ranked accordingly. The tokens that rank on the top are always in high demand.

NFT Collections


An extensive token list is put up under collections for the buyers and sellers to purchase NFTs as they desire. Investors can buy by paying the gas fee alone.

NFT Bidding


Investors who are interested in buying collections can make bids on the tokens that are put up for open auction in the marketplace. The highest bidder of the auction wins the tokens.


Drift your users to the place where they want to land exactly. Search filters give the investor ways to find the items based on recently listed, highest price, lowest price, etc.

Browse Category

Browse Category

NFTs can be grouped under specific categories. Purchases are made simpler this way as investors can easily buy digital assets by choosing the categories.

Mark Favorites

Mark Favorites

Collectors who are exhilarated by the work of artists can mark them as favorites. The tokens are added to the favorite list that the users can view or buy them later.

Unlock Special Privilege

Unlock Special Privilege

On successful purchase of tokens, you can bestow certain privileges to the investors. It can be anything such as coupon codes, discounts, etc.

Include Collaborator

Include Collaborator

The creator who displays their collection on the marketplace can add a collaborator to access collection settings, create new items, receive payments, etc.



Incorporating wallet feature assists in storing, sending, and retrieving funds for exchanging the tokens.

Support System

Support System

Including a support system in the marketplace helps in attending to the customer FAQs, users complaint, ticket management, etc.

Multi Language


Instilled with multi-lingual optionality that supports the marketplace to be operated in different languages, making it convenient for the users in any part of the world.

Add more Tokens

Add More Tokens

This feature facilitates more tokens and altcoins to be added to the marketplace from the dashboard as per the interests.

Security Features Of Our White Label NFT Trading Platform

Loaded with a great deal of security features, our marketplace is well equipped to resist any threats or malicious attacks. Let's take a ride through some of the security features inbuilt with our platform.



AES 256 encryption is adopted for data in transit and data at rest. While PII data encryption ensures data integrity. Our platform also provides the flexibility to integrate with additional encryption standards.

Firewall, DOS, DDOS

Firewall, DOS, DDOS

DOS and DDOS protection are incorporated to keep the marketplace from unauthorized and malicious traffic. Furthermore, web application firewall, server hardening, ports management, and a lot more for enhanced protection.

Blacklist Management

Blacklist Management

We endow an intuitive dashboard where you can have complete control over blacklist management by tracking user activity based on IP, location, and other variables.

2FA Authenticator

2FA Authenticator

To secure the account, features like Two-factor authentication, Google Authenticator, Recaptcha, etc., does the work at its best.

Security Layer

Security Layer

The entire platform is guarded by multiple layers of security features, all with the same intention of safeguarding the marketplace from being exposed to any type of threats.

Workflow of A White-Label NFT Platform

Enrolling in the marketplace

Enrolling in the Marketplace

The crypto buff can register their account on the decentralized NFT trading platform to relish a seamless crypto trading experience.

Setup Wallet

Setup wallet

Wallets like Metamask, Torus, Wallet Connect, etc., can be integrated for smooth buying and storing of NFTs.

List Tokens

List tokens

Creators can tokenize their assets on specific standards and list them on the marketplace with product descriptions, price details, tags, etc., to the display of users.


Explore storefront

Intrigued investors can dive into the marketplace and make the selection from the ocean of NFTs as they please.

Bid or fixed price

Make Bid or Pay fixed price

Buyers can check if the preferred NFTs are put on auction sale or released at a fixed price. Accordingly, they can pay and take hold of their choice of digital assets.

Transferring Ownership

Transferring ownership

On successful completion of the transaction process, the unique crypto art comes to the possession of the investor, and the cryptocurrencies are transferred to the owner's wallet.

White Label NFT Marketplace Development For Various Niches - Some NFT Use Cases

Owning an NFT marketplace may turn out to be something that brings more and more benefits to relish. Be it any business vertical, our white label NFT marketplace is customized, fitting your niche. A few NFT Use cases are,


NFTs for Art turned out to be mainstream, and it unveiled new opportunities. NFT Art Marketplace sets a stage for creators like artists to showcase their digital artworks and sell them, in which counterparties across the world can buy them without intermediaries in a decentralized environment.


A White Label NFT platform for Music could make techprenuers provide a trustable environment for establishing a connection between music lovers and independent musicians for trading music NFTs. Songs, albums, lyrics, audios, etc., could be a tokenized asset displayed on the appealing storefront.


Users would experience way more everlasting fun turning to revenue generation with the concept of play-to-earn on the NFT gaming platform. Any in-game items, including accessories, could be bought, take part in the gaming, and receive rewards if won.


The craze of sports and NFTs is going beyond individually. If combined together, there is an ideal opportunity to grab, making a prominent footprint in the NFT gaming sector. A white label marketplace solution for sports will aid you out to achieve it.

Real Estate

NFT marketplace for Real Estate showered with the intuitive interface, ensuring a seamless user experience where users will get to purchase the land NFTs holding the ownership rights. Users could put their virtual properties for sale and monetize; thereby, the platform’s proprietor makes the most out of it.


The concept of the metaverse is no longer a sci-fi concept; being transformed into reality combined with NFTs to unveil unique & new opportunities. Metaverse-based NFT marketplace paves the way to step into the innovative world, letting users trade virtual digital items.

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Benefits Accommodated With Our White Label NFT Marketplace Solutions

There are numerous benefits of a white label NFT marketplace solution which will be a driving force for entrepreneurs to employ it when they intend to launch their NFT marketplaces. Some business benefits are as follows.


With the evolving market trends, customization is easy with a white label NFT marketplace, which will facilitate modifications of the platform suitable for your expectations, fitting industry standards.

Quality Assurance

It is a pre-made solution, which is well-crafted, and tested for glitches or any sort of errors. It is made certain that the quality and performance of the NFT marketplace have to be bug-free, i.e., flawless.

Faster Deployment

The NFT marketplace development from the base requires some longer time. However, the white label, a customizable solution, is easily deployable to the market without even compromising the quality.


Budget constraints are not at all a problem when making use of this solution to launch your NFT trading platform. Whoever they are: newbies or well-established business people, anyone could hop onto the NFT market through this solution.

Brand Awareness & Identity

Could have a better return on investment by creating brand awareness & identity through this solution which will drive a wider target audience base to your platform. The trust among your target audiences is so essential.

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Whitelabel NFT Marketplace Packages and Pricing


15000 USD
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Token Development (ERC-721 & ERC-1155)
  • NFT Marketing
  • Wallet Integration: MetaMask

  • Blockchain Support: Ethereum And/Or Polygon
  • Governance System: Decentralized
  • Smart Contract Integration
  • Features
  • Filters
  • Search Option
  • Rankings
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Listing In Bundles
  • NFT Store Exhibitory
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Trading History
  • Staking
  • Auction Types: Single Type Of Auction
  • Admin Portal
  • Add-Ons
  • Lazy Minting
  • API Integration
  • Fiat Support
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25000 USD
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Token Development (ERC-721 & ERC-1155)
  • NFT Marketing
  • Wallet Integration: Various Popular Wallets (MetaMask, TrustWallet, WalletConnect, MyEtherWallet)
  • Blockchain Support: Multiple Blockchains
  • Governance System: Decentralized
  • Smart Contract Integration
  • Features
  • Filters
  • Search Option
  • Rankings
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Listing In Bundles
  • NFT Store Exhibitory
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Trading History
  • Staking
  • Auction Types: Multiple Types Of Auction
  • Admin Portal
  • Add-Ons
  • Lazy Minting
  • API Integration
  • Fiat Support
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Variegated NFT Standards We Develop

Digital assets built on various NFT standards decide how the exchange works in the marketplace. They formulate and dictate the rules for storing, holding, and functioning of the non-fungible tokens.

  • ERC20 is a standard for creating Ethereum based tokens to define the rules of the protocol. It provides flexible functionality for the tokens to interact in the network.

  • An enhanced version of ERC20 token standard with a specialized feature that ensures tokens are sent to compatible addresses.

  • It is one of the most popular token standards. They are non-fungible tokens that use the mapping of unique identifiers.

  • ERC1155 standard is a multi-asset token standard usually used for listing a class of assets rather than a single asset.

  • It is an extension of the ERC721 that takes the NFT standard a step ahead, and the tokens that adopt ERC998 automatically implement ERC721.

Revenue Opportunities With Our White Label NFT Marketplace Development

Our ready made solutions widens the gates for you to make lucrative profits. To list a few,

  • Commission Charge

    One of the reliable ways of generating revenue is by collecting service charges. For every transaction that the buyer or seller makes, a portion of money flows into your pocket.

  • Token Listing Fee

    For listing the artworks of creators, you can impose listing fees that gain you an amount directly proportional to the number of tokens listed in your marketplace.

  • Displaying Ads

    Providing ad space attracts other brands to display their products. In return for this, you can collect an advertising fee that earns you good returns.

  • Marketing NFTs for users

    As an add-on revenue model, you can adopt this method of marketing NFTs to win good profits. Many NFT marketplaces follow this strategy seeking extra income.

How do we launch your NFT Marketplace?

Get Acquainted With Our Process Of White-Label NFT Marketplace Development

Idea Formulation

Idea Formulation

As the first step, we arrange a meeting with our clients and get to know what their ideas are for the NFT marketplace. Based on that, we formulate the development strategy that merges with the current trend.

UI Development

UI Development

After obtaining a clear picture of ideas, our UI designers then start to work on creating an adorable storefront. An eye-catching interface with user-friendly features is what our marketplace aims to provide.

Blockchain Selection

Selection of Blockchain

This is one crucial step as blockchain is the underlying technology that determines the functioning of the NFT marketplace. Therefore, choosing the right blockchain platform influences the strength of your project.

Technical Development

Technical Development

At this stage, the NFT marketplace is molded to take the shape by coding in all the necessities. We have knowledgeable experts with strong skills in programming the back-end functionalities for seamless performance.

 Testing and final deployment

Testing & Final Deployment

The functionality and usability of the marketplace are tested on different grounds to ensure there are no discrepancies or loopholes in the product. Finally, on ensuring the quality of the product, it gets all set to go on live.

Multifarious Blockchain Networks We Have Got Our Hands-On

Our intriguing team of NFT experts never miss on the chance to try out any new trend thatpops up in the market. Our area of expertise covers different blockchain networks such as,







Azure Blockchain






Why Hire Our White Label
NFT Marketplace Development Company?

Over the years, INORU has been excelling in providing the White label NFT marketplace solutions to clients based on their individual business needs. Explore the perks of acquiring the ready-made solutions from our development company.

  • Transparency

    We follow utmost transparency for NFT marketplace development & deployment. Our team will update every single deet to the clients to establish constant communication regarding the project.
  • Scalability

    Maximize the chance of revenue generation with the integration of gateways supporting both fiat currency and cryptocurrency as our team will fulfill your visions, transforming to actions with tweaks you require.
  • Expert Developers

    Our team of blockchain developers with experiences and sound knowledge focuses on delivering the white label NFT platform solution personalized to you, ensuring the facile execution of trading of digital assets.
  • Latest Tools & Technologies

    We utilize the latest tools & technologies for the development of your NFT marketplace. Blockchain technologies we employ are Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Cardano, Solana, etc.
  • Around The Clock Support

    Post NFT marketplace launch, our technical support team will be available 24*7 to assist you in the case of any glitches or technical issues you may encounter in our white label NFT marketplace solution.

Technology Stack

Blockchain Network

Front-end Frameworks

NFT Standards


To launch an NFT marketplace, you need to select the technical solution, type of blockchain network, payment options, etc. On selecting all this, our development team starts working on bringing your dream project to reality.
We build our marketplace to support fiat currencies, debit and credit card payments, cryptocurrency exchange, and so on.
NFTs are million-dollar revenue businesses that pave the way for the investment opportunities on NFT collectibles or products like art, music, game assets, etc. We also stretch out our services in tokenizing digital collectibles.
Definitely yes. If not, you wouldn't be looking for it in the first place. Moreover, with the number of transactions and inflow of crypto investments, NFTs have gained a stronghold, and it is certain that the trend is not going away anytime soon.
Whatever your requirements are, we give shape to it. Apart from that, to name some of the solutions that we develop: Rarible clone, Opensea clone, SuperRare clone, ZedRun clone, NFT based OnlyFans clone, etc.

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