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Glovo Clone App- An All in All Delivery Solution

The world has changed, the pandemic has shuffled the cards in such a way that we learn to play the game in a different way than we used to, in the past. One such new way of doing things is getting everything delivered to our doorstep without taking a step but making a few taps. And this change in our lifestyle has sparked the on-demand delivery service sector. Glovo clone is your call to dive into this industry and deliver everything your neighbourhood, city, or world needs.

Here, there is not much to think about as the on-demand delivery service sector is making an explicit statement all over the globe, that they are grabbing a huge portion of the economy and they are here to stay for a very long time. The market is vastly spread with the potential to offer everyone who taps into it. If you are an entrepreneur waiting for the right time, then dear, this is your time and opportunity to elicit the entrepreneur swag that has been hidden in you for a very long time. Give us a call and let us build your entrepreneurial dream together.

What is the Glovo clone?

A Glovo clone is a ready-to-launch on-demand delivery app connecting the vendors and the customers of a neighbourhood. It offers an all in all delivery service allowing entrepreneurs like you to explore divergent businesses putting a lot of options on your table. It is 100% customizable which means you are free to dream and we build it the same way you dreamt it to be.

An On-Demand Delivery App With A Facile Workflow

We build an app that needs no grandchild to teach the granny how to use but the granny could figure it out herself.

  • The user gets on board by signing up using their social credentials in the time of a wink.

  • Search for the store and place the orders to be made

  • The storekeeper is notified of the order placed by the customer, they can either accept or reject the order.

  • Once the storekeeper accepts the order, the app looks for a delivery person in the nearby premises and find one for this delivery

  • The delivery person kick-starts their vehicle and heads towards the store to pick up the order.

  • On picking up the order, the delivery person now heads towards the customer and knocks on their door with their order, and hands it over.

Imperative Features Of Glovo Clone App

Sign-Up The user gets on board with the app by using their social credentials or email ID.

Instant Search Bar A search bar for the users to get to the products and the store they are looking for instantly.

Search Filter Options Your users can filter down their search results to exactly the kind of product they are looking for in the pricing range they can afford for.

Order Details A complete checklist on orders placed by the user so that the delivery person and the store owner don’t miss a thing.

Place An Order This is an integral feature of this app; the user places an order of all the items they have selected.

Multiple Payment Options Gift your users multiple payment options like credit/debit cards, net banking, e-wallet, P2P transaction, and more.

Add To Cart The commodities to be ordered can be added to the cart, like picking up the products in a shopping complex in a shopping cart.

Review The user has the liberty to write a review of the service offered to him.

Driver Verification For on-demand delivery service, the trustworthiness of a delivery person is integral; therefore, a stringent verification of documents is run.

Availability Toggle The delivery person can work flexibly; they can toggle between availability and unavailability status effortlessly.

Order List The driver has the complete list of the order, so he/she does not miss any item from the order for delivery.

Accept/Reject Order The delivery person can either accept or reject the order assigned with respect to their convenience.

Earnings Record The earnings made by the driver on every accomplished delivery can be tracked by the driver. This keeps them motivated to deliver many more orders.

Real-Time Navigation The google maps integrated to the app ensures the driver can head both to the store and to the user’s location with no hindrance.

Verification The credibility of the store is verified as a first step before getting it on board with the app.

Products List The storekeeper manages all the products available in the store for delivery using this feature.

Payout Record A detailed record of the payout the store receives from the app on all orders can be tracked here.

Promo Banners The store manager can promote their store in the app by displaying banners of offers and discounts in the app.

Availability Status This feature allows the storekeeper to indicate to the app if they are open for deliveries or not.

Order Management Every order assigned to the store can be kept a record and managed by the storekeeper for future reference.

Admin Dashboard A dashboard that bestows the admin with a holistic view of the current proceedings of the business and the future predictions.

User Management The admin can keep track of all the user data, their shopping behavior, and more to award with more offers and discounts and lure them into placing more orders.

Management Of The Stores The admin keeps an eye on the quality of products served by the stores with the review written by the user. In case the store supplies shabby products, the admin can rule it out of the app.

Management Of Delivery Person The details of all the delivery persons are recorded and managed by the admin using the admin panel.

Manage Payments The payments to be made to the stores and the delivery persons can be recorded and managed by using the admin panel.

Resolve Issues In case of any shortcomings in any delivery, the admin can step up and resolve it themself.

Revenue Model

  • Store fee

    Getting on board with an on-demand delivery service app means more business to a store and that extra business comes with a fee.

  • Ads

    The more lucrative ads the stores run in the app, the more business they get, and these ads don’t come for free.

  • Surge Pricing

    Peak times, increased demand for delivery products, and delivery at these times can be added up with surge pricing.

  • Commission fee

    On every order assigned to the store, they are accustomed to pay a commission.

Why Choose us

Free Server Installation

On building your robust app, we install it in a server of your choice free of charge.

Free Deployment

After successful development of your app we deploy it on Android and iOS platforms for free.

Free Support

In this journey of building an exemplary app for your audience, we offer you free support throughout the development process.

100% Customization

You have a vision and all you have to do is to convey it to us and we simply bring it to life the way you wanted it to be.

Native Android and iOS Apps

We develop your app using native languages to ensure it is compatible with all devices.

Round The Clock Support

You have a query you call us instantly irrespective of where the sun is because our support team is always here for you even when the sun rests.

Development Process

What is the cost of a Glovo clone?

This is a question that arises in every entrepreneur or business owner’s mind the moment they think of launching one. But what you have to understand is that the answer to this question is not a single word answer. The cost of an app depends on various factors. It depends on the platforms you want to launch it, the technology stack you want to use to develop it, the customizations you want to make in it, the time duration you have before you have to launch it, and many more.

So first, before asking the question of what is the cost ask yourself what the kind of app you are going to develop is, what are the features you are going to embed in it, what kind of a design you are looking for, and then give us a call and just propose all this to us and once you disconnect the call the pricing to develop your app will be on the top of the inbox of your mail.


No. Inoru never includes any hidden charges. You can trust us always, as we charge for just one time.

Of course not. Our solution is scalable, and there are no bars on the number of users who can use it. But if you wish, you can customize the same.

The future is promising for these on-demand delivery apps and especially apps with live content broadcasting. Our Glovo Clone is highly scalable to fit in even the world population, aiding the growth.

Definitely, our on-demand delivery app is end-to-end encrypted to dodge and prevent cyber-attacks and unauthorized access.

Absolutely. Our support extends from app launch to app rejection support. We’ll analyze the possible issues, fix them and resubmit them.

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