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With commuting requirements skyrocketing, enter and thrive in the lucrative market with a dedicated shuttle service mobile app. Powered with the most remarkable features, help ease daily commuting for professionals, citizens, and employees. At INORU, we build more extensive backend structures coupled with the most interactive user interface (UI) for service seekers and drivers. The smart solutions don't end there, as a business operator, we ensure you execute data-driven decisions with the in-build analytics report generation software. Why wait? Get your hands on exceptional apps tailored for the world's most extensively used smartphones and web platforms today.

Shuttle ServicesFor Every Requirement

With the smart shuttle service app solutions, power your business offerings, and promote convenient and seamless commuting experience for global passengers.

Revolutionize shuttle service
with app-based bookings

Fleet Operators

With the advanced shuttle app development solutions cater to your existing users and gain new ones with ease.

Daily travel made easy
and affordable

Bus Startups

Offer affordable commuting services to users with INORU’s outstanding bus shuttle app development solutions for your business.

Efficient everyday commute
for employees and public

Companies & Governments

Improve travel productivity with premier citizen & employee shuttle app development solutions for governments and enterprises.

Right Value DeliveredTo Your Business

Customizable App

Your app will be customized to meet your business requirements best and help you grow ten-folds.

Round the Clock Support

We value your business and offer a dedicated support team (available 24*7) to resolve any concerns for uninterrupted functioning.

Ready to Use

With our cost-efficient pre-built scripts, commence your shuttle service operations immediately with zero time to market.

Top User Reviews

We build amazing applications by integrating the latest tech for smooth functionality and user convenience. Thus, ensuring five-star ratings, always!


Powered with state-of-the-art features, the dedicated app for shuttle services ensure your business performs seamlessly.


With the in-build analytics software, view and download the latest reports on the performance of the app & business.


We understand your business may start small, but going ahead would proliferate. The app is designed to scale to your developing requirements.

Comprehensive Testing

The app goes through numerous testing cycles to ensure its performance remains stable all the time.

Interactive UI/UX

The creatively-crafted app for passengers and drivers boost fantastic UI/UX designs for a lasting experience.

End-to-endImplementation and Launch

At INORU, we recognize that each project is unique. From ideation of your business to the launch of your custom-built shuttle services app, our veteran developers follow a comprehensive approach, always!

Gathering Requirements

Our experts would discuss your project and formulate the requirements to meet the business needs best.

Setting Up Server and Backup

To ensure delivery of complete data ownership securely, we setup the developed app/solutions on your company servers.

Integrating Notifications

Alert passengers and drivers with the latest updates via push notifications, SMS, and email integrated into the app.

Post-Launch Maintenance

Your business needs would evolve, and our dedicated post-support team ensures you stay ahead in the market with updated integrations.

Security Audit

The shuttle app goes through multiple security compliance checks to ensure uninterrupted functioning.

App Listing

Post-development, we ensure your dedicated app for shuttle services gets listed on the popular Apple app store and Google play store.

Payment Integration

To ensure secure payment experience, we integrate numerous popular payment gateways and methods such as credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and more.

CompleteFeature List

Social Media Login

Passengers can log in the app directly via their social media credentials such as Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Browse Routes

Service seekers can plan their journey by exploring the available pickup points and routes via the app.

Instant Booking

Users can select the route, seat, and pick-up point and proceed with express checkout for quick bookings.

Manage bookings

The smart feature lets passengers view their booking history, reschedule trips or cancel as per their discretion.

Explore maps

The in-app map showcases the available routes and pickup points for passengers to organize their trip.

Real-time notifications

The feature updates passengers with the latest alerts regarding their shuttle service bookings, vehicle proximity, and other information.

Easy tracking

The app offers real-time tracking of the booked shuttle. Passengers can track the vehicle on the in-app integrated map.


During unforeseen emergencies, passengers can activate the SOS feature for immediate action.

Help & support

For any assistance, passengers can view the in-app FAQ’s or contact the support team directly.

Add favorites

Commonly used routes are marked as favorites. This feature assists in quick booking for passengers.

Route suggestion

Passengers unable to find service in specific areas can recommend new routes via the in-app feature.

Digi-boarding Pass

Passengers post-booking will receive a digital boarding pass for hassle-free check-in.

Rate & review

Passengers post completing the trip can rate the diver and shuttle experience. They can also provide additional feedback as per their discretion.

Multi-payment integration

Passengers can pay securely via multiple-payment modes such as credit/debit cards, in-app digital wallets, dedicated payment apps, and others.

Manage bookings

Drivers can view and manage shuttle service requests directly via the app. They can accept or reject ride requests as per their discretion.

Toggle availability

The creatively-designed feature allows drivers to mark available or unavailable to serve shuttle service requests.

Navigate route

Drivers can view the recommended routes via the in-app navigation system for conducting the trip.

Secure login

Drivers can log in the app with the authorized credentials. The system allows login request post-approval.

SOS alerts

For urgent assistance during unforeseen circumstances, drivers can activate the SOS feature.

Rate & review

Drivers can rate the passenger via the app. They can provide additional feedback for the experience as per their discretion.


Alert drivers with ride requests, cancellation, passenger location proximity, payment confirmations, and others.

Help & support

The app feature lets drivers connect with service providers support team and raise issues when needed.

Dedicated dashboard

The dashboard for drivers offers updates on the earnings, performance, rating from passengers, and more.

In-app messaging/calling

Drivers can connect with passengers via the in-app integrated messaging and calling feature.

Authorized login

With secured access via authorized login, manage the entire shuttle service business functionality glitch-free.

Dedicated dashboard

Monitor and manage the shuttle buses/vehicles, the assigned routes, view & download business metrics, and much more.

Route management

Set the designated routes for each operational zone for the shuttle buses. Receive bookings for all functional zones hassle-free.

Passenger management

Maintain and manage a dedicated database of registered passengers with details such as name, unique customer ID, phone number, and others.

Driver management

Manage drivers registered to your app by setting commission rates, approve/reject signup requests, live-tracking, settle payments, and others.

Tariff management

With the powerful admin panel, offer monthly passes to passengers, set the maximum & minimum fare, assign waiting charges and more.

Fleet management

Manage routes assigned to shuttle buses, track the fleet, schedule vehicle maintenance, and much more.

Tracking trips

With the smart admin panel, track each shuttle bus in real-time, get notified during breakdowns and deviation from assigned routes.

Report & analytics

Ensure data-driven decisions for your shuttle service with end-to-end reports and analytics information.

Manage ratings

Monitor and manage ratings provided by users. Take corrective actions for poorly rated passengers and drivers.

Surge pricing

Activate surge pricing for zones witnessing a spike in shuttle service requests. The feature simultaneously notifies passengers & drivers of the same.

Are you looking to develop a robust shuttle service app for your business? Talk to our experts today and get started right away!

Technology Stack

For Web

  • Laravel (PHP Framework) 5.7
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript as frontend
  • Passport & JWT for Authentication Package
  • MySQL Database
  • Mailgun for mail config
  • Google Map Places API
  • Google Static Map API
  • Stripe payment gateway
  • Twillio/Facebook Account kit for OTP verification
  • Hosting can be any dedicated Ubuntu servers
  • Paid/Letsencrypt free SSL

For Android

  • MVP Code pattern
  • JAVA
  • Retorfit network library
  • Google Map SDK for android
  • FCM Push notification
  • Firebase realtime DB for chat
  • Android studio 3.3

For iOS

  • VIPER Code pattern
  • Swift 4.2
  • Alamofire network library
  • Google Map SDK for iOS
  • APNS Push notification
  • Firebase realtime DB for chat
  • Xcode 10.1




Yes, the dedicated shuttle app will help you connect with a broader audience base and boost your business ten-folds.

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Yes, your feedback is most crucial during the development phase. Our team ensures you remain updated with the latest always.

Yes, by integrating popular languages such as English, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, and others, cater to global users with ease.

Yes, even the smallest idea can turn out to be the next success story. Contact our experts today and witness your business plan take shape.

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