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Uber for Mechanic Services App Development

Equipping your business with a Uber For Mechanics services app is a great way to establish yourself in the market, set yourself apart from the competition, and ensure the success of your mechanics operation. Nowadays, the on-demand mode of work is the most preferred way operating for services of all kinds. From food delivery to the taxi industry, this new mode of business operations has proven itself time and again.

Get started on your on-demand service journey with our On demand mechanics service app designed for the modern day mechanic. Built with the latest feature set, attractive design, and a host of functionalities, this is the best way to establish your business as a leading name in the industry.

Give us a call and set yourself up for a lifetime of success. Only with INORU’s Uber For Mechanics App development services.

on demand mechanics services app

Why launch an on-demand mechanic service app?

On-demand services have the revelation of the industry in the past few years. What started as a niche offering has blossomed into a viable sector of its own kind. On-demand services now rule the roost across every business avenue. From ordering in food from the comfort of one's own home to hailing a taxi whenever one needs, on-demand apps make everything easy to do and extremely convenient. There is simply no incentive to carry on the traditional modes of services that have proven themselves to be comparatively ineffective.

As more and more people get accustomed to having everything at their fingertips, people are increasingly inclined to use an app to hail any service they need. Why waste time finding a mechanic near you when you can look up the best mechanic in your vicinity in the app, book an appointment, and even have them pick up your vehicle?

This is the streamlined functionality that our Uber For Mechanics app offers its users. With a highly streamlined mode of work, a laundry list of features, service options, and a beautifully designed interface to boost, this is the number one choice among entrepreneurs looking to take their mechanic skills to a highly profitable level.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us, and you can do the same for your existing mechanic business!

on demand mechanics services app development

Uber For Mechanics App - Built For The Future

As we progress into this digitally backed economy, almost every product or service can be availed through the use of an application. This phenomenon has become so commonplace that in many cases, having an on-demand app for your business has become more of a necessity than a luxury.

With the increasing usage of smartphones and the internet across the world from developed countries to third world nations, the room for growth is still massive. By tapping into this huge potential and launching your own on-demand Mechanics app, you can not only get ahead of the competition but ensure your success for years to come.

Launching a Uber For Mechanics app is the best thing you can do for the future of your mechanic business. Don’t wait any longer, get in touch with our team today!

Must Have Features Of Our Uber For Mechanics App

Store Locator

With our Uber For Mechanics app, customers can view in real-time the mechanic shops near their locality with all the necessary information such as distance, ratings, phone number, and more.

Booking Appointments

Users can book an appointment with the mechanic in advance much earlier with our appointment booking function. A great way to ensure that you provide comfort and dependability to your customers.

Direct Call

Users can quickly get in touch with the mechanic at any time to have their queries or concerns resolved. The contact details of every mechanic shop in their vicinity are provided in the app.

About Section

For mechanics that want to stand out from the crowd, we have provided an ‘About’ section that allows them to include a description of their business, their work history, and more.

View Ratings/Reviews

Users have the ability to read in-depth reviews of other customers about the mechanic shop they’ve chosen. This allows them to be well informed and make the right decision when it comes to getting their vehicle repaired.


The pick-up, drop option is a great way to gain some brownie points with your customers. Mechanics who are willing to provide this service can incentivize customers to choose them over the other options available.

Uber For Mechanics App - Extensive Features List

Our on-demand service app for mechanics is designed to make life easier for everyone involved - the customer, the mechanic, and the admin. Here is a list of our features that make our offering so special.

Quick and easy onboardingWith the highly streamlined onboarding process, users can register with Uber like mechanic service app in record breaking time.

Search FiltersWe have made the process of finding the right mechanic extremely easy with a host of available search filter options. Users can find exactly what they are looking for in a quick and efficient way.

View ProfileWhen searching for the right mechanic shop, users can view the profile of the shop posted by the mechanic to narrow down their search. This section can provide the user with much more information.

Appointment SchedulingUsers can select a shop and fix an appointment based on their schedule. The date and timing can be chosen by the user and will be verified and approved by the mechanic.

Alter/ Cancel BookingsUsers have the ability to alter or cancel their bookings provided they do it well in advance. This ensures that the mechanic shop is not affected by a sudden decision from the user’s side.

Real time notificationsUsers are updated on the latest status regarding their service in real time via push notifications. From the time the booking is made to when they get their vehicle back, there is 100% transparency.

Multi-payment modesWith an array of payment options available, users can choose one that is convenient for them. Payment can be made via debit/credit card, net banking, even cash when available.

Direct MessageShould users need to connect with the mechanic at any point of time, they can quickly send a direct message to them. The in-app chat option is highly recommended and a must-have for your Uber for Mechanics app.

Feedback and RatingsWhen the service is completed, the User can provide feedback in the form of ratings and a quick description of their experience. This helps other users choose the right mechanic.

ProfileMechanics are given the opportunity to showcase their individuality with a self-made profile that is highly customizable. They can include a short description about themselves and their shop/services.

VerificationWhen the mechanic registered themselves with the app, they are subjected to a verification process by the admin. They can render their services once the verification is successful.

Timings/RatesMechanics can provide other necessary information such as the timing of operation, the prices for different services, and more.

Store LocatorMechanics can locate their shop in the map and tag themselves so users can easily find the location of the map. The on-demand mechanic service app can also automatically detect the right location.

Pick-up/DropMechanics you wish to provide this service can provide the necessary information in this section such as the radius in which this service is available, if there is any extra charge or not, etc.

Accept/Reject Incoming RequestWhen a new appointment comes in, the mechanic can quickly view the request and choose to accept or decline the request depending on their schedule.

Offers/DiscountsMechanics can provide offers and discounts to incentivize new customers to use their services.

View Job HistoryMechanics can view an extensive history of the jobs carried out via the Uber For Mechanics App.

Customer SupportMechanics can get in touch with the admin/customer support when they are facing any issue with the app.

Admin DashboardThe Dashboard provides the admins with every information regarding the functioning of the app. We have built the dashboard to be as informative as possible without overwhelming the admin.

View StoresThe admin can quickly get the necessary information regarding the registered stores in the application.

Manage UsersThe admin can manage the registered user profiles in a quick and easy manner with this highly helpful tool.

Manage JobsThe admin can view and manage the pending job requests in the app. This gives them power to know exactly what is going on in the application at any time.

Manage AdvertisementsThe admin can view and manage the advertising they’ve enabled in the app. Advertising revenue is a great way to diversify your earnings.

Detailed ReportsThe app provides the admin with regularly updated reports which keep them up-to-date with the functioning of their franchise.

Customer SupportThe admin can get in touch with customer support anytime to resolve any issues they are facing with the app.

on demand mechanics services app

Revenue Model Of Our Uber For Mechanics App - How can you earn?

If you’re wondering how you can boost your profits with an on demand mechanic App, here’s how.

Standalone App For Shop OwnersMechanics who own their own garages can use our app as a marketplace for their service. WIth an on-demand app, you can gain visibility, legitimacy, and further your business standing. This will drive up your revenue through an increase in the traffic your business gets.

Marketplace For MechanicsAlternatively, entrepreneurs can utilize the Uber For Mechanics app as a marketplace for a list of mechanics in a locality or even a city. This is the most popular usage for the on-demand mechanic service app. Customers can pick and choose the provider they like and have ultimate control over the service provided.

Advertising RevenueNo matter what kind of app you choose to go with, the advertising aspect is applicable. App owners can charge a fee to showcase advertisements on their app from the registered mechanics or third party companies. Advertising revenue is a huge advantage that comes with any quality application.

How does the Uber For Mechanics App work?

Uber For Mechanics
  • The user searches for the shops in their locality by entering their location.

  • They can view the list of available shops, filter their searches using various parameters to narrow it down.

  • Users can view the profiles of all the different shops, their ratings, reviews, cost, services provided etc.

  • When they find something that meets their criteria, they can schedule an appointment,

  • The appointment is verified by the mechanic and accepted based on their schedule.

  • The service is carried out on the time and day of the appointment.

  • Post the service and the subsequent payment, the user is asked to rate the service and provide their feedback.

Our Development Process For The Best Uber For Mechanics App


Requirement Analysis The first step of our development begins by sitting down with the client to learn about their requirements and expectations


Planning The Job Once we know what the client wants, we will put together a fool-proof plan and a team to carry out the same, complete with a project manager.


Design and Development Our design and development team will work in tandem to ensure that not only does your app look beautiful and is easy to use but that it is highly robust and functional.


Quality Check Once the development process is accounted for, the quality of the product is verified by our team to ensure that it is up to the strictest standards.


Launch Post the approval of the client, we will launch the app in all the platforms available as part of a carefully thought out plan that ensures immediate impact.


Maintenance and Support For the clients that avail our support services, our team is always on standby to help you with their expertise and skill.

Why Choose INORU as your Uber For Mechanics Development Company?

on demand mechanics services app
  • Comprehensive solutions.

  • Highly streamlined mode of work.

  • Expert team of personnel.

  • End-to-end development services.

  • Affordable pricing plans.

  • Industry experience of over 14+ years.

  • Dedicated project manager.

  • Latest technology in the market.

  • 100% customization.

  • Proven results.

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