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Although the fantasy sports business is strongly disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the fantasy sports fans are still strong. As the followers base increases for the online gaming platforms, the companies should start considering some alternative game formats which will entertain the fans and provides them a platform to compete, communicate and win exclusive prizes. With no live sporting events all over the world, the sports enthusiast are left with no option but to consider other forms of entertainment such as social media or binge-watching their favorite TV show.

The impact on various sports:

    Due to the pandemic coronavirus, several sporting events have been rescheduled or canceled. The situation has also forced some athletes to withdraw from several tournaments all over the world. Several countries have imposed restrictions on traveling in and out of the country. Due to these preventive measures and travel restrictions several foreign players are not able to travel. Several notable badminton tournaments such as the Swiss Open, India Open, Orleans Open, Malaysia Open and Singapore Open are canceled by the Badminton world federation (BWF).

    The Fed cup final match which is supposed to be held in Budapest, Hungary have been postponed indefinitely. Several other playoff matches are which was supposed to be held at various other places were also postponed considering the situation. The Kyrgyz Ministry of youth made its announcement about canceling the Olympic qualifying tournament which was supposed to be held in the last week of March. 


    Independent games such as Quiz and Predictions can be provided to the fantasy sports users. They can use it as an opportunity to test their knowledge in their favorite sports and also can improve their skills. A separate guide can be included in the app by the fantasy sports game development company so that it can be useful for the customers. This Quiz and predictions can be used to enhance the user experience by organizing a competition in the app and the winners can get bonus coins. The bonus coins can be redeemed into cash or can be directly added to the user’s wallet. The user can also make use of the money in the wallet for betting after the lockdown when the sports resume.

Fans can brush up their skills:

    As most sports fans will have the knowledge about fantasy sports they can brush up their skills. The astronomical percentage of people who do not have any knowledge about fantasy sports can make use of this time for learning about fantasy sports and understanding it. They can also the mini online courses which can be completed within 15 days. The courses can provide help them to learn the tactics and strategies required to track players, teams, matches to improve their performance. 

Opportunities to explore new sports:

    Most of us are most likely to follow more than one sport. So fantasy sports fans can make of this opportunity to explore other sports which they have never looked onto. There are several sports to explore such as kabaddi, basketball, volleyball, hockey, rugby, and several others. The love for sports has no boundaries and expanding your knowledge in sports will get you opportunities to mingle with several other people. People can also make use of the chatroom in the fantasy sports app to connect with people with similar interests and also consider joining other sports groups to explore as well to get exposure to various sports. So staying indoors does not mean that you can’t stick to your daily dose of sports, by staying indoors you are also helping the world to fight COVID-19. 

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