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Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Script

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to make your MLM business highly attractive for users around the world, our Ethereum based smart contract mlm software is the best way to go. With an array of features and functionalities that make the process of joining your MLM easy for users, this offering is one you don’t want to miss out on!

Get in touch with our experts to launch a Smart Contract Based MLM On Ethereum blockchain in no time and capitalize on the opportunity the market has to offer.

A White-label Ethereum MLM Software For Your Business

Multi-level-marketing business or MLM is a concept that has gained a lot of ground in recent years. The digital age has made it easier for businesses to connect with their customers than ever before and MLMs are taking full advantage of this fact. With a market size of over $150 billion, the MLM business presents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who are looking to make their mark in the industry.

Why launch an Ethereum Based MLM Software?

With a growing user base that transcends borders, MLM softwares have quickly become a mainstay in the conversation among entrepreneurs around the world. MLMs are a popular concept business enthusiasts for the fact that they offer a quick and easy method of becoming rich. Compared to traditional businesses that require a large amount of money to start, need a lot of legwork and cumbersome regulations to jump through, the MLM business model is a breeze for the business owner.

With the popularity of MLMs at all time high, there has never been a better time to launch your own MLM business guided by the experts in this business space.

Multi-level Marketing - How does it Work?

Our Cryptocurrency MLM Software is built on a tried and tested pyramid model that gives the app owners a streamlined way of earning incredible amounts of money.

The Multi-level-marketing model works on a tier-based approach which puts participants at different levels of the pyramid. The further up one goes on the pyramid, the higher amounts of money they stand to earn.

Participants are introduced to the MLM by an existing participant. This can be done through a referral code.

When the new participant joins the MLM, they are placed immediately under the existing participant.

A percentage of the money paid by the new participant to join the MLM or buy the product sold under the MLM is paid to the participant who referred them.

Similarly, a percentage from this translation is paid upwards at each level of the pyramid, all the way to the top.

This cycle continues as the new participant manages to spread the word about the MLM and gets other people to join the business model, now directly under them and so on and so forth.

The Smart Contract based MLM Software utilizes this same basic principle built into an Ethereum blockchain and brings with it a host of benefits.

Benefits of a Smart contract MLM on Ethereum

Our Smart Contract enabled MLM utilizes the advantages of blockchain technology to offer users a highly coveted software with unmatched utility and benefits.

Immutability One of the main advantages that blockchain technology brings to the table is a highly immutable nature. The data stored in the blockchain is immutable and cannot be altered by any third party. This allows the users of the MLM to rest easy knowing that any valuable data stored in the software cannot be changed.

TrustworthyThe Ethereum blockchain MLM provides a trust factor that can be relied upon by users. With the immutable and secure nature of blockchain technology brought into the MLM, the participants involved in the MLM will feel more secure in being a part of the scheme.

High Turnover RateThe main selling point of an MLM enterprise is the high turnover rate it yields. With a relatively small investment amount, one can experience great returns with an MLM scheme.

Minimal InvestmentA tie-up to the previous point, when compared to other business structures, the MLM business plan requires a minimal investment plan. This provides a great opportunity for new entrepreneurs to get their business off the ground.

Future-leaningThe MLM business is enjoying great success at the moment but that success pales in comparison to what it can be a few years down the line. As more and more people get involved in the industry, the opportunity for an entrepreneur to launch a Ethereum Smart Contract MLM software to success grows.

AutomationThe smart contract in the MLM software enables an automated workflow for users. Processes that have previously required cumbersome manual intervention can be automated with ease using a smart contract.

Why Choose INORU as your Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software developer?

As a premier name in the business, we have everything you need to get started in this robust industry and capitalize on the opportunities presented in the market.

14+ years of industry experience

We have been a force to be reckoned with in the industry for over 14+ years. We have seen and done everything there is to do in the industry. With our varied experience and skillset, we will be able to guide you through the entirety of the process and set you up for success.

End-to-end development

As a seasoned developer, we have a dedicated team of experts that excel in all the areas of development. From front end design to back ended development and more, we can do everything.

Timely Delivery

We know the importance of launching the right product at the right time. Our development team will build your product in the quickest time possible without compromising on the quality.

World Quality Service

We have worked with small and big companies around the world. Our clientele consists of clients from every corner of the world. This international experience helps us develop products with a better chance to attain success that transcend borders.

Expert Marketing

Our marketing team is known for their knack of achieving great results in quick time. With our help you’ll be able to establish your brand in the market with a carefully planned campaign that’s highly result-oriented.

Scalable Software

Scalability is integral to the success of any business venture. This is especially true in the MLM domain where expansion is the name of the game. You can upgrade your MLM software at any time.


MLM stands for Multi Level Marketing. It is a business model that’s highly profitable and utilized increasingly in all sectors of industry. It follows a tier system where participants are placed in different levels that make up a pyramid structure.

The Ethereum Smart Contract is a smart contract that is built into the Ethereum blockchain. It is designed to automatically execute certain protocols when predetermined conditions are met. A smart contract on the MLM allows the entrepreneur to take a hands off approach in maintaining and growing the business enabling them to focus on more critical tasks.

Yes it does. With the industry already valued upwards of a hundred billion dollars, the trend is pointing upwards for the upcoming years. Getting into this profitable business at this opportune moment can make your venture a successful one. Get in touch with us to get started today.

The pricing can be better determined when we learn the details of the project including the features you want, the extent of customization, the resources required for the project etc. Get in touch with our team for a free consultation meeting and get an accurate estimate of the price of the MLM software.

We offer expert maintenance and support services at a very affordable price. You can get in touch with us to upgrade at any time and call us regarding any challenges or difficulties you face.

Yes. 100%. The MLM software is completely white-label and can be outfitted with your branding, logo, and any other design element you want.

Yes we do. Our marketing services are renowned for their prowess so get in touch to avail our services at an unbeatable price.

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