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Fantasy sports are platforms where fans can create their own virtual team which can consist of real sportspersons. It is steadily gaining its popularity in India mainly in Cricket and Kabaddi as these two are the most popular sports in the country. Football and Basketball lag behind these sports in terms of fan following in India. As the world is completely under lockdown, most of the popular leagues and sports tournaments are either canceled or postponed officially. In this article, we will see how fantasy sports fans are coping up with their daily life without any sporting events in the world.

Fantasy sports is a game of ‘skill’ not ‘chances’

The unique game system of fantasy sports is the main reason for its popularity around the world. It lets the fans create their own fantasy team with the players in the real world team from the scheduled matches in the tournament. The fans gain points in the game based on the performance of the players they have chosen in the team. Thus, the fans climb their way up to the top of the points table with several competitors placing their bets in the tournament. The fans who get featured at the top of the list by the end of the game will win cash rewards.

The key success to win in fantasy sports lies in choosing the right players as it is a skill-based game and not a game based on chances. There are several gaming platforms that feed the information required for choosing the players in your fantasy team. The data that every fantasy player needs to analyze before picking their team is information about the teams and player’s performances. It will be presented in different matrics and presented in a simple form with the help of AI calculation.

How fantasy sports players are coping up?

Although live sports events are stalled all over the world, fantasy sports players are still placing their money on some of the sports leagues that are still active. The sports leagues that are still active are SBL, Belarus Premier League (BPL), and Nicaragua’s top division football league, Liga Primera. The tournaments in Belarus Premier League and Taiwan’s Super Basketball are still going on. Fantasy sports fans have shifted their eyes to these leagues to keep themselves entertained and be engaged with sports.

Yannick Colaco, the co-founder of FanCode says that this might be a great opportunity for fantasy sports fans to explore new religion in sport and to get global exposure. The fantasy sports app development team has included options for interacting with people around the world in their respective apps. People can interact with other fantasy sports fans on separate chat rooms which will be added with people with similar interests to interact with each other and to select their team more efficiently.

What industry experts feel about the situation?

Some of the industry experts feel that this might be the situation for the enthusiasm of fantasy sports fans to drop. Abhishek Madhavan, the vice-president of marketing in the Mobile Premier League (MPL) thinks that this might be a temporary shift in the behavior of fantasy sports fans. He adds that their business is grown at an overall rate due to the nature of their platform. He says this because fantasy sports are one of the forty games on their MPL app.

Bottom line:

Although the live events are stalled around the globe some countries like Belarus are still unaffected by the pandemic. The country’s president himself participated in a game of ice-hockey last month. Fantasy sports players are extremely passionate about their game and it is beyond heaving a random number in our minds for the game.

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