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Doctor on-demand apps are the future of medical consultations for people. The average time taken in a telemedicine app to connect with a doctor is three minutes. The concept has become so popular that several hospitals and entrepreneurs are getting into the market by launching their own platforms. Here is the step by step guide to get into the market with your own platform.

Walkthrough of the development process:

Step 1:

Approach a professional telemedicine software development team

Go through all the professional telemedicine development companies in the market and research about them. After segregating the companies, now you would have chosen a company for your telemedicine app.

Step 2:

Ask for a quote

Visit their website and read about the services they offer thoroughly. Fill out the contact and mention the details of your project clearly in it.

Step 3:

Explain the scope of your project

The company’s business development manager will contact you with the details you have provided. The manager will discuss with you the project details and learn about the scope of the project. Then you will be briefed about the process and list of features to be added in the project by the business analyst and project manager. They will present their mockup plans and prototypes for the project.

Step 4:

Entering the development phase

After finalizing the structure of the application and features to be included in it, you need to sign an NDA. After that, the telemedicine software development team will start developing the code for the project and start testing it on various stages. They test the app and conduct bug-fixing iteration by iteration several times. 

Step 5:

Demonstration of the application

Fix a date with your telemedicine app developers for a demonstration of the application. If everything goes well as you expected, the app can be moved onto launch on the app markets for people to download. Otherwise, the app should be sent back to the team to rectify the issues and start another iteration of the same process.

Step 6:

Launch your app

You must make sure that all the features have been implemented in the app. You must not make any compromises in the development of the app or features implemented in the app. Now you can proceed to run the final demo of the project and hand over the project-related data. The data includes databases, access to app stores, mock-ups, and designs, which will be used by the developer to create more efficient telemedicine apps. After the implementation of the database, your application is ready to be launched in the market to serve your customers. The app will be launched on all major platforms to acquire more users. 

Telemedicine applications are extremely useful to the people as it helps them to a great extent and saves their time and energy. It serves as a bridge between the patients and doctors and it also improves their lives. The app provides medical treatment more effectively to patients in the comfort of their homes seamlessly. On the other hand, the app can also be helpful for medical specialists to provide medical consultation without any hassles and get paid directly from the patients.

Initially, you need a monetization strategy for the application and business idea. Your telemedicine app development team can fine-tune your ideas to make it more professional and business-oriented. The cost of the app development depends upon the features you decide to add, and the complexity of the strategies that you choose from your software provider.

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