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The wave of digitalization has streamlined the on-demand grocery delivery services for new ventures. People prefer on-demand grocery delivery services for their convenience, easy accessibility, and generalization. The potential of technology has made people to easily access numerous retail outlets, shops, and supermarkets with few taps on their smartphones. Read this article further to learn more about the impact of such apps and how it helped families in this pandemic.

What is the need?

        The online grocery delivery app integrates the need for groceries by people with supermarkets from any place and time. These apps serve as a bridge between the consumers and the service providers. One of the main advantages of these apps during this pandemic is that people can get their essentials without stepping out of their homes. Thus online grocery delivery app became a promising business model to start.

    App stores have reported an increase in the number of downloads of grocery delivery apps in this lockdown period. More people have started to use the app as they need these essential items to live their daily lives. To contain the spread of coronavirus, people have begun to stay indoors and cater to grocery product’s delivery without giving it a second thought. Several small and multi-store brands have launched their own apps across platforms to provide their services at your doorstep. 

Benefits of online grocery delivery apps:

    There are ample benefits of a grocery delivery app and as people have got used to it, the apps will be a promising business in the coming months. 

  • People will have the comfort of ordering products from their smartphones directly to their homes. There is a definite need for groceries no matter which country people live. People have been longing for an online app that delivers groceries directly to their doorstep. They need to have to stand in long queues and to pay the bill.
  • Reports shared by Amazon shows that the number of orders on the platform has increased by 70% in the last 30 days. The pandemic has shifted the mindset of people to order groceries online. People love these services as they can get their necessities at the comfort of their homes without compromising their loved ones.
  • The app offers a custom panel to manage the customers easily for the admins. They can track orders separately and schedule them efficiently.
  • People can easily use the app without any hassles, as the apps will be designed with a minimalistic approach. The users can place an order by just selecting the products, location, and an order will be placed after the payment gets verified successfully.
  • Groceries will reach the customer’s location before the estimated time, and the users will have the option to track the order in real-time.
  • The users can also appeal for a refund or replacement if the groceries are damaged during the transit.
  • By ordering groceries online, people can save more on the bill amount. Apart from the cost of traveling to the supermarket, the users will get exclusive benefits such as membership discounts, festival discounts, coupons, etc.
  • The most important thing is that people can be safe back home with their loved ones and need not worry about running out of groceries and getting contactless online grocery deliveries in a few hours.

How are online grocery apps helping in this pandemic situation?

    Although online grocery delivery apps have been criticized in the past several times, no one can deny that they have played a crucial role in the containment of COVID-19 by offering the essentials to people directly to their doorstep. The on-demand grocery delivery apps eased the complexity that everyone had with its functionalities and timely changes. These apps will gain popularity in the coming months, and the users will leverage the features in the app to make them one of the most sought-after applications in the market.

In a nutshell:

    Many people understood the importance of on-demand grocery delivery services as it served them to get their essentials right at their doorstep. It does not matter where you are in the world; the importance of groceries is everywhere. The major mobile platforms companies Apple and Android, have reported a record in download performance of grocery delivery apps. In the US apps like Walmart and Amazon pantry have received the maximum number of downloads, whereas, in India, Grofers and Bigbasket continue to dominate the online grocery delivery sector.


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