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Rummy is a traditional matching-card game played across the world for more than a century now. As it adds more spice to the already enthralling game, the online rummy game has become the talk of the town. INORU is one of the leading online rummy software providers, offering unmatchable services to clients across the world at pocket-friendly prices.

If you are an entrepreneur wanting to set up your own online rummy business, then read further to know why INORU is the right choice for you!

Key attributes of INORU

The following are some special features that make INORU unbeatable in the field of game app development.

Licensed software

Having the required license is a must for any business to be considered legal. At INORU, you can get licensed gaming software, thereby making your business credible and reliable.

Experienced developers

We have expert developers who have in-depth knowledge and vast experience in app development.

Digital marketing

At INORU, we also provide support in the promotion and marketing of your services. We incorporate several tried and tested digital marketing strategies that can create a buzz about your business in no time!

Best game portal

With a responsive and attractive UI (User Interface) design, we ensure the best gaming experience, making our game portal stand apart from the crowd.


Our development team has enough experience and the potential to develop apps for both mobile as well as web platforms, thereby helping our clients expand their user base.

Cross-platform compatibility

Our software is compatible across different platforms. Thus, you can carry out your business operations without any barriers at a reasonable development cost.

High-quality service

We believe that quality is a major essential component to be successful in the long run. So, at INORU, we never compromise on quality.

PS: You can refer to the official website to know what our happy clients have got to say about us!

End-to-end solutions

Right from the stage of idea generation to software development and testing, we have you covered with our end-to-end solutions that are completely white-labeled so that you can customize it according to your varying business requirements.

Round the clock support

Our dedicated team of rummy game developers provides our customers with support around the clock. We also assist the clients post-launch.

Secure payment gateways

Our software is integrated with multiple secured payment gateways to enable fast and safe financial transactions. Thus, players do not have to wait for their settlements.

Multi-language support

Our software supports multiple languages for the benefit of the global gaming community.


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Summing Up!

Thus, it is now explicit that when it comes to rummy game development, INORU is the right development partner you need to approach! Have a word with the development team for more details on the services offered and get a free quote.

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