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Esports is an industry that is developing rapidly, and more users are making use of these platforms to have a blast in their free time. It is a competitive arena that contains a list of competitive video games, such as League of Legends, PUBG, Rainbow Six, Dota 2, etc. Users can pick a game of their choice and play it with other users around the globe. It is a great business that helps any entrepreneur earn consistent income once they establish their brand in the gaming industry. One of the major steps to take your brand to a wider audience is via an efficient esports tournament software.

At Inoru, we strive hard to provide you with an optimized solution that will help you scale your business to greater heights in a short period. Our best-in-class software will have all the necessary features that satisfy your business needs. Since it is built after thorough market research, it will help you stay unique from your competitors. This blog will give you an idea of how we develop your solution and help you establish your business successfully in the market.

Key factors to succeed in the esports industry:
As mentioned earlier, there are a few attributes that you should be well aware of before venturing into this industry and building a successful brand. They are,

An attractive software
This is an important step to success in the market. The esports software that you launch for your business should be attractive, and users should be allured towards your software. We help you build one such software and make sure all the features discussed are included in the solution. This way, the software will be user-friendly and feature-rich.

Secure and robust solution
Security is the prime concern of gamers at present. If the software contains all the attributes but lacks in terms of security, users will not opt for that application. So, we develop the tournament software with the most robust technologies and tools and ensure that no personal or gaming information of the users is divulged without their knowledge.

User flexibility
Users will need a flexible solution that will help them play games in a jiffy. They would want to know information about all games easily, pay securely, play quickly, and more. Therefore, we ensure that the app is quick and easy enough to access.

Easy payments
Users pay entry fees, place bets, and more, so they will need secure payment gateways that will help them pay and, at the same time, not track any banking information. The gateways integrated into the solution by our experts are highly secure, and customers can pay without much hassle.

Cross-platform compatible solutions
This is a major aspect to be considered if you want to gain a large number of users in a short period after the launch. If the software runs without any errors on all major platforms, thus it will be available for use by a larger number of people, and thereby your revenue will also increase.

Offers and discounts
Offers, promo codes, discounts, and coupons are crucial for any application or software to retain your customers. If you want to gain more loyal customers, then offers are one of the major approaches to do so. We include a feature in the admin dashboard that will help you create offers and coupons anytime you want.

Best-in-class analytics
When choosing a team, player, or when placing a bet, analytics play an important role. Based on past performance, strengths, and other factors, analytics will be computed and displayed for customers’ use. With analytics as the foundation, they can go ahead and place a bet or take part in a game.

What are the services and key attributes offered in our esports software?
The software we build has a set of standard services that it offers as specified below:

Esports tournament engine:
This service in the software will allow you to host multiple tournaments efficiently. You can create a match or league in any game you want and host it on the software with a fixed entry fee. Users will pay the fee and register to play the game.

Betting software:
This solution also allows users to bet on any ongoing matches or players based on parameters such as past performance, strengths and weaknesses, experience, and more. Advanced features such as leaderboards, live streaming, etc., will be available in the app.

White-labeled solution:
The esports software is completely white-labeled, and it can be further customized to fit your needs effectively. Your brand name and logo can be placed anywhere in the esports application.

Mobile platform:
With the increased usage of smartphones, people will want a robust application that will run successfully on Android as well as iOS platforms. This way, no matter where they are, they can play any sport they want with a few taps on their smartphones.

League and team management tool:
With this efficient tool, you will be able to organize and manage any league or large tournaments you wish to host. It will help you conduct the tournament successfully without much hassle. Using this tool, you can also manage the teams and their players effortlessly.

Wrapping up!
If you are ready to venture into the esports industry, talk to the professionals at our firm. We are an experienced esports tournament software provider in the market and have more number of satisfied clients. Contact us right away to obtain further information on the esports software.

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