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The past few years have witnessed a technological revolution of sorts with the arrival of mobile applications into the market. They have completely revolutionized how many industries around the world operate.

The first visible instance of this shift was with the arrival of taxi apps like Uber that led to a reimagining of how the taxi industry operated. This led to a domino effect with other industries soon realizing all the benefits that mobile applications can provide to both their customers and their businesses.

It would take a few more years before the concept of ‘on-demand applications’ finally came to be recognized among the general public. Once this idea began to take shape, it spread like a forest fire among consumers and has led to this current scenario where on-demand applications completely rule the roost.

When it comes to the on-demand industry, the foremost and most widely regarded iteration is, of course, the delivery app solution. 

On-demand delivery apps are highly popular among consumers at the moment, but this is not an overnight phenomenon. They have steadily grown in popularity over the past few years owing to many different reasons.

Why is the concept of an On-Demand Delivery App popular?

Here are some of the reasons as to why on-demand delivery apps are so popular with customers around the world


The first and foremost reason is, of course, convenience. Which sounds easier to the average person? Going to the restaurant and picking up their order or ordering through a food delivery app like Swiggy or Zomato? Going to the local pharmacy to pick up their prescriptions or having it delivered straight to the comfort of their own homes? 

On-demand delivery apps eliminate the need for consumers to go through the cumbersome process of going to the store to get something done. With just a few swipes on their smartphones, they can have the goods delivered to their doorstep.


Similarly, having goods delivered to their doorstep saves consumers a lot of time. They say time is money and when it comes to time, there is no better way to get your goods delivered without spending any unnecessary time. This includes time spent on going to the store, waiting at the store, and coming back home. Instead, customers prefer to sit at home and focus their effort on things that are more important to them.

Live Tracking

Any good delivery app solution also has numerous features that further incentivize customers to use them instead of traditional delivery methods. One of the major examples of this is the ability to track deliveries as they happen. 

Just a few years ago, customers were in the dark when it came to the status of their delivery, but now they can know the exact time of delivery through the use of an on-demand delivery app

Ratings and Reviews

Most on-demand delivery apps come with the option for the consumer to rate deliveries and also leave reviews based on the service provided. Customers can voice their opinions and show either their dissatisfaction or their appreciation. Either way, they love the ability to have their voices heard 


Especially now, in the post-COVID-19 world, consumers are hesitant to go stand in line at crowded shops for fear of being infected. With a delivery app solution, they can eliminate this fear. With options such as ‘no-contact deliveries’ on-demand delivery apps provide customers with the service they need while not compromising on security. 

This feature is one of the main reasons why the sector has seen a huge increase in growth in the past couple of months. 

How you can benefit from investing in a delivery app solution

These are just some of the reasons why on-demand delivery apps are hugely popular among consumers at the moment. In fact, studies have shown that since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the globe, many on-demand delivery app solutions such as grocery delivery apps have seen record-breaking amounts of downloads. 

By many estimates, there has been a 200% increase in downloads in this time span! This is a great opportunity for any struggling business to give themselves a much-needed boost. 

INORU provides a range of delivery app solutions that can be tailored to any business needs. Here are some of the offerings:

  • Grocery Delivery
  • Pharmacy Delivery
  • Food Delivery
  • Water Delivery
  • Marijuana Delivery
  • Alcohol Delivery

If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur looking for a wonderful opportunity, don’t let this chase go to waste! Get in touch with us and we can help you turn your business into an overnight success.

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