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A slot game machine in any casino will grab the attention of many users instantly. Players can even hit the jackpot in the slot game. At Inoru, we bring this experience digitally to users with our innovative and efficient slot game software. This business will help you yield good profit in the market in a few days, and more users will pour in, provided the software experience is engaging, and the platform is secure. You can build one such software with our team and launch it across all major platforms. Let us move on to take a look at the working and the premium set of features of the gaming platform in this blog. 

How does the slot game platform work?

Prior to initiating the slot game development, it is ensured that an error-free and easy to use application is provided to users. Offering an engaging experience is sure to entice a wider audience. Below-stated is a few algorithms and protocols that are responsible for the efficient working of the platform. 

Secure methods:

Several security protocols and standards are considered, and the platform is developed based on those secure algorithms as the base. This will result in a safe and secure gaming experience, and it is one of the key aspects that will make users lean towards your slot game brand. 

RNG-based system:

Random Number Generator (RNG) is a mathematical algorithm that helps in generating random numbers. Based on the running processes, mouse movements, and more, the RNG generates numbers. The RNG is a tried, tested, and a major algorithm that has to be included when developing a slot game software. 

Pattern-based platform:

The slot game consists of a list of symbols that will appear for every spin. With the help of the RNG algorithm, these symbols will be displayed in random order and are not dependent on the symbols that appeared in the previous turn. 

How is the slot game app developed by us?

Our app development process comprises of three key phases, and each one will contain a set of stages that will be completed within the estimated time. 

Planning and prototype building:

  • Under this phase, our experts will obtain a clear understanding of your business requirements and will analyze the market based on those needs. After thorough market research, they will explain the outcome, market scenario, and more to you. 
  • Based on the research reports, you can finalize the feature-set. We make sure to suggest features that will help you stand out from your competitors in the gaming industry. 
  • The user interface design of the software should be decided on in this stage. It will be attractive enough to captivate more users towards your software. We make sure all the attributes are placed properly. 
  • An optimized app development plan and a prototype based on the design is built. After obtaining approval from you, the app development team will move to the next phase. 

App development and testing:

  • The app development process takes place in this phase. Before the development begins, you can finalize the technology stack of the software with our professionals. We make sure that the latest technologies and tools are used to build the slot game. 
  • With the list of finalized tools, our developers will initiate the development process and stick to the plan structured in the initial stage. 
  • After the software development is completed, it will be tested by a team of professional testers based on various parameters such as speed, security, and more. After your approval, the app will get to the next phase. 

Post-development process:

  • Upon obtaining proper approval from you, our team will launch the app on all the major app stores, and this will help you gain more users in a short span of time. Any last-minute changes or updates can be done in this stage. 
  • Technical assistance and maintenance support after the launch of the app will also be provided by our support team round the clock. Any queries or concerns that customers have will also be sorted out by our team. 
  • Based on the varying needs, if you require any future enhancements to be done, it will be done by our developers in no time. 

What are the crucial features of a slot game?

Below-listed is a set of advanced attributes that will be present in the slot game software we build for your brand:

Extra free-spins:

While playing, if a user hits three free spins consecutively, then they could win an additional free spin or the bonus spin if they are lucky. This will give them an extra chance to win. 

Win coins:

Users will be allowed to bet on every pay line available, and this way, they will win the league and receive more coins. 

Progressive jackpots:

One way to make sure users have higher chances of hitting the jackpot is to place an increased number of bets based on users’ choice.


For each successful referral, users will unlock coins/spins/symbols. They can refer their friends and family if they wish to unlock rewards. 

Unpaid spins:

When users hit three free spins or the scatter sign on the reels, they will have another chance for a free spin. 

Shifted/stacked wilds:

Stacked wilds act as a fill-in for other symbols, and it will increase your odds at winning. Shifted wilds mostly appear in the last reel and will shift one position in any given direction during a set of subsequent spins. 

Daily and weekly targets:

Users will receive goodies, free coins, spins, or wild symbols if they achieve their daily and weekly targets successfully. 

The bottom line:

The aforementioned data will be highly useful for any entrepreneur who wants to develop a slot game software for their business. At Inoru, we will guide you through the complete slot game development process and help you achieve your goal in no time, thereby generating revenue. Talk to our experts to set up your venture successfully. 


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