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Cryptocurrency exchange script
With the passage of years, cryptocurrencies have gained worldwide acceptance and the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other altcoins have seen a considerable rise when compared to previous years. This urges the investors to foray as they could have a significant benefit. As well, cryptoprenuers would expect the same when deploying their cryptocurrency exchange […]
ZedRun Clone
The blockchain gaming platforms have surpassed billions of dollars in their trading volume, encouraging entrepreneurs to explore the field of Play to Earn. And this will make you wonder if this strategy of Play-to-Earn in blockchain gaming is only applicable for players/gamers on the platform? This is partially true, and as a whole, ZedRun like […]
IDO Launchpad Like Cardstarter
Cryptocurrency is the most used word recently. People around the globe are getting into the world of crypto hoping for a better return. There are a number of crypto projects coming forward for IDO fundraising every day. But raising funds is not that easy for them. IDO launchpad like Cardstarter Clone help them in getting […]
White Label NFT Marketplace
Between the first and the third quarter of the year 2021, Non-fungible token trade is with a 328% increase in the global market. With the expanding growth and trend in the market, NFT remains as a highly potential business bringing in giants like Starbucks, Microsoft, Home Depot, Tesla, and others to vest on it. And […]
NFT Marketplace like Rarible
A Creator-centric NFT trading platform, with a $14.76USD value of RARI with daily trading volume in the increasing ratio of 14.04%, Rarible like NFT digital trading platforms are on par. With highly competitive stats, the business growth in these sectors is very evident, encouraging businesses to vest for similar companies. But How? As the trend […]
NFT Marketing Services
With a tremendous growth rate of 328% between the first quarter of 2021 and the third quarter of the year, NFT marketplaces are spamming the global market. With the growing demand on the market activities along with rising competitors, to establish any business in relation to NFT choose to NFT Marketing services. These services help […]
SoundCloud clone
Since the origin of music,  it has carried an eternal emotion within all of us. And with the evolution of technologies, music had a massive impact on society. More precisely, today, we can see that other on-demand mobile Music streaming app like SoundCloud, drive listeners to a different state. And like we enjoy listening to […]
Whatsapp Clone
Now that everything is immediate and instant. Why not imbibe into the communication sector? There are multiple social media and instant messaging app in the market. Still, the need for a perfect communication app with advanced and admiring features and characteristics exists in society. On that note, why can’t you be the one? Take this […]
gojek clone
With the advent of technologies and the peak of digitalization in and around the market, Business today is purely online. There is progress when you can accept and adapt to the updating trends in the market. Similarly, the on-demand market is brewing at a high pace with a broad nature of the business operation to […]
Grab Clone
The ride-hailing business has gained the majority of the attention of the audience in society. On average, 22.4 million people avail ride-hailing services annually, contributing to nearly 57.6 billion income – states the Harvard business review. With such lucrative opportunities, this on-demand business has wider opportunities to grow and expand in the field with increased […]
audio-based social media app
With advanced lucrative strategies, Clubhouse clone are blooming in the marketplace. But when we take a serious dive into these topics, each company has its strategy to progress. Here let us know why the trend is still holding on Clubhouse encouraging entrepreneurs in the field.  This can also kindle you to launch your Clubhouse clone. […]
PancakeSwap Clone
Along with the protocol of the decentralized platforms, the DeFi ecosystem has grown up exponentially in recent times. With the same growth for other exchanges and activities, PancakeSwap like decentralized exchange platforms is captivating. This is another food-themes DeFi System established on the Binance Smart chain.  There are many similarities between PancakeSwap operating on the […]

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