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What is virtual sports betting?   

To put virtual sports into simple words it is nothing but a selection of scheduled fixed odds games or events in which the bettors place their bets on a number to predict its outcome. It is a fun way to place bets on a simulated event or round of events as the number is generated by a random number generator.

What are the markets available:

The following are some of the popular markets available in the virtual sports betting portal:

  • 1X2
  • Over/under
  • BTTS
  • Double Chance
  • HT/FT

Viewership of virtual sports skyrockets:

    The main reason for the 60% jump in the viewership of Twitch in the month of March is that sports fans and players across the world are turning to virtual sports as they are frustrated by the canceled matches. Todd Sitrin, senior vice president of Electronic Arts said that the company is witnessing a dramatic increase in the viewership for the broadcast of esports in which the multiplayer game Apex Legends takes the lead with an increase of three times its usual viewership. 

    Since all the traditional sports have suspended their games and broadcasts fans have been looking for a way to quench their thirst for sports. Online streaming platforms also recorded a similar surge as they had a 43% jump in the viewership in the final week of March. This exponential surge indicates 495 million hours of streaming by the people. This is the first time that virtual sports companies are witnessing such numbers.

    Similarly, Twitch, the online game streaming giant owned by Amazon Inc also recorded a jump of 60% in viewership by the last week of March, which is 1,300 million hours more compared to the previous year’s data. 

Free access for Stadia:

    For  beginners, Stadia is a cloud gaming service launched in November of 2019 by Google. It is capable of streaming video games up to 4k resolution in 60 fps (frames per second). They also have support for high dynamic range for certain games. They work with a high-speed internet connection connected to a display unit. With its numerous data centers around the world, Google is able to provide such a product.

    Recently Google announced the free service of Stadia online video games worldwide as an escape for people stranded in their homes due to COVID-19. Stadia’s vice president stated in an online post that they made this decision due to the pandemic COVID-19, as of now social distancing is the only way to control the virus and they encourage people to stay inside their homes until this situation is sorted out. People can use stadia as a tool to socialize with their friends and family as staying home for several hours at a stretch can be difficult and make people feel lonely.

    Google will offer stadia free of cost for the next two months and is expected to roll out to the following countries by the end of second week of April.

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Finland

How to prepare yourself for virtual games:

If you are looking for opportunities to burn off some calories by playing virtual games in VR workout here are some tips for you:

Make sure you have enough space for your workout:

    The space requirements will not be the same for every game or headset, so go through the in-game instructions and the user guide from the headset manufacturer. You should check your surroundings for any sharp corners, tripping hazards or the places where the cord of the virtual headset might get tangled. It would be best if you avoid any pets or children in the room.

Protect the headset from sweat:

    The sweat during the workout can ruin your virtual headset. Consider yourself to buy a few antibacterial wipes to keep it clean. Ensure that the wipers are alcohol-free and non-abrasive. 

    Here is a list of virtual games that you can try out during this lockdown to keep yourself fit.

  • Box VR
  • Beat Saber
  • Knockout League
  • The Thrill of the fight
  • Sprint vector
  • Sparc
  • Swordmaster VR
  • Superhot VR
  • Audio shield
  • Holopoint

In a nutshell:

    Virtual sports betting software development is going on a full swing around the world as several entrepreneurs are trying to get hold of the situation. As the virtual world is getting popularized with players and also pushes more people to look online for ways to make more money. This increases the activity of the revenue in the virtual gaming economy around the world.

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