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 Fantasy football apps have grown into the pop culture of the millennials from the days of just being a hobby or interest.  The enormous growth of fantasy football, especially within the last 10 years is mainly due to two reasons. 

The main reason is due to the advancement in the development of mobile-based apps along with an increase in the usage of the internet worldwide. The second reason is to minimize or entirely dump the bookkeeping method of traditional betting so that data can be easily added, edited and monitored over the mobile app. The predicted number of players is increasing at a rapid pace, which includes both casual users and hardcore users growing at the same rate.

The scale of the fantasy sports app market:

Every year prior to the start of any major football tournament or league, every fantasy football apps start advertising in every possible medium to garner fan’s attention. It is predicted that the fantasy sports app market will grow to a $33200 million industry by the year 2025. At present, the value is at  $13900 million , so the numbers easily show that it is something that shouldn’t be ignored. Entrepreneurs who are willing to make use of this opportunity can approach a fantasy football app development company so that they can step into the huge market.

Leveraging the increasing craze for football:

The craze for football around the world cannot be put into words and it increases every year as the previous record for the number of viewers who had tuned in to watch the finals of FIFA 2014 was 1 billion. This increased at a tremendous rate as a combined number of 3.572 billion watched FIFA 2018. Among this immense increase in viewership, the one segment that should not be missed out is the people who viewed the tournament on digital platforms. It is estimated that 309.7 million people boosted the total audience value by 9.5 percent had watched on digital devices like smartphones, tablets, and PCs. All the broadcasters worldwide witnessed the surge in people watching the tournament on digital platforms and hence they named it an on-the-go viewing experience that is set to take over the viewership on TVs. 

The number of users increases with the popularity:

As the availability of smartphones increased at a rapid rate all over the world alongside with the adaptive technology and availability of high-speed internet has accounted for the numbers that include conversion of passive viewers into active fans. In a survey conducted by the National Sports Poll by Lowell’s University of Massachusetts, concluded with a huge proportion of 37 percent of people they enquired has admitted wholeheartedly that they would choose to watch football over any other sport in the world. 

The growing market of fantasy football app:

The number of viewers is the sole reason for such a huge success in the market. As the market grows bigger in size so do the modifications in terms of the format and extra access to quicker winnings. This factor represents fresh opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop their own fantasy Football mobile app and to build new intuitive strategies to expand on an already popular market.

Some statistics on the fantasy football app:

Among the swarm of users who spend hours on fantasy football apps, 80 percent are men in which 78.1 percent of people have a college degree or higher. They spend 8.67 hours a week on the fantasy football app. They keep checking several online portals as a source of information for stats, tips, and predictions. In-depth research shows that players follow every major sport in the world. They play more than one kind of fantasy sport in an app, with football emerging as the most preferred sport in the world for most of the users. 

How to be successful in this business:

Here are some strategies that you can use to run a successful business in your niche.

Know your audience:

Before starting a business, you should know about the location in which you are going to start your business. You can also use an analytic tool to identify your audience and track their various activities on the site. Learning about your potential audience and targeting them with powerful strategies can increase and maximize user engagement on your app.

Be consistent:

Consistency of your works on the internet will increase user engagement on your app and can help with building a proper follower base to have consistent growth in your business. You should provide your audience with great content regularly.

Be engaged:

If your followers comment or try to reach out to you, they should get proper feedback or response to their queries. So customer queries are not something that should be ignored.

In a nutshell:

You can easily generate huge revenues by developing a seamless app for your customers, also providing them with a clean website. You should offer daily, weekly and complete tournament promotions, which will draw the user’s attention as much as possible. Leverage the power of social media to create polls so that you can keep your followers engaged in your activities. By following these strategies, you can easily become a top player in your business.


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