Zed Run Clone: Make Your Way Into The World Of NFT-based Digital Horse Racing By Launching the Zed Run Clone

Zed Run Clone

Surprisingly, the NFT-based marketplace has become the second home for enthusiasts who are interested in digital collectibles. The concept of NFT is not new, as many platforms have started branching out into an NFT-based marketplace to sell/buy digital collectibles.

What Makes An NFT-based Platform A Place For Investment?

Generally, people invest their money, and in return, they will witness the multiplication of the initial investment. The same applies to the NFT-based marketplace, but the investment here is a digital asset. For example, memes, art, songs, images, etc., will fall under digital collectibles. So, when a digital collectible holds the name “Non-fungible,” then it means that it cannot be replaced or duplicated. In plain terms, a user who sells his/her digital assets on the NFT-based platform holds complete ownership of the asset. 

Undoubtedly, they can sell their digital assets on the platform, but at the end of the day, they will receive a portion of the money from the sale price, which in basic terms is called commission. Despite the digital asset getting sold from one person to another, the original owner will keep receiving the commission in the form of royalty.

Digital Horse Racing – An Initiation Of A New Era In The NFT Marketplace

While investing in the NFT marketplace in itself is interesting, what if you get to play games on the platform? It will surely double your enthusiasm, right? So, here is all about digital horse racing.

As discussed above, in an NFT-based marketplace, you can draw value out of each digital asset. Similarly, in a digital horse racing platform, you can invest in a horse, run the race, and gain money based on the performance of your horse. It is as simple as that! But there are a few considerations that you must get to know about the digital horse racing platform.

Launch your white-label NFT-based Zed Run clone

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A Complete Workflow Of The Digital Horse Racing Platform Like Zed Run

Zed Run is an online platform that conducts horse racing, and the racehorses are digital assets. This platform has both paid races as well as free races, where users are free to opt for the race type as per their whims. 

Here, the user will have to invest in a horse using Ethereum, a cryptocurrency. Each user must pay the entry fee, which ranges from $12 to $15. The platform has different breeds of horses falling into different categories. As of now, the platform holds genotype level of Z1-Z10 under the breed Genesis. Each of these breed types further gives bloodlines, namely Nakamoto, Szabo, Finney, and Buterin.

As per Zed Run, the availability of Nakamoto and Szabo is low, whereas the availability of Buterin and Finney is high. A user can purchase the genesis based on the availability, a.k.a, first-come, first-serve basis.

Once the user purchases the horse, he/she can participate in the race and will get the prize money based on the performance of the horse. Initially, before entering the race, the horse will be stated as Griffin. Once the horse joins a race, it will be grouped under a class based on its performance.

There are five classes, where the base rating is 0, and the highest rating is 81. In Zed Run, class 1 is rated as the highest.

In order to commence a race, there must be 12 horses lined up. This line-up of horses will be based on their previous performances.

That’s all about the working of the Zed Run, a booming digital horse racing platform.

How About Developing Your Zed Run Like Platform?

Inoru is known for its voracious team of developers who build world-class business solutions. We have taken up several successful projects, which shows our specialization in blockchain and clone app development solutions.

As the NFT-based platforms are becoming more and more popular, we at Inoru felt the urge to develop superior NFT-based platforms. In this regard, we have come up with the Zed Run clone, which has replicated the features and working of Zed Run.

We have infused all the latest features into the app, thereby making it more appealing for your users. In regard to the changing trends in the marketplace and the expectations of the users, we provide you with the option to customize the Zed clone solution. Of course, we will white-label your Zed Run clone post customization.

Are You Up For Developing Your Zed Run Clone?

As the NFT-based platforms like Zed Run are witnessing investors, this is the right time to put your hands on developing your Zed Run clone. Reach out to us with your requirements today!

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