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WhyQ Clone
The universal growth of the Food delivery industry is undeniable. The food delivery business market is reaching great heights. The user activity is high in both developed and developing countries. This is witnessed as a new trend in the market with the increased usage of Food delivery app like WhyQ, which is one of the […]
Zappos Clone
Zappos is a US-based fashion ecommerce store that has a good reach among youngsters and millennials. Despite apparel, there is a huge fan base for other accessories like shoes, bags, watches, eyewear, etc. The global attention of the Zappos app demanded developing similar apps to operate all over the world and improve the business with […]
Ocado Clone
Groceries being essential needs, it is only possible through the online application that sells and delivers groceries to meet the customers’ needs in the prevailing lockdown crisis. We are still not over with the pandemic situations, which simultaneously increases the need to develop grocery app like Ocado, which has excellent performance and quality service.  The […]
Istegelsin Clone
Unless we humans have these spontaneous cravings for food, the need for instant food delivery applications does sustain on-demand here to fulfil the requirement. Istegelsin is an application that aids to bridge restaurants, delivery persons and the food cravers together in Istanbul. Its features are well improved and logistically tackled to handle the demand and […]
EI Grocer Clone
Isn’t it relaxing to get everything at your doorstep? And we all are running to make this possible shortly. The advent of technology and AI influences has brought in almost everything online that opens to an Earth full of opportunities to seek what we want. That also agrees with the statement, When everything else can […]

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